Best Carbon Fiber Skateboard & Deck in 2024

Maplewood is the traditional material for building a skateboard deck. Some skateboarders are still struggling with the thought of a skateboard made from materials other than Maplewood.

Maplewood is a great material for a skateboard. It has a lot of pop to it and is strong enough to tolerate adequate punishment. However, if you are skating every day of the week, your skateboard that is made of Maplewood will not last for more than three months.

Apart from being semi-strong, Maplewood is not environmentally sustainable. Manufacturers into Socially responsible investment or SRI have experimented with bamboo, especially in the manufacturing of longboards. However, in street-style skating, bamboo is far from ideal and needs more experimentation before widescale usage.

carbon fiber skateboard deck

There is another material which is in consideration of the manufacturers. It has been user-tested for decades in different fields, including; the aero-dynamics industry, and car manufacturers regularly employ it in their products. The name of the material is carbon fiber.

Best Carbon Fiber Skate Decks 2024

The carbon fiber boards are available in all sizes. Many professional skateboard riders claim carbon fiber skateboards are their dream skaters. Anyhow, the quest is about to be over because I have the 2 best carbon fiber skateboards for you.

After researching for weeks I decided to make the best carbon fiber skateboard list and added them. I also mentioned a buyer’s guide at the end of the article. Here we start!

Image Product Details  
Magneto-Carbon-Skateboard Carbon Fiber Skateboard Unisex
Ultimate control
Heat transfer graphic
Noise-reducing material
Moonshine-Carbon-Deck Carbon Fiber Skate Deck Deep center point
Wide deck
Attractive painting
Convenient management

Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber – Best Overall

Magneto Bamboo Skateboard


  • Length 37 inches
  • Unisex
  • Ultimate control
  • Water-resistant
  • Heat transfer graphic
  • Noise-reducing material

The first skateboard is the Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber, a longboard for cruising. You cannot find such an eye-catching skateboard with a list of features. Experts designed this long-size skateboard after multiple experiments.

If you are a fan of the golden class products, you must purchase this one; it will provide excellent performance and incredible durability.

Anyhow, this skateboard has a shiny look and an attractive shape. The item will revolutionize your life and enhance your boarding skills.

The skateboard will make you unstoppable, it has a water-resistant finish, and you can also use it in rain. Other boards are made of local quality carbon fiber or further materials.

These items neither provide you with a warranty nor have a long lifespan. But this skateboard is made of pro-grade carbon fiber plus there are also different materials included such as bamboo, fiberglass, and Canadian Maple.

These ingredients make it a stronger board as compared to others. Additionally, the company provides a long-term warranty. The average age of this product is about 4 years.

Heavyweight tools are not good for cruising; on the other hand, Magneto Bamboo Carbon fiber is lightweight and perfect for tricky techniques.

The product is about 3.5 and 37.5 inches long. As well as the board possesses rigid aluminum trucks for improving balance and stability. Lightweight skateboards are also great for cruising and allow complete control over the tool. Purchase it, become unbeatable and break all records.

The board has an impressive w-shape body to flow on the road. Unlike other boards, it has sturdy wheels for running on beaten and unpaved roads. You can use the skateboard for hill climbing. Beginners often face difficulty using the skateboard, but this long skater is perfect for learning.

Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber long skateboard provides matchless performance. The product has premium grade paint to resist the sunlight paint fade effect. You cannot find a product like this one because it has outstanding qualities. That is why I added it to the best carbon fiber skateboards list.

Moonshine Manufacturing Longboard – Best For Heavy Riders

Moonshine Manufacturing Deck


  • Attractive painting
  • Weight 150 lbs
  • Deep center point
  • Wide deck
  • Convenient management
  • Small wheel flares

My second recommendation is the Moonshine Manufacturing Longboard, the most iconic product of the list. It has astonishing features, such as its aluminum truck. This board is the wise option if you are searching for cruising skaters. Its truck will not only enhance the balance of the rider but also increase the life of the item.

