How To Choose A Skateboard Deck? (Guide)

How To Choose A Skateboard Deck

Without a shadow of a doubt, the skateboard deck is the most vital part of a skateboard. The deck is the backbone of the skateboard around which you build the structure of your whole board. So, you will have to know all about it before building a skateboard of your own. Many newbie boarders make … Read more

What is a Skateboard Deck? (Complete Guide)

what is a skateboard deck

A skateboard typically comprises several components that create a complete skateboard. These components include deck, wheels, trucks, and bearings. Each of these components plays a most progressive role in the overall performance. The deck is a flat board. A Skateboard deck helps you to stand on a skateboard while riding. The Skateboard deck is made … Read more

How To Clean A Skateboard Deck? (Step by Step Guide)

how to clean a skateboard

Are you recently facing hurdles when doing tricks on your skateboard? Well, the layers of dirt can be a significant factor resulting in these hurdles. Dirt or mud on the skateboard’s deck plays the most prominent role in decreasing the resistance and makes it hard to perform various tricks. In short, a dirty skateboard deck … Read more

How To Make A Skateboard Deck? (Materials & Method)

how to make a skateboard

The Skateboard deck is the heart of the Skateboard and plays an important role While performing Skateboarding. When it comes to Skateboarding, many newbies and freshers tend to go for purchasing complete boards. Only a few professionals and lesser hobbyists opt to make a deck. You don’t need to be surprised if I tell you … Read more