How To Choose A Surfskate With Pro Tips

For achieving perfectly tight turns, and mesmerizing surfing maneuvers, surfskate is an unparallel choice for skateboarders around the world. Now there might be a question in the mind of the reader about what surfskate is actually designed to perform. They are notoriously famous for side-to-side pumping and carvings.

There are several brands out there in the market that gives you the perfect surfskate adventure. The range of surfskate starts from Smoothstar from Australia, Mindless from the UK, YOW from Spain, and then comes the market leader Carver, Waterborne, and Curfboard from Germany.

Definition of Surfskate

When it comes to the very definition of Surfskate, it is a skateboard used to surf the streets, unlike surfboards. They provide a perfect solution for several riding styles, such as pumping your skateboard from a standstill or performing a mellower side. Further, you can enjoy a ride that has nothing to do with you stepping on the ground or requiring a sheer descent to achieve speed. In addition, you can change the course of your skate by just shifting the weight on the board.

How To Make Your Process for Choosing A Surfskate Look Amazing
The process for choosing a Surf Skate Skateboard is simple and straightforward. The most important aspect of this process is the wheelbase and truck system. Now let’s start the process:

Step 1 Budget
Choosing the brand that suits your budget for a perfect Surfing On A Skateboard comes to your riding style. Along with your riding style and the adventures you are looking for in your surfskate. Here in this process section, it would be best if you considered your board specs suitable for your height, riding style, weight, and surfskating environment. For this, the Waterborne Surf Adapter is by far the most cheapest option available in the market.

On the other hand, Carvers cost you between $240 to $260. Now coming onto the Smoothstars and YOW, they are anywhere from $300 to $400, and further to add in the cost are their shipping options.

Step 2 Smoothness and luxurious effects
Coming onto the other aspect of Skateboard For Surfers, SwellTech is the most sensitive on the market. They are perfect for advanced surfskaters only. And if you are not a pro surfskater, then you must not go for this option. There are other options available that we are going to refer to for you.

The second option in this category is Smoothstar and YOW. They allow their riders to enjoy the most luxurious and smooth feelings while surfskating. Further, they offer a range of motions. Comparing the Smoothstar decks with YOW, you may feel a deep concave, with sharper kicktails.

image of a stylish surfscate

Here is another aspect that needs to be discussed here is that Smoothstar is not meant to be street cruisers. If your intentions are for cruising into the streets, then you must go with YOW. They offer some of the best riding experiences for street rides.

Step 3 Deck Length and Height
Any Surfskate Deck length ranging from 33 – 34 inches is considered perfect for normal-height individuals. But if you have a more extended height, you must consider going to the 40 inches deck length so you can experience the best possible adventures while standing and performing maneuvers on your surfskate.

Step 4 Width of the Wheelbase
The wheelbase for a surfskate is the distance of the inner trucks. It starts from the front side to the rear end. Surfskate Wheels offers a wheelbase that ranges from 14 inches to 20 inches.

Step 5 Concave
The curve or curvature of the deck from rail to rail is known as concave. For those who prefer mellow carvings, flatter decks are more preferred by professionals due to their locked-in feel. And when it comes to the concave, then you are going to experience a locking feeling. Furthermore, concave decks are not suitable for those who have large feet.

back image of a surf scate

Step 6 Kicktail
Kicktails are the most considered factor among other factors. They are preferred by professionals who love to perform ollies. They are known for creating an excellent combination of carving and pumping.

Step 7 Nose
The noses of the surfskate are the most catching feature among professionals.

Step 8 Wheel Size
The wheel size combines height in diameter and width in the contact patch. The normal or preferred size for the wheels is anything between 65 – 75mm. It is because of the reason that no surfskaters like to have wheel bite. Although these skates are tested against wheelbite, but it all depends upon the height and weight of the surfskater in the end.

wheel sizes of surf scates

Step 9 Wheel Profile
In the end, we are going to cover the profile of the wheels for your surfskates. Normally there are two types of wheels

  1. Round Edge
  2. Sharp Edge

Round edge wheels offer a seamless solution when it comes to slides. Further, they offer far less traction. And for this reason, they are ideal for practicing freestyle surf maneuvers.
The second option is for sharp edge wheels that offer a firm grip and allow the skaters to enjoy tight turns on curves. They are known for being the best if you focus on their deep carves. And when they are placed, there is no option for sliding.


How To Choose A Surfskate?
There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on your preferences and what you want in a surfskate. Some factors that you need to consider include the skate’s size, shape, and weight.

Are surfskates good for beginners?
Surfskates are a perfect solution for beginners. As they are easy to operate and handle and have stability. Performing maneuvers on your skateboard are relatively easy and comfortable at the same time.

Are Smoothstars worth it?
The value of a Smoothstar varies depending on the specific needs. There are some potential benefits of smoothness, stability, and endurance to withstand the average weight of a skateboarder.


We hope you have read our guide on How To Choose A Surfskate. And once you go through the steps that we have mentioned for you. You will be able to get the best deal on the surfskates currently available in the market. In finalizing these steps, we have considered a lot of aspects that are considered crucial and essential for choosing the best option for oneself.

These aspects are budget, deck, length and shape, foot placement, and Wheelbase. But in the end, the only thing that matters is the riding style of the user. This is the most crucial aspect that needs to be considered right from the beginning.

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