Nose and Tail of a Skateboard (Main Difference)

nose and tail of skateboard

It can be hard to differentiate between Skateboard tail and nose. If you ride your skateboard the wrong way, then the deck will be worn down faster. If you love riding the skateboards, you must know how to distinguish between the nose and tail of the skateboard.  The main difference between the nose and tail of … Read more

Best Skateboarders Of All Time (Most Famous)

best skateboarder of all time

Skateboarding is a unique sport in a way. It influenced a whole generation of art, fashion, and lifestyle around itself. Like any other sport, it’s about hard work, perseverance spirit. Like the navy seals, skateboarding is about never quitting. Early skateboarders also made use of the new videotaping technology. The way they used it to … Read more

Skateboard Wheel Hardness Scale (The Ultimate Guide)

skateboard wheels hardness

The hardness of the wheels plays an important role in the performance of skateboarding. There are several kinds of wheels with different levels of hardness. To determine the skateboard wheels’ hardness, a scale, durometer is used to assess the differences. According to the Durometer, the wheel’s solidity is measured in durometers and ranges from 75A … Read more