Best Longboard Wheels For Rough Roads In 2024

We have great news for skateboarding enthusiasts, beginners, and professionals. Now you don’t have to bear uneven surfaces, rough roads, with lots of bumps and pebbles, or experiencing friction while skateboarding.

Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising On Rough Roads 2024

We bring you the ultimate solution that will take away all the challenges you experience daily. Whenever it comes to a joy ride, the role of the skateboard is crucial as they have to face and take all the obstacles in their way first.

And to counter all these issues, we bring you the Best Longboard Wheels for Rough Roads. These wheels will let you enjoy the ride, allow you to cruise at speed. And maintain your control over your skateboard even if the surface is hard enough.

Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising On Rough Roads

For this purpose, you should avoid using standard longboard wheels to have maximum fun and limit the risks of falling.

Orangatang Cruising Wheels
Orangatang Longboard Cuising Wheels
IWONDER cruising Wheel
IWONDER Cloud Wheels
Bigfoot cruising Wheels
Bigfoot Longboard Cruising Wheels

Orangatang Longboard Wheels – Best for Downhill

longboard wheels for rough roads

Orangatang in heat 75 mm longboard wheels are known as longboarders and downhill racers. In addition, the wheels are made of rebound material.

Further, the wheels are made of high-quality material and are great for sliding as well as for drifting. And it comes with the happy thane formula, which is excellent for carving and offers phenomenal performance in speed boarding.

Orangatang Wheels was formulated in 2008 in southern California. The Orangatang longboard wheels are constructed for a maximum high speed. Further, wheels offer high-quality comfort and significant momentum. And the best feature about the orangatang is that they provide durability and endurance because of their quality materials.

When it comes to the wheels of these longboards, they are light in weight and lower down the weight with providing fast acceleration.

Further, the lightweight wheels permit a quick and smooth ride. With this being said, these wheels are easy to use and offer high-quality smoothness on the roads.

Versatility is the trait for these Orangatang. They come with additional coatings that resist any type of rusting or corrosion.

Moreover, these characteristics make these wheels more durable and long-lasting. Further, these wheels are known for their high-quality work and reliability.

cheap longboard wheels

Every product must be designed with durability and quality in mind. Orangatang in Heat 75mm can give you peace of mind regarding these factors. Making them the ultimate choice for rough roads, downhill, and long distances.

FREEDARE Longboard Wheels – Best for Parks

best longboard wheels for cruising

FREEDARE 70mm longboard wheels have LED that lights up automatically as the wheels roll for replacement. It comes with an easy and simple replacement and offers high-quality customization. And the wheels are made of Polyurethane material.

This is a high-quality material that offers fast and high-rate rides. And for smooth traveling, these FREEDARE longboard wheels are the ultimate choice.

The wheels are durable and long-lasting. And they allow you can move on small roads, rough roads, and roads with pebbles. Moreover, these wheels are comfortable and bring convenience to the riders on any type of road. So enjoy smoothness and comfortable travels from one block to another or around the city on rough and pebbles-filled roads.

Made with polyurethane that provides smoothness and steadiness to travel on rough roads. And with that, you can enjoy high speeding as they produce no sound while moving.

The endurance and the stability of these wheels offer efficient and most versatile wheels.

Coming to the overall grip of the wheels offers grippy edges. With these edges, you can enjoy the perfect ride downhill and smooth traveling features. In addition, to the mentioned above, these wheels are the best Off-Road Longboard Wheels.

A set of ABEC-7 bearings is preinstalled on these colorful Freedare wheels. Making them the perfect longboard wheels for skateboarding on sidewalks, asphalt, and rough surfaces for the perfect cruising experience.

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels – Best for Smooth Riding

off road longboard wheels

A perfect match for speed and softness, and grip comes to these Bigfoot longboard wheels. They allow ultimate control and maintain your balance over slides.

Further, you can enjoy skateboarding at high speed, even on the mountains and harsh bumpy roads with these wheels.

good longboard wheels for cruising

For a perfect and enduring wheel, they come with the 80A SHR hardness. And with this hardness, you can comfortably travel at high speed with greater satisfaction and less friction.

Moreover, these Bigfoot longboard wheels core offers quick and fast riding on rough and smooth roads. And they are designed in a way that they are known for their attributes.

Bigfoot longboard wheels comprise a feature that controls sliding. This feature maintains the stability of your skateboard while traveling at speed on slips down or on the rough or pebbles-filled roads. To keep stability and safety from sliding, this is considered one of the best features of wheels for rough roads.

For ultimate grip and stability for smooth rides on a road that has debris. These longboard wheels are the perfect choice to allow you to have more incredible speed as they are designed for speed and agility on bumpy roads.

