Best Electric Skateboards with Remote in 2024 (A Buyer’s Guide)

Skateboarding is a sport for adventure-loving individuals. If you are a skateboarder, maybe you have thought about the existence of an electric skateboard with a remote once in your life.

You can ride an electric skateboard with a top speed of approx 26 MPH that you can’t achieve on a regular skateboard, although high-grade compatible wheels provide convenience in both types of skateboards. When it comes to electric skateboarding, they provide more comfort and pleasure to your ride.

In addition, the Electric skateboard remote gives you the ultimate power to control your skateboard easily.

Electric Skateboards With Remotes 2024

jking electric board
JKING Electric Skateboard
teamgee electic board
Teamgee H20 Electric Skateboard
caroma electric board
Caroma Electric Skateboard

You can operate your electric skateboard with a single charge. It often completes in an hour and covers long-range distances for you.

a electric skateboard with remote

Your skateboard remains stable at different speed settings due to its brush motors and extra ergonomic design deck. It helps you to easily ride your electric skateboard in streets, pavements, and skate parks.

1. JKING Electric Skateboard with Remote Control – Best for Experts

JKING Electric board
Deck Length: 38.2 inches
Deck Width: 10 inches
Loading Capacity: 330 lbs
Top Speed: 26 MPH
Charge Time: 4 hrs

In the first spot, we have this professional wireless remote control electric skateboard from JKING. This board offers its riders exciting and thrilling experiences. You can cruise at 26 MPH on this board with a range of almost 21 miles.

This electric-powered board has an 8-ply maple deck that can hold around 330 lbs, showing strength and endurance. Now comes to wheels. It has 90 mm shock-absorbing PU wheels, suitable for all terrains.

Board’s deck has a high-density Maple made with emery, making it nonslippery and waterproof. The most adorable feature of this electric skateboard is that you won’t have to worry about slipping while performing tricks. Thus it is an excellent choice for street, cruising, and wandering.

experience on JKING Electric Skateboard

Now come to its 450W Dual brushless Hub, which makes it a 900W skateboard combined.

The motor is capable of providing 3-speed adjustments to its riders. Further, this motor is capable of giving a max 20°climbing angle.

This powerful motor is functional due to its 7500mAh lithium-Ion battery, which perfectly combines power and range.

Its portable electric skateboard remote allows you to enjoy it anywhere at any time. Further, it has three-speed modes that are switching freely, accelerating, and braking. You can ride and control your skateboard to move forward and backward with a button.

Ultimately, I would like to elaborate on another feature of Push Ride. Suppose you are not interested in motor-powered skating. In that case, you can switch off its electric feature and can operate this board as a normal board without interrupting your ride.

If you think that your board is losing power, then you just need to change the wheels of your electric skateboard, not the entire motor.

Enjoy this battery-powered electric skateboard that is mainly made for professional’s but remembers it is unsuitable for kids. Hit the ground right after purchase and forget about charging. A 12-monthly warranty gives peace of mind to its customers.

2. Caroma Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control – Best for Kids and Newbies

Caroma Electric Skateboard
Deck Length: 27.5 inches
Deck Width: 8.7 inches
Loading Capacity: 220 lbs
Top Speed: 12.4 MPH
Charge Time: 2 hrs

In the second spot, I am bringing this CAROMA electric skateboard, a combination of perfectly orchestrated features. A lethal combination of speed, long range, and power. This electric skateboard comes with a high-performance 350W brushless hub motor.

Let us take you to its features. I have enjoyed riding this ultimate technology. For speed, this electric skateboard helps you cruise over 12 MPH with an astounding range of almost 8 Miles.

The remote control with this skateboard has a sleek design attribute that fits into every skateboarder’s palm, and the lifting weight is minimal.

But there is one thing that i have noticed after keeping the remote in our hands. i start having sweat on our hands by holding the remote, which sometimes makes it uncomfortable.

Riding on a Caroma Electric Skateboard with remote

Above this, you can easily incline on the obstacles of 15 degrees. Its 2000mAh lithium battery gives its riders a superb range for skating all over the park and streets.

The battery pack of this remote-controlled skateboard will be fully charged in 2 hours. It gives the riders the autonomy to enjoy countless rides without the hassle of charging.

Another splendid feature that needs to be highlighted is that it will help you to see at night with its 2 frog eye lights. Now you can cruise down the street at night without the fear of hitting obstacles or stones.

Ultimately, it has a high-density maple deck that can hold 220 lbs weight without showing signs of deformity.

