Is Skateboarding Good Exercise? – (Interesting Facts)

For those who wish to Double, Triple, and Quadruple strengthening their abdominal muscles, obliques, and part of their back. And this can be achieved by simply starting skateboarding. Skateboarding requires a substantial amount of movement over uneven surfaces. Further, it allows skateboarders to enhance their strength and their bodies. So now, who are still in confusion about Is Skateboarding Good Exercise?

skateboard for exercise

Skateboarding allows skateboarders to burn fats and calories, which results in better flexibility and agility in daily routine activities. Maintaining balance is another aspect that requires your attention along with stamina. The muscles engaged during this sport are ABS, your core, lower back, Arms, Glutes, Quads, Hamstring, Calves, and ligaments. 

Why Pay For A Workout

Skateboarding is an exercise that falls under the umbrella of a hardcore workout. Many people ask how good a skateboarding workout is. It is not just a game, but it can be a perfect exercise for boosting your core muscles and stamina, resulting in losing weight. This sport is now getting recognition for being more explosive efforts to reduce body weight. 

Moreover, if you are a skateboarder, you perform tricks such as burpees plus squats and froggy jumps. You can make sure that you have a perfect workout. Apart from this, sports scientists confirm in various sources that skateboarding does a perfect workout itself.

In addition, skateboarding at times is so tiring that every time you skate, you are burning energy tanks, and in this way, your muscles might be stressed endlessly while performing tricks. For example, when you steer and move your skate, it helps tone your leg muscles. And you might have noticed that skateboarders have lean legs.

A Perfect Alternative To Walking

Skateboarding is faster than walking. And we can prove this by sharing some of the stats with you. It has been observed that usually, a skateboarder skate between 6 to 13 miles per hour. At this speed, you are traveling almost four times faster than walking. Above all reaching from destination A to destination B is far more reachable and convenient.

Although human power is being utilized while traveling from one destination to another, in either case, whether you are traveling or enjoying yourself with your friends in an open space, you have to kick your skateboard in order to move around. And in this way, your whole body muscles, along with your leg muscles, get into excellent working condition.

is skateboard good exercise

Simple Skateboarding Can Lead You To A Healthy Lifestyle

For those who like a healthy lifestyle, skateboarding provides an excellent opportunity for complete body exercise. During skateboarding, the legs, core, and abdominal muscles are engaged. Moreover, skateboarding cannot be associated with teenagers only. Children’s and adults can easily do skateboarding.

The only thing that creates a hindrance is whether you are a professional or a beginner skateboarder. Upon riding your board, you will feel the change and amount of exertion you are going to endure, even on flat terrain or unstable surfaces. There is no need to perform the tricks; if you wish to perform them on your board, it will create a positive impact. 

How skateboarding impacts your health

For skateboarders, if they are performing flip tricks, this means that they are doing squat jumps. And burning calories during the process, you can eventually lose weight, equivalent to 30 minutes of strenuous exercise. On the other hand, if you are just cruising on your skateboard, your body still endures intensive exercise.

is skateboarding a good exercise

Now you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. All you have to do is spend some time propelling your board at cruising speed. Most people consider riding skates for fun. But they don’t have the idea that long cruises while pushing using your feet and maintaining your balance with the help of your arms help your heart pounding at a high rate. It is very beneficial because by doing so, there is no need left for the gym. 

For Those With A Burning Desire Of A Perfect Cardiovascular Workout 

Skateboarding lets you maintain a balance between your upper and lower body. Or you can say that your entire body is engaged and start working to maintain your balance on the skate. It further helps you to burn calories.

What is a cardiovascular workout?

A cardiovascular workout improves your heart health. Activities such as running, biking, skateboarding, and swimming. With these activities, you can maintain your heart rate and keep yourself healthy and physically fit. 

Furthermore, if you are a professional skateboarder, skating uphill or learning to ollie along with long cruises keeps your heart rate up.

Skating is a pushing sport that helps you burn calories, and if you intend to perform skate tricks, it provides you with the perfect cardio training that generates constant movement of your heart. 

To improve your cardiovascular system and build muscular strength, particularly your core and leg muscles. Skateboarding provides excellent cardio exercise, and you can even lose weight. 

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Skateboarding

With all the information that mentions the overall benefits of skateboarding, there are some disadvantages that need to be mentioned here. Although they are not severe at times, they can be dangerous and harmful for skateboarders.

is skateboarding a good workout

These are injuries inflicted as a result of falling. It can be in the form of cuts, bruises, and scrapes. But sometimes falling flat on the ground may result in fractures and wrist sprains. There have been reports of head injuries that include concussions. And for this reason, professionals and enthusiasts tend to focus on wearing gear to avoid these unseen events. 


Is skateboarding a good way to lose weight?

Yes, skateboarding is a good and perfect way to achieve weight loss. An average of 200 calories are burned per 30 minutes of skateboarding. On the other hand, skateboarding is considered a perfect way to exercise and keep one active and healthy.

Does skateboarding count as working out?

Yes, skateboarding is a complete working out itself. It offers a perfect cardiovascular exercise that boosts your metabolism and inner system so that your body remains active and strong to fight the attacking bacteria. And above all, it keeps your core muscles strong and healthy.

Does skateboarding burn belly fat?

Skateboarding is a perfect way to lose your belly fat in no time. Further, if anyone skateboards for 30 minutes daily, he will be able to burn almost 200 calories daily, leading to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Does skateboarding slim your legs?

We tried to answer this question in the main article as well. Skateboarding helps in a great deal of toning and strengthening your leg muscles and core muscles.


We do hope that we might have satisfied your query related to Is Skateboarding Good Exercise?

For some, skateboarding is just a simple hobby, but for others, it is a proper sport that lets them maintain their active lifestyle. And for this reason, we thought to bring you the best aspects of skateboarding. With this, you will be able to get the perfect picture of what skateboarding is capable of.

It helps you maintain a perfect physique by burning calories and developing a perfect body shape. During skateboarding, your body and mind are fully involved; by doing so, you can develop your leg and core muscles. With this being said, we strongly recommend you start considering it a perfect exercise game for your body and mind.

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