Longboard Tricks for Beginners (Complete Guide)

There is absolutely no doubt that longboarding is a fun and thrilling activity that not only keeps you active but allows you to enjoy your pastime. Are you interested in learning the art of longboarding and don’t know where to start?

Riders usually opt for longboards to practice their moves in the early stages of their experience, considering that they are long and broad enough to keep them stable and balanced.

Well, there are absolutely unlimited tricks and techniques out there you can do with these boards. As a player who has been using them for quite some time, I would say, as a beginner, you need to learn a solid foundation for which it is essential to learn safe landings, foot brakes, stable jumps, and much more.

beginner longboarding tricks

So, follow this detailed guide on longboard tricks for beginners, and don’t waste more time.

Body Varial

The first-ever trick I learned during the early days of my longboarding experience is this Body Varial. It is undoubtedly the most fun and easy longboard trick you can master in no time. To perform this trick, you need to stand in a wide yet firm position.

Now, loosen your legs from the knees and keep yourself ready for the jump. Once you are done, jump from the board and keep your back arm in a dominant position. Finally, drop yourself down on the board, and while landing, keep your feet wide and firm.

Ghostride Flip

Another of my favorite tricks for longboards is the Ghostride Flip. Although it takes some time to master, it is certainly worth the time. To do this technique, you need to have your front foot in the center of the skateboard. Now, take your back foot from the end (heel edge of the board) and place it over the front foot.

can you do tricks on a longboard

Once you are done getting the right position, continue this movement, step off the board, and jump back on the board. While landing back on the board, place the first foot before to regain balance.

Kick Flip

Likewise, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that backflip is a prerequisite for learning different advanced tricks like big flips and variable flips. Learning these tricks can make riders confident enough to do further techniques.

To do this flip, you need to keep your foot in the middle of the board, perfectly aligned with the shoulder. Quite opposite to other tricks, you don’t have to keep your feet either too narrow or extremely wide.

After this, you need to flip the board from the back or tail. For this, pop the board with the front board and while you are in the air, kick it down and land on it using the front foot. While you are landing, make sure there is not much difference between the back and front foot. Although it is quite simple to understand, you need to practice it repeatedly and give it some time.

No-Comply 180

The massively popular and my favorite trick for beginners is the No-Comply 180. It is best for riders who are practicing speed and momentum on the longboards.

The fact that it requires absolutely no risk makes it absolutely worth it. Start off by kicking the board from the back with your feet 180 degrees. Make sure to catch and land it against the opposite hip side to get a perfect position and speed.

easy longboard tricks

Similarly, you need to practice this again and again while keeping yourself at a standstill. You also are required to catch the board from the back foot. This can be a bit intimidating, so make sure to practice this again and again. While landing, maintain the distance between the front and back foot to achieve control and stability.

Nollie Pivot

This is the prerequisite for any longboarding enthusiast who wants to learn the art of Nollie Shuvit. To do this trick, you need to have your front foot aligned with the nose and the rear foot in the center of the board.

Now, bring the entire upper body straight with wide shoulders. Once you are done with the right position, it is time to turn your body up to 180 degrees from the hips to the upper body. Now, push the front foot and freely enjoy the trick while maintaining balance.

The Downhill Tuck

If you are a rider who likes speedy and fun longboarding tricks, this downhill tuck is it. To do this trick, you need to have your front foot slightly angled while the back foot straight to make sure you are ready for the jump.

easy longboarding tricks

Now, bend your knee a little and keep it close to your chest and then jump. While you are landing, use the back foot and catch it. Make sure the difference between the front and back foot is enough to keep the landing stable.

The Foot Brake

Now that you have planned to learn longboarding, it is absolutely important that you know how to do the foot brake. This is incredibly easy and provides you with a strong base for advanced tricks.

Similarly, the fact that it is the simplest trick makes it one of my favorites. All you need to do is put your back foot on the ground in order to apply the brakes. This slows down the pace of the rider and allows him/ her to stop the board easily. That being said, make sure to keep your knees straight.

Nollie Shuvit

Last but not least on my list of easy longboard tricks is Nollie Shuvit. Now that you know how to do Nollie Pivot, this must be easy for you. To achieve the desired posture, you need to prepare for the trick as you did previously during the pivot trick.

Once done, you are required to put the weight of the shoulders on the front in the direction of the nose in order to make sure there is no pressure on the rider.

how to do a trick on a longboard

While doing this, make sure the nose is perfectly 45 degrees from the board. Now, when it is time to rotate, you need to let go of the board and move your feet in an upward direction. Hit the board in such a way that it spins for around 180 degrees under you.

Finally, it is time for landing, make sure the feet are widely positioned as it can keep you stable and in control of the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do tricks on any longboard?

Well, you certainly don’t need to have a specific longboard for different tricks and one board can do the job. That being said, you need to invest in a wide and long board to make sure it is comfortable for you to spin and move freely on flat surfaces and cruise around the streets.

Also, if you are a beginner and interested in learning some basic tricks, opt for drop-through boards as they are easy to handle and control.

How to practice your foot brakes?

Learning the foot brakes is absolutely simple and easy. All you are required as a rider is to put your back foot on the ground. This will reduce your pace and allow you to stop the board easily.

However, you need to know the right moment to do this. Make sure it is done on flat ground and at a point where you feel comfortable and consistent.

Is longboarding easier for beginners?

a man is ready for scating

The simplest answer I have for this question is absolutely a yes. Using longboards is quite easy to handle and control, even if you are new. This is primarily because they have a broader and wider structure that allows riders to balance him/ herself with absolute comfort.

I would advise beginners to go for drop-through longboards as they have a low center of gravity that keeps riders balanced and stable.

What is the first thing you need to do on a longboard?

Well, there are a number of things you can learn with a longboard and it all comes down to the individual preferences of the riders. What I would suggest is that you need to learn how to keep the board balanced while you are standing still.

Apart from this, you have to practice your push and foot brakes. Hence, learning this can help you in building a foundation for other tricks and techniques.

Final Thoughts

In the end, as a beginner, it can be quite challenging to handle and control the longboards. The good news is that these boards are wide and large enough to be held conveniently and comfortably, even by newcomers.

Here, I hope this detailed guide on basic longboarding tips and tricks can help you in learning this art.

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