In conclusion, I will recommend this budget-friendly electric skateboard without any other consideration. The main reasons for my recommendation are its multiple features mentioned above.

3. Meepo Electric Skateboard with Remote – Best for High Speed Riding

Meepo Electric Skateboard
Deck Length: 81 cm
Deck Width:  12 cm
Loading Capacity: 330 lbs
Top Speed: 29 MPH
Charge Time: 3 hrs

This skateboard is for those who like to ride short boards. This Meeopo electric skateboard can be used for fun and leisure.

A beginner skateboard that has a 30 inches deck. Its 540 x 2 watts hub motors ensure safety and flexibility and provide perfect power.

I like this skateboard’s wheels the most, which are made of polyurethane material.

Maintaining Meepo Electric Skateboard

It ensures low noise and rear-resisting, along with a firm grip for its users. Above all, if you are not satisfied, you can change the sleeves of the board for upgrading.

This skateboard offers long range ride of almost 17 KMs on a single charge. It is a perfect source for commuting between bus stops and offices. Kids can take it to school during the hot and humid climate and enjoy the cool breeze.

It comes with a remote that adjusts to the palm easily. But there is a thing that I have noticed in it. Like the Caroma Electric Skateboard, your hand’s sweat after holding it.

My take on this skateboard is that it consumes battery much faster if you use it at high speed. It is a nice skateboard for kids and professionals, giving a good range with reasonable speed and durability.

4. Jking Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control – Best for Battery Timing

Jking Electric Skateboard Longboard with remote
Deck Length: 31.7 inches
Deck Width: 9.5 inches
Loading Capacity: 210 lbs
Top Speed: 16.7 MPH
Wheel Size: 83 Microns

Yet another Jking skateboard enters our list of wireless remote control skateboards. They are some of the best professional-grade skateboards that cover a 12 months warranty to provide its customers with peace of mind.

Typically electric skateboards offer few features, but Jking offers advanced features for their wireless remote control. It gives perfect control while cruising on it.

Unlike its previous version, this skateboard offers a 12° climbing angle, which can support a climbing angle of 20° degrees. Further, this is a highly portable electric skateboard with a remote. It has superb features of acceleration, braking, and speed settings. Riders can enjoy their moments in cool cruising.

The battery for these boards consists of 4000mAh lithium-ion that offers a cruising speed of 16.7mph with a radius of 8.7 miles. Once fully charged, you can spend much time on your skateboard. Another aspect that I liked about this skateboard is that kids, newbies, and professionals can use it easily.

Enjoy your ride smoothly with perfect control over your board after opening it from its box. You don’t need to manage anything before operating it. All you have to see is whether it is charged or not. It is a perfect board for kids, newbies, and professionals.

5. Caroma Electric Skateboard with Remote – Best for Beginners

Caroma Electric Skateboard
Deck Length: 35.5 inches
Deck Width: 9 inches
Loading Capacity: 220 lbs
Top Speed: 18.6 MPH/42 KPH
Battery Capacity: 51.8 Wh

This is yet another skateboard that I included from the same above brand CAROMA. It comes in multiple colors, such as green, blue, and red.

It has a powerful 5000Ah Lithium-Ion battery which can easily be charged within two hours. Further, this portable electric skateboard has an intelligent wireless remote.

With this board, you can ride freely with its remote. You can accelerate, apply brakes, and move forward and backward with the help of its remote.

Further, there are 3 modes for speed (High-Medium-Low). You can set it according to your needs. You can Completely Control your skateboard when it is paired with the remote.

riding on Caroma Electric Skateboard with Remote

This skateboard has an 8-Ply Maple Deck, making it durable and sturdy for holding 330 lbs weight.

Now coming towards its high-grip wheels, which come with shock-absorb 90 mm 85A PU wheels. With these wheels, you can enjoy your smooth ride and feel a pleasant experience.

This board gives riders a pleasant riding experience with its shock-absorbing wheels and maple deck. Further, this board lacks water-resistant features; riders must remember this while riding.

6. Teamgee H20 39″ Electric Skateboard with Remote – Best For Adults

Teamgee H20 39" Electric Skateboard
Deck Length: 38 inches
Deck Width: 9 inches
Loading Capacity: 286 lbs
Top Speed: 26 MPH/42 KPH
Charge Time: 4 hrs

A perfect skateboard for those who like to enjoy greater incline features. With this Teamgee e-skateboard, you can climb at a 30-degree angle.