You can also consider it the ideal carbon fiber skateboard because of its stability and fastness. The tool delivers 100% control as well as you can use it for tricky ridings and techniques.

The purpose is not to change your previous skateboard but to provide you with a top-quality board with unbelievable performance. The item has a universal design, so you can use it on the hills, on rough roads, and on the ramp. Plus, its lightweight 150 lbs and perfect size unlocks your skating skills and allows you to ride it independently.

This skateboard is waterproof so you take it out in the rain or wash it with water. The manufacturing company has used carbon fiber in high amounts to increase the lifespan of the board, and it delivers 4 to 6 years of service life.

Moonshine Manufacturing Longboard is useful for all types of riders, from beginners to intermediate, advanced, and professionals. Mostly, I recommend this skateboard to all beginners because it is manageable and runs like a vehicle.

If you are tired of low-quality paints and easy to erase colors, you must stop using the previous one and bring this tool. Its paint can stand against marks, accidents, and sunlight color fade effect. As well as the paint is weather resistant, and its thin multiple layers protect the upper skin of the board.

hi fiber skateboard

The board has a wide deck of 9.3 inches, and stands on the equipment effortlessly. Wide decks are helpful for controlling the board and enable the rider to stand against harsh ramping. You can also call it the beast of skateboards, the product is a guarantee of your victory. Its well-built wheels not only run fast but also decrease noise.

They are specially made to meet the expectations of the rider as well as allow him to use the board confidently. I have been using it for years and it provides the same performance on all tracks.

A quality product is like a long-term investment, you do not need to buy the tool every 2 months. Moonshine Manufacturing Longboard is one of those pieces of equipment that saves money, time and energy. Purchase this best carbon fiber skateboard and win the next championship.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Carbon Fiber Skateboard

Carbon fiber is a polymer. It is six times stronger than most alloys such as steel and three times more hard. It’s durable and lightweight. These are the exact properties required for skateboarding; they should be long-lasting and lightweight.

Carbon fiber consists of thin crystal filaments of carbon. Filaments are hair-like structures that are thinner than human hair but can be fashioned into any mold. Clothes are being made of its fiber these days.

carbon fiber skateboards

Although, carbon fiber manufacturing is expensive in the context of skateboards. An entry-level carbon fiber skateboard might cost you two times more than a Maplewood deck. However, it will last you far longer than any other material.

Are you looking for a carbon fiber skater with an eye-opening performance? Skateboarding is the only sober street game that releases stress, helps you meet people, and teaches you something new. But it is an impossible task without having a pro-grade board.

Carbon fiber is the latest and mind-blowing material. It will provide you with not only better quality but also countless features.

Generally, people focus on the product’s appearance but do not know the significant features. Plus, filthy local brands look for inexperienced customers. You can waste your bucks, but I will never let you do this. In this guide, I will explain the must-have features of carbon fiber skateboards.

Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber, a revolutionary product with unstoppable performance and unbreakable material, uses it and understands the worth of this best carbon fiber skateboard.

Custom Vs Pre Made

Pre-made skaters are ready for the job; their wheels, truck and all the parts come assembled. On the other hand, custom boards are a little different. You can purchase parts of the board, or you order a disassembled tool.

carbon deck picture

Anyhow, in this way, you can attach parts of multiple brands. Mostly, professional riders prefer custom for attaching wheels and trucks according to their skating skills and ramp. Premade skaters are also good, but you cannot change their parts, they are perfect for beginners, but advanced players should always customize the board.

