How To Push On A Skateboard in an Easy Way (With Pictures)

You should be informed that learning how to push on a skateboard will require a lot of practice if you are only starting.

You’ll be capable of moving your board within a matter of minutes, but starting correctly will be a significant factor in making it advance in the direction you would like it to push forward.

Your back foot on the board will be the right foot, so consider that. That will probably be your right foot for most individuals, especially right-handed ones.

which foot to push with on skateboard

There are some aspects of skateboarding that we’re probably going to enjoy. We shall discover countless features to do as we engage ourselves in more and more of it. But probably more than anything else, it’s necessary to comprehend the key principles.

The more we study the fundamentals, the greater we will appreciate the more complex challenges of the sport. These will be the things we will be able to rely on frequently.

Key Elements While Learning To Push On A Skateboard

This article will discuss several of the necessary elements of skateboarder pushing.

  1. Foot Position 
  2. Turning 
  3. Stance
  4. Riding
  5. Stopping


This may be considered to be the most significant element of skateboarding. It serves as the commencement of the skateboarding trip and which foot to push with on skateboard.

 It is indeed crucial to get this correct, so do it right away. There seem to be two stances or foot placement on skateboard in which you can push off from your board. 

Both of these are common and strange. You won’t get to be a “great” skater by using either stance. Simply put, it’s whatever makes you feel more comfortable. The descriptions for each are provided below.

  • Common means you are putting your left foot forward and pushing with your right.
  • Strange is when you push with your left foot while sliding your right foot forward.

Now that you’re familiar with the two options, here’s how to determine which posture you fit into. Think about slipping and sliding while sprinting on ice or any slippery surface. 

What would you do to advance? Which foot will you use to strike a soccer ball if you were required to? You are normal if your response is on the left, and you are silly if your answer is on the right. You’ve solved the problem; well done!

foot placement on skateboard


Now that you’ve got your stance nailed, let’s glance where your feet must position themselves. About one-third of the way to the bottom of the skateboard, you must have your front foot just underneath the front screws. 

You can effortlessly transition into tricks when riding since your back foot will be placed on the tail. There are some differences when pushing. 

Walking and pushing are remarkably similar activities. You should step onto the board to start with and keep on moving. Learn the skill of pushing with your back foot while retaining your front foot on the board. 

Your front foot should be pointed forward when pushing to ensure the greatest strength and support.

Your front foot pivots to go across the board, in alignment with your body, as soon as you stop pushing.

Your back foot stays on the board’s tail. It can be challenging to adjust initially to the tiny change of shifting skateboard foot position back and forth. Practice pushing skateboard foot placement gradually, then increase your efforts.


Turning is the next move. In order to turn while skating, there are only two extremely easy techniques. Simply leaning your body is the first stage. This turn is known as a carving turn. Leaning more to the right will lead you to go even more to the right, and vice versa. 

Check your balance, and be sure it’s good. If not, as your skateboarding skills improve, you’ll begin to master that. Consider it a training exercise.

skateboarder pushing

As it is known to skaters, the kick turn is the next step. You accomplish this by changing your direction of travel by leaning back a bit and spinning your front wheels in that direction. To raise the board a little bit, you must apply some force on your back trucks


It’s time to move on to the best part riding now that you realize how to push and turn! Riding around is pleasant, and it’s vital to learn this. Ride and cruise the time for a long time. You must ride your board along a wide range of surfaces before being comfortable. You will become accustomed to being part of the board as a consequence.

Learning how to ride about will have an enormous impact when you start to learn tricks. It will be much harder to understand to ride and stay on a pushing board if you’re not comfy doing so.


It makes sense to practice stopping now that you have experience riding. Stopping can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The two most frequent ones are the powerful slide and sliding your foot across the floor. Power slides are a bit trickier and will destroy your wheels. Knowing when you’re moving extremely quickly is beneficial.

Putting your rear foot down and letting it drag is the simplest method to stop. You can step off the back foot after you’re moving at a comfortable pace to cease moving entirely. And stopping that way is also the simplest. You should be able to ride everywhere after that.


After learning how to push on a skateboard, you can easily take your skateboard all follow the above techniques. Moreover, it will be a great and adventurous experience for you.

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