Further, this skateboard has a top speed of 24 MPH. The battery of this skateboard gives high performance, and you can use it for 30 KM on a single charge.

unboxing Teamgee H20 39" Electric Skateboard

The big thing about this skateboard is that the battery takes almost 4 hours to charge. With a single charge, you can cover 30 KMs.

But as I mentioned above, other Skateboards on the list provide far more coverage with lesser time for charging.

Now let us look at the 90 x 54 mm PU wheels. PU wheels give a smooth ride and allow the rider to enjoy maneuverability during skateboarding.

Another aspect that needs to be addressed is the space of its deck. It is made up of 15mm 8+1 ply Canadian maple and fiberglass. It is a non-slipping deck. This skateboard comes with a 1200 W hub motor.

Although it is a good option with a fantastic cruising speed for riders, the batteries took a long time to charge.

In addition, this is a good budget-friendly option for riders who wants to enjoy skateboarding in the streets and on other terrains.

Things You Need To Consider Right Before Making Your Buying Decision for Remote Control Electric Skateboard: 

Before choosing the best electric skateboards for a smooth riding experience, we need to consider some things.

a person riding electric skateboard


What to do before buying your first electric skateboard?

You need to keep the price tag in your mind before choosing your electric skateboard with a remote.

Further, if you are looking for an affordable electric skateboard, you may need to sacrifice some of the features of an electric skateboard. These include battery life, speed settings, modes, and range.


The second most important aspect after the price is the years of warranty on your skateboard. As an electric device, it may face some technical issues in the future, so why use it carefully and always buy an electric skateboard with a warranty?

My suggestion is to take more time to think before buying your electric skateboard. Try to buy only those boards that have a lot of reviews and that come with a long warranty.

Stable Riding Experience 

You can ride your skateboard at high speed, as they have the perfect endurance for absorbing bumps and crashes compared to the regular skateboard.

Stable Riding on electric skateboard with remote

Further, due to its material, you will feel some issues with a cheap electric skateboard.


Suppose you want to purchase a good skateboard for your adventures. Then you need to buy a skateboard that gives long range. Every board comes with specialties that other skateboards won’t offer. If you want extra features on your board, then you need to raise your budget.


There are skateboards in the market that give high speed. They are equipped with different speed settings for their users. High-speed and smooth riding experience skateboards are very high in demand these days.    

Battery Capacity

The battery life determines the range of any electric skateboard. High-end skateboards come with a battery pack that gives users peace of mind. They won’t need to be charged again and again. With a single charge, they become fully charged and cover many miles. 


Electric skateboards are made with sturdy materials that make them durable. Electric skateboards provide a pleasant riding experience to its rider as they are highly portable and easy to carry.

material of electric skateboard with remote

Further, brakes installed in electric skateboards are made up of some of the finest materials, which help us to stop our board.

Check the Brakes material Before buying the skateboard. If you compromise on it, then It may lead to an accident in the future. 

The motor of an electric skateboard has material that helps the board to deal with the heating issue to provide the same power. On flat ground, Their Performance is the same with maximum weight.


Why are Electric Skateboards With Remote So Expensive?

Electric skateboards are expensive, yes, we all admit. All the customers in the market compare it with a regular skateboard. There are many reasons for his high price. The reasons are given below:

First of all, the components of these skateboards are expensive, especially lithium-ion batteries, PU wheels, the design of the deck, and dual Bush motors.

All the above items are made up of lightweight materials that can hold maximum weight. So if you add up the costs for these single pieces of equipment that are essential in building an electric skateboard with remotes, you might have an idea why they are expensive.

Do electric skateboards have remotes?

Yes, for convenience in commuting, electric skateboards come with remote control for better control and maneuvering. Further, electric skateboards come with a universal remote to provide ease during skateboarding.

How much does a good electric skateboard cost?

The price tag attached to each electric skateboard with a remote varies between $400 – $900. This is because these skateboards come with an ergonomic wireless remote.

How long do electric skateboards last?

The lifespan of an electric skateboard is anywhere between 03 – 05 years. But it all depends on how you take care of your electric skateboard.

Final Verdict:

Here I have combined all the Best Electric Skateboard With Remotes for users that want fun, adventure, and comfort at the same time. Moreover, these skateboards come with different price tags.

The features and attributes of the above skateboards are the best in the market. I will go with the JKING Electric Skateboard with Remote Control if you want my recommendations.

The next skateboard on my recommendations list is Caroma Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control, for being the best budget-friendly skateboard in the market.

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