Moreover, the user experience and the quality of the ride are greatly improved with these wheels.

Sector 9 Longboard Wheels – Best for Quality Grip

best wheels for longboards

Sector 9 wheels are designed to offer high-quality, comfortable, firm grip and noise-free rides. Further, they are considered the best conductor for absorbing vibration and friction.

Enjoy a joyful ride with unparallel super soft wheels on bumpy and rough terrains. Furthermore, they are known as the Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising On Rough Roads.

Skating is fun, especially in rains, but one should have an excellent high-quality skating wheel that doesn’t slip in the rain. These Sector 9 longboard wheels are the best ones for beginners. And they perform extraordinarily on rainy days with stability and grip.

The wheels are light in weight, firm grip, and are comfortable to hold for the skaters while skating. Wheels can be controlled and rotated according to the choice on roads or in practice sessions.

These Lightweight wheels are always easy to rotate or turn on the scatting courts or practice sessions.

Made with high-quality material at a reasonable price. Most of the high-performing wheels are available at a high price. And it is considered that the high quality comes with the high price. But you can enjoy your rides with these wheels with satisfaction at a low price.

These Sector 9 wheels are a great choice for people that love high performance and speed at the same time. You need to keep in mind that these wheels require a push at the start, and after that, you only have to enjoy your ride.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels – Best for Hill Riding

large longboard wheels

Looking for balance, control, power, and stability. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels is the best one compared to other wheels. With a 100mm diameter, these wheels are the most adaptable ones compared with other brands in the market. Moreover, they are best known as the Longboard Wheels For Rough Roads.

These wheels maintain their balance and control even on rough roads during skating while skating on rough and patchy roads. These are the characteristics that make them an eye-catching product for buyers.

When it comes to wheels’ durability, you need to be confident enough while traveling on uphill and downhill, rough, or smoother roads.

If you’re looking for the best longboard wheels for rough roads, this is the ultimate choice for being lightweight and enduring. It offers an advanced technique that brings string grip and attraction for the skaters.

Its durability, lightness, and controlling features make it more popular and usable than other longboard wheels for rough roads.

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These MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels offer phenomenal performance and perfect features for skateboarding with its 100mm diameter. If someone wants to invest in a set of off roads, it’s the best longboard player compared to others.

Cal 7 Longboard Wheels – Best for Grip

wheels for longboards

Cal 7 Longboard Wheels are made with sturdy and impact-resistant plastic. The hub of the wheel comes with durable polyurethane that provides a steady and shock-absorbing ride.

Enjoy the high spin movement with power and control features, making it the best longboard wheel for rough roads.

Its surface enhances its versatility, and greater versatility offers impact-resistant features with the ability to absorb hits. Moreover, these wheels are easy and simple to swing. And the players can move wheels anywhere he wants or needs.

Further, these high-power wheels ensure maintaining the wheel’s balance while skating on rough and unbalanced roads.

The Cal 7 comes with a 90mm diameter. A 78A durometer offers seamless cruiser wheels that display better quality performance as they are made of good quality material, which makes them appreciable for beginners and professionals.

Lightweight and easy to manage, the overall control of the skateboard due to its durability makes it a more popular and easily accessible board wheel compared to other highly powered and well-maintained wheels.

In addition, they offer a firm grip and, due to this feature, phenomenal performance on patchy roads is no more an issue.

image with heighted rail

Cal 7 Longboard Wheels are famous for their perfect wheels for skateboarding for professionals and beginners at the same time. Moreover, these wheels offer some of the best features for supporting, controlling, managing, cruising, and durability. So you can enjoy these best longboard wheels for rough roads without giving a second thought.

Orangatang Kegel Longboard Wheels – Best for Smooth Riding

best all terrain longboard wheels

You will be able to ride the Orangatang Kegel at high speeds to obliterate a wide range of competitors. Its extensive 80mm diameter contributes to high roll speeds.

In contrast, the 80mm wide diameter provides a versatile balance between traction and sliding response. Further, these wheels comprise square edges that ensure that these wheels don’t slip down or slide on the patchy rough roads.

Wheels with cantilevered outer lips and straight profiles hug the road for maximum grip as they make sure consistent performance depending on wear and tear.

Furthermore, race-worthy traction and predictable drifts result from the shorter inner lip’s subtle inward bevel. The 46mm fully exposed core provides good acceleration, a lot of momentum, and even a deep valley-shaped cross-section.

Players who want tremendous power in skating should consider these wheels. While skating, this Orangatang enjoys the movement of spin. And it is based on the urethane material.

