Longboard vs Skateboard vs Cruiser (Detail Comparison)

Choosing the right skating board is challenging. But if you are confused about picking the best one among longboards, cruisers, and skateboards, I will help you out here. In this guide, I will tell you the differences and benefits of those three boards.

The size of longboards, cruisers, and skateboards is the major dissimilarity. But the question arises that is the size of a skateboard matter?

Yes, size matters a lot, especially when you are a beginner. People who are learning to use skateboards have a hard time understanding that size impacts the speed of the skateboard, balance, stability, and resistance.

cruiser skateboard

If you are running a small size skateboard, there are more chances of accidents or injuries. Anyhow, you do not need to worry about your safety and comfort because this guide will tell you all the simple and complicated factors that are influencing skating skills.

Longboard Vs. Skateboard Vs. Cruiser

There are three main types of boards; skateboards, cruisers, and longboards. Each one is made for a unique purpose. You cannot use a board for training, long distances, and competitions.

The recreational boards are for short distances, and professional boards are used for matches. Plus, there are boards for technical tricks and also for easy use. First, I am going to tell you the essential information regarding boards, like their dimensions, size, and flexibility.

Dimensions And Features Of The Boards


Deck Length: 35 to 40 inches

Deck Width: 8.5 to 10.25 inches

Wheel Size: 65mm to 80mm

Truck Size: 150mm to 214mm


Deck Length: 22 to 38 inches

Deck Width: 8 to 9.5 inches

Wheel Size: 60mm to 65mm

Truck Size: 140mm to 169mm


Deck Length: 31 to 33 inches

Deck Width: 7.5 to 9.5 inches

Wheel Size: 48mm to 58mm

Truck Size: 129mm to 160mm

image of a different brands of a scating board

These are the dimensions of different boards. If you think there are three types of boards with considerable differences in wheel size, trucks, length, and width, then you should know that small boards are hard to run because of their complex dimensions.

They are helpful for technical tricks. Instead, you can run a longboard more simply because these boards are easy to stop, and you can use them for long distances. Let’s discuss each board separately so you can pick one of them quickly.


longboard view

The length and width of the longboards are respectively 35’’ to 40’’ and 8.5’’ to 10.25’’. Yes, these boards are longer and broader than skateboards and cruisers. Longboards are easier to learn because of their tall size. These boards are for short distances used by beginners.

You can use a longboard for picking up the grocery items from the store in town, or you can run the board downhill. Most skating experts use longboards to come down the hills because they are more stable than skateboards and cruisers.

If you think the longboards are only for learning how to ride a board or for simple use, you should know that you can perform tricks. But longboards are challenging to control for tricks, so I would recommend first learning to control a longboard, and then you can impress your friends. Plus, you use the longboard for cruising.

But there are some disadvantages of the longboards. These boards are heavier than skateboards and cruisers because of the long and wide deck and truck. Sometimes, it is hard to carry these giant boards. Additionally, longboards are slow as compared to the other boards.

Longboards have bigger wheels than cruisers, so it is tough to maintain balance while you are at a slow speed. But when you up the pace of the longboard, it becomes unbeatable.

longboard skateboard

How Far You Can Go On Longboards

As I have mentioned above, these boards are made for recreational purposes. So, you can use a longboard to travel around the board or skate on the hills. You can run a longboard beside the beach.

These boards are powerful and bear heavy people. You can go more than 40 miles on the longboard but keep in mind that these boards are not recommended for long distances.

The speed of the longboard is about 3 to 5 mph, but it also depends on your speed and the condition of the road. Longboards are slower than others, but it does not mean you cannot reach your destination on time.

Other variables also influence the speed of a longboard, such as your riding style, conditions of the wheel, and your physical health. There are multiple types of longboards with lightweight and top-quality wheels for acceleration.


skateboard view

Expert skaters commonly use skateboards. The skateboards are bigger than cruisers but smaller than longboards. A skateboard is about 31’’ to 33’’ long and 7.5’’ to 9.5’’ wide.

These boards are used for various purposes, such as street skating, trick and technical skating, and skate parks. The skateboards provide maximum balance, and stability and are far better than the longboards. But these boards are not recommended for beginners because they are tough to control at high speed.

The size of the deck, truck, and wheels impacts your skating skills. This skateboard has a standard size of wheels but is smaller than the previous one. That is why these boards are hard to manage when the skaters are riding at a fast speed. The skateboards are made for intermediate-level skaters. You can use skateboards for tricks in skate parks, but remember that these boards are not made for cruising.