Size Of The Skateboard

micro size of scate

Boards are available in 5 sizes, from micro to small and full size. Each one is made for different purposes, for example, large skateboards are good for beginners, but the small size is recommended for cruisers. These skaters also vary according to the height of the rider, age, and experience. Here are briefly illuminated.

midium size of scate board
  1. Micro Size: For kids of 5 years or younger. The rider must have 3.4 feet in height, and the deck width must be 6.5 inches.
  2. Mini Size: For only 6 to 7 years old children. The user should have a height between 3.5 to 4 feet for effortless handling. The deck width is 7 inches.
  3. Small Size: This size is recommended for 8 to 12 years old kids. It is the ideal age for sports and gaming because, at this age, one is developing different brain areas and bones of the body. However, you should have 4.5 to 5.2 inches, and the deck width is about 7.3 inches.
  4. Mid Size: It is the best-selling size because the majority of the riders use it for cruising. It is recommended for 12 to 13 years old teens, and the width of the deck is about 7.6 inches. The rider must have 5.3 to 5.6 feet in height.
  5. Large Size: The above-mentioned longboards are large-size skaters; they are excellent for learning skateboarding. Well, the user should have more than 5.7 feet in height. Plus, it is made for 15 years old to onward, and these skates have 7.7 inches deck size.
large soze of sate board

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Skateboards

Carbon Fiber Skateboard decks are stronger than traditional wooden decks. They have the characteristics of weight support and capability to withstand bending without any breakage is ideal for street-style skating. Some manufacturers even label them as unbreakable.

carbon fiber skateboarders

There are tons of videos on YouTube in which carbon fiber skateboards could be seen going through gruesome tests to see how much pressure they can tolerate. Your routine will never destroy these boards.

These carbon fiber skateboards are like a nice pair of Levi’s 501’s. It will cost you some more money than usual, but this investment will probably outlive the next decade. But do they feel as good as the Maplewood while skating?

There is a mixture of manufacturing preferences when it comes to carbon fiber skateboards. By the way, a good carbon fiber skateboard is made of composite material such as resin and wood plies. A carbon fiber skateboard composite deck, made through wood plies, has the most flex present.

composite skateboard decks

It might contain a layer at the top or bottom of the deck or might have strands running through it. Let me write down an evaluation list of some skateboards I would personally recommend to my friends. This list might also contain skateboards made from traditional material because I am also somewhat of a nostalgic guy!


Are carbon fiber skateboards good?

Yes, these skateboards are long-lasting and reliable. Carbon fiber is a useful material, but it is a little heavier as compared to bamboo and Canadian maple. In terms of performance, carbon fiber skateboards are outstanding.

How do I know what skateboard to buy?

Skateboards do not have a list of features; you should check some primary qualities. A perfect skater is lightweight, waterproof, and should have a wide deck, strong trucks and versatile wheels. Such boards are hard to find, plus your height also impacts on skills.

How much should I spend on a skateboard?

A skateboard is not expensive like other games. There are all types of items available in the market, from ultra-expensive to affordable. However, a useful skateboard will cost you 20 to 40 bucks. But I advise you to spend $75 to $100 to purchase a quality product.

short scate board

What is the easiest skateboard to ride?

The most convenient skaters are longboards. These boards are about 42 to 46 inches long and provide maximum stability. Their wide decks are comfortable for beginners, and you can also use them for hill climbing. Moreover, drop-through boards are also one of the easiest skateboards to ride.

What is the most popular skateboard size?

You cannot count skaters in terms of size. Although there are boards for kids and teens, the most enthusiastic skateboard users are 12 years old to onward. They use 7.5 to 8’’ boards because of height and age. That is why it is a popular class of skateboarding.


Skateboarding releases stress, enhances body activity, and provides entertainment. Furthermore, it will also impact your social circle. But to develop professional skateboarding skills, you must have the right board. A durable and reliable skater will help you on the ramp and enable you to perform better.

In such conditions, a carbon fiber skateboard is the last option. Expert skateboard riders also use carbon fiber skateboards. In this guide, I explained the 2 best carbon fiber skateboards. These boards are waterproof, lightweight, washable and affordable. I also explained a brief buyer’s guide regarding the best carbon fiber skateboards. If you are still unable to choose, here is my favorite product.

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