Hence, it is easier and more convenient to swing as compared to different core-based wheels. They are great for beginners, intermediate skating players.

These wheels have a high strength core; therefore, skaters find it more manageable and easier to move while skating on a rough and unbalanced road. The square edge guards of these wheels usually provide safety and ensure that these wheels don’t slip down on rough and rugged roads.


The Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising come from Orangatang wheels are a great option to replace your oldest wheels. It comes with a perfect 80mm diameter that allows the skateboard enthusiast to enjoy the versatile balance between traction and sliding.

Moreover, you need to worry about sliding or slipping on the bumpy road with its wide-angle wheels.

IWONDER Cloud Skateboard Wheels – Best for High Speed Skating

off road wheels for longboard

IWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery is the name of power and stability. This all-terrain wheel is best for use on mud, grass, rock, and concrete. Further, the Cloud Wheel features a foam core that dampens vibrations more effectively than regular wheels due to its Patented Damping Foam Core Technology that makes it unique.

The wheel’s surface enhances the spin and offers more power and control while moving on rough or patchy roads. You can even enjoy the safest of rides moving downhills.

Further, these wheels can neutralize the surface if it goes very high against the required power.

Suitable for both beginners and professional skaters for practicing. This is due to their easy-to-rotate or swing features. Further, you can enjoy a speed of up to 3mph with these wheels.

In addition, when the skateboard wheel is slid at high speed, the skateboard’s curved tread design enhances the grip. It provides resistance against the skid force of the wheel.

ABEC wheels have thin spokes, whereas Cloudwheel Discovery has thicker spokes. For better impact resistance, a composite material is used. Also, the traditional rubber and inflation wheels lose too much mileage when they become too soft during riding.

Cloudwheel’s shock absorption system is helpful for long distances and has a longer range. It can double the range of the inflatable wheel by almost 80%.

These Best Wheels For Longboards are from IWONDER are exceptionally good for their price. These wheels have more significance when compared to the standard wheels that come with skateboards. Further, Cloudwheel’s shock absorption system is another splendid feature that allows users to enjoy their rides.

buying guide for best longboard wheels for cruising and speed

Buying Guide For Choosing Best Longboard Wheels For Rough Roads

Here are the steps that you need to consider before buying longboard wheels.
Larger wheels should be used on longer decks. There are a lot of concerns here due to the rough roads, so you should take note of some limitations.

It is generally faster and more stable to perform tricks with skateboard wheels between 50mm and 60mm in diameter. Further, if you skate on rough and bumpy roads, try starting with 60mm.

In rough terrain, you should focus on hardness as the only criterion. Durometer measurements are used to determine how the wheels will react to obstacles along the way. Get wheels with a durometer lower than 96A for a stable and smooth ride.

More contact between the wheels and the ground is gained with wider wheels. Most skateboarders who do street skating or freeride prefer narrow wheels so that their longboards can slide better. Wider wheels with more ground contact shine on rough roads, offering better grip at high speeds.

Some come with preinstalled bearings. And if you are a beginner and do have any idea about how to install and maintain them. You should go for the longboards that offer bearings.

You’ll have to pay more upfront for premium wheels. Also, keep in mind that the wheels will undergo quick wear and tear. In some cases, though, a premature failure of a cheaply made product isn’t worth the hassle caused by rough roads.

Rough Road Wheels Sign


Are longboards good on rough roads?

It is recommended to use longboard wheels with a rigidity falling between 73A and 87A. They are made for skating on rough roads or rough terrain. As a result, they would be soft, supple, and high in elasticity. During sliding, you can maintain balance and stability while overcoming rough roads.

Are Bigger wheels better for longboarding?

Longboards with bigger wheels work well with longer decks, while smaller longboards work well with smaller wheels. Moreover, larger wheels provide a better ride on longer decks, but smaller wheels can be used with longer decks.

Can longboards go on dirt?

Heavy gravel will not be easy for most longboards. And a lighter and a relatively short gravel section on the road does not pose a problem for larger longboards with big wheels.

Are 92a wheels suitable for cruising?

The wheels are excellent for skateboarding on the street and surface skating on mildly rough concrete if you’re an experienced street skater.

They are between soft and hard wheels, these are pretty nice, and they don’t slide and reverse like hard wheels.


We tried to provide you with all the essential information to choose the best longboard wheels for rough roads. Although you need to consider quite a few factors, we have discussed them in detail in the buying guide. In addition, to those factors, always keep in mind the price tag attached with these longboard wheels.

In our considerations, we would like to recommend Orangatang Kegel Longboard Wheels and Cal 7 Longboard Wheels. They provide you with the perfect design, material and come with a reasonable price tag.