How Much Does A Skateboard Cost? – Detailed Answered

A simple answer to the question of ” How much does a good skateboard cost ” is not much. Let me explain it to you in more detail.

You ask this question repeatedly to your friends or acquaintances when you are flirting with the idea of skateboarding.

How Much Do Skateboards Cost

how much is a skateboard

These questions will always get you a variety of answers. Unfortunately, these varied answers will lead your decision regarding buying your first skateboard.

The good news is that a skateboard or its parts don’t cost much since they are comparatively inexpensive compared to numerous other sporting equipment.

Skateboard won’t break your bank account, or your heart, because of the actual production cost required to construct a good skateboard is less.

A manufacturer makes a top-grade skateboard for around $10 to $15.

A distribution company acquires the products and adds somewhere between $10 to its profit. So when the distributor sells it to the shop, where the price gets a significant spike. If you ask a skateboarding shop about skateboard costs, the salesperson will tell you a price tag of $50 and beyond.

It’s the same story for skateboard components. Trucks and wheels are inexpensive, but the distribution cycle makes them much more expensive. But it’s not just in the skateboard business; this is how it works in every industry.

Here’s a list of styles you should first consider before buying the best-looking in the bunch.

Classic Skateboards

different types of scate board

These are the all-rounders of skateboards and can cover almost all skating styles minus the cruising. It May cost between $80 to $450.

Street Skateboards

These lightweight boards are mainly for skaters who perform tricks, grinds, and slides within urban environments.

These skateboards resemble popsicle stick-shaped decks with smaller wheels for easy use. They are used for grinds and tricks or slides in an urban setting. So the next time when you see a skateboarding video on TikTok of a guy performing tricks in a western city, this is the street-style skateboard.

image of two different scate boards

How much does a good skateboard cost in this type?

Somewhere between $100 to $220.

Blank Skateboards

These types of skateboards are what their name suggests. Mostly favored by professionals, they come in solid colors without intricate graphics and printed designs. Instead, they allow you to skate with comfort. Ranges between $70 to $110. Blank skateboards are mostly use during practice or simple exploratory sessions.

Professional Skateboards

These skateboards are the ones you see in tournaments on television or live competitions. They are meant for professionals, but the quality of the deck they provide allows you to learn different tricks.

how much does a good skateboard cost

How much does a skateboard in this category cost?
Between $110 to $260.

Longboard Skateboards

Longboards are designed for cruising long distances and give you the acceleration you need for downhill skating. Longboards are the cruisers of skateboards. These are designed for long-distance skating due to their ability to provide acceleration in downhill skating.

They are also known for stability, so if you have initial fall anxiety. You might consider buying this type, as it provides you with a stable deck platform. Although, if you plan on learning tricks, a longboard might not be a good choice because these have limited capabilities. It costs between $75 to $650.

Which Factors Affect Skateboard Prices

Skateboard types are the main factors, but others might drive those cost variables.


Like any other brand of goods, the best Skate decks brand costs more than the regular stuff. Although when asking for skateboard costs, a brand equation should not be included in the buying decision. Sure the brands might have a better design and quality than the less known or popular brands.

Still, the popularity of a brand is not sure of its superior built quality. So assessing the quality of the board should always be the main guiding principle here.


It is discussed above in detail. A type will determine what is going to be your price bracket.


types of brands of scate board

Price in the context of skateboard purchase is an uncertain attribute. A pricey brand might be worth the extra money, or it might be a disappointment depending on how well the purchase was. You might also find a cheaper model or brand with all the features of a big brand with the same built quality.

So How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost Post-distribution? 

Depending on the component quality and brand names, it will be between $150 and $175. Usually, it’s a good idea to buy a skateboard from a specialty shop because you can get good advice from the employees who share their recommendations and personal preferences.

how much is a good skateboard

The other benefit of buying from a skateboard shop is that you get to update on events and be part of a larger community of different local clusters. Although, there are other options for buying a skateboard if you are looking for cheaper alternatives.

How Much Is A Good Skateboard From Super Stores And Megamalls?

There is no such thing as a good megamall skateboard. I would not recommend buying a skateboard complete from these locations for several reasons. First, the cheaper alternatives available at these superstores and megamalls are low quality and fragile beyond imagination.

They might even break after an hour since the material used to make them is more suited for small kids who are neither that tactile nor weigh much to exert any pressure on the equipment.

Second, such a skateboard should not be considered proper skateboarding equipment. These are more like toys, your gift to your nephews and nieces.

Moreover, the feel of such boards is off. You will feel awkward with your balance because the material used in making components is not favorable for high-quality skateboarding equipment.

For example, these generic skateboards use cast iron or hard plastic instead of industry-standard cast aluminum. The makers of professional equipment use cast aluminum due to its tolerance to abuse longer than any other material.

How Much Do Skateboards Cost Based On Types?

There are several types of skateboards you may choose. It depends on which category you are looking for when selecting your first skateboard.

Buying Location

Location is one of the classic factors. A shop might be pricier because of its popularity in its locality or situated on an upscale shopping avenue. If you are looking to save some bucks, avoid the expensive locations. Often, back-alley shops might be difficult to find, but they will surprise you with their price and collection.

If you have a knack for brands and a wallet to match that preference, buy it from where you like it as long as it fulfills your skating needs.

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