How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold? (Guide)

Millions of people around the world love skateboards. The young generation is crazy about riding skateboards as they are a great sport. Riding a skateboard not only helps you to lose weight but is also an interesting outdoor activity. Many riders of Skateboard are curious about how much weight a skateboard can hold?

The maximum weight that skateboard decks can hold is 272.3 lbs. The thrust, weight, and speed of the Skateboard can hold only this much weight. With this weight, the Skateboard is easy to maneuver and can ride easily on surfaces.

A longboard can hold around 330 lbs as it is a bit longer and wider than the average skateboard. The electric skateboards can hold almost 330 lbs (149.7 kg).

skateboard weight limit

However, a few things plays an important role while identifying the weight limit of a skateboard. These are the type of wood used in the making of the board and the quality of wheels.

Weight Limits of Various Types Of Skateboards

When you consider the weight limit of a skateboard, one of the most important things is to identify the weight of the person riding it. But it might not be the only factor to consider.

Several other factors should be considered to identify the weight limit of a skateboard. It also depends on the size of the deck and the type of wood used to manufacture the skateboard.

Luckily most pro decks are designed with bamboo or maple. Both these materials are flexible and can hold a lot of weight.

The Table Below Will Help You To Determine The Weight Limits Of Your Skateboards:

longboard weight limit

Type of Board Deck Length Weight Limit

Skateboard 28” – 33” 272 Ibs (123 kg)

Longboard 32” – 58” 300 Ibs (136 kg)

Penny Board 22” – 27” 192 Ibs (87 kg)

Electric Skateboard Approx. 38” 330 Ibs (150 kg)

a man taking right turn in scating board

This table will help you to gather the different ratios of size and weight. The boards are designed with various materials. The same applies to the trucks or wheels as well.

How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Wheel Hold?

Skateboard wheels are a major component of the board. If you are an experienced skater, then you must purchase the wheels separately.

weight on skateboard

You should consider the diameter and durometer that is perfect for the style of skateboarding. The wheels comes with their weight limitations. If a heavier person is riding the Skateboard, then the wheels of the Skateboard might end up with flat spots.

Your weight matters while skateboarding.

There is no doubt that your weight matters while you are skateboarding. It plays an integral role when riding and landing on the Skateboard. You may have observed that most of the famous skateboarders are skinny, and that’s why they can easily move the Skateboard.

However, it doesn’t mean that a heavy person cannot ride it, but you have to be a little cautious. Weight can affect your performance, especially while doing flip tricks. It can also affect the speed of the Skateboard while moving through slops and steeper areas.

heavy man on a skateboard deck

The Skateboard can roll down the hill if you are heavy, especially when the speed is also high. You can fall and get injuries if you don’t keep yourself safe.

When a heavy-weight person tries to perform tricks, they will probably land very hard on the board. It can crack or damage the Skateboard to an extent.

Losing Weight

The good news is that if you are interested in losing weight, skateboarding can help. When you ride Skateboard regularly and keep practicing, you can lose a lot of pounds. You need to consider this factor deeply before skateboarding.

Make sure that the Skateboard is made with durable materials and the wheels are hard and swift.

You need to pay attention to the width of the deck before choosing a good one. The width of the Skateboard will range from seven to ten inches. If the skater is light and short, he/she will need a small board. At the same time, if the skater is heavy, he/she will needs to look for a large board.

It is important to choose the perfect width of depth as it offers a lot of stability and support. Heavy skaters can ride the board that is 8.25 to 8.6 inches. It will evenly distribute their weight and help them to move easily. One disadvantage of having a wide deck is that it might cause difficulty while performing tricks on it.


There is a wide range of skateboards available for the skaters. All of them are made with quality materials. You need to pick the best one that can match up with your expectations.

Make sure you are purchasing from prominent brands and must know the weight limit of a skateboard. You should not compromise on the quality even if the Skateboard is high in price.

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