The skateboard is lighter as compared to the longboards but heavier than the cruisers. Yes, you can use the skateboard for rollovers, sliding, or flips. The deck of the skateboard is narrower than longboards and has small wheels with a front nose and a kicktail.

Let’s put it; the skateboard is able to run faster as opposed to the longboards. Moreover, you can carry the skateboard in your hands.

But there is nothing perfect in the universe. These skateboards also have some drawbacks, like you cannot use them for long journeys. The skateboards possess small and hard wheels that can cause trouble.

This skateboard requires more energy to go further than cruisers or longboards if you use it for long distances. Plus, these boards are not made for you if you are a heavyweight person because these boards are based on small wheels and narrow deck layers which cannot lift your weight.

How Far You Can Go On Skateboards

The skateboards can take you quicker than the longboards. These boards are made for flip, rolling over, or popping, but when it comes to speed, the skateboards are not less than any other board.

The average speed of the skateboard is about 4 to 7 mph. These boards can cover 30 to 35 miles in a day. You can upgrade the skateboard for high speed.

Simple Hack To Improve Speed

Here comes a hack for you. I purchased a skateboard because I prefer it over longboards or cruisers. Anyhow, I changed the wheels of my board and added bigger wheels. Now my skateboard can cruise and has an 8 mph speed.

image of a man driving scate board in speed

The speed of the skateboard also varies on the quality of the wheels and the condition of the road. You can also examine that some people are better than others at running a skate quicker.

Your staking style and your practice also influence the speed of the skateboard. You can improve your skateboard speed by correcting your skating posture.


cruiser view

The third board we have is the cruiser. These boards are used for transportation; you can plan a cruiser trip with your friends because these boards are made for long distances.

When it comes to comparison, these boards have entirely unique features. The cruisers are not long and wide enough, but you can observe that they are taller than skateboards. These cruisers provide high stability, and you can maintain balance at a fast speed without bothering.

But it does not mean that the cruisers are easy to handle. Advanced skaters use cruisers because they provide all the features a skater can imagine. These boards are fast enough, provide high flexibility, and are made for skate parks and also for street skating. I have been using cruisers for a long time, and these boards are the best among the above.

The cruisers are not recommended for the downhill, but the moderate-size wheels are attractive, and you can use the cruiser for pop, flip, or roll over. You should also know that the cruisers are meant for traveling, and you can use them on the beaten road or rough terrain.

This board can bear all thumps and bumps because the deck is thicker than a skateboard; moreover, the wheels are softer than longboards.

How Far You Can Go On Cruisers

Cruisers are cheaper than longboards and skateboards. You can use a cruiser for traveling around the town or take it to the skate park to impress your friends.

These boards possess bigger wheels as opposed to skateboards; that’s why cruisers are faster than both; longboards and skateboards. Plus, the lightweight and strong truck allow the cruisers to run faster.

longboard vs skateboard

A cruiser can go up to 6 to 9 miles in an hour and covers 60 miles a day. But you should know that cruisers are only for advanced skaters. You can hurt yourself if you are a beginner trying to use the cruiser. Controlling the cruisers at a fast speed could be tricky, but you can overcome the fear after practice.

Which Type Of Board Is Best For You

I do not want to fall into the debate about the best board among longboards, skateboards, and cruisers. It is not only arduous but impossible to determine which board is best for you. But if you want to know, the answer is simple.

You are the one who can decide which is the right board for you. Because you know better the conditions of the tracks around you, your weight, and your budget, I can tell you the uses of each board.

  • If you want to learn how to skate without hurting yourself.
  • If you are a heavyweight guy.
  • If you are looking for a durable board.
  • If you want to ride down the hill.
  • If you’re going to learn to slide.

Then it would help if you used a longboard. These boards are pretty long-lasting, and the strong deck is able to lift heavyweight. These boards are ideal for people who want to bomb hills or carve downhills.

  • If you want to pop.
  • If you want to ride a board in the streets.
  • If you want to use a board in skateparks.
  • If you want flipping and rollovers.

Then it would help if you bought skateboards. These boards are used for complicated tricks. Most of the experts run skateboards because they are used for skatepark maneuvering. Plus, there is a list of features skateboard provides, like sliding, pop, rollover, flipping, etc.

  • If you want to travel around the town.
  • If you want to use boards as transportation.
  • If you want a fast board.
  • If you have a board that can lift heavyweights.
  • If you want a board that can run on rough terrain.
  • If you want to buy a cheap option.

Then cruisers are made for you. These boards are versatile in all aspects. You can perform so many tasks with the help of a cruiser board, and you can also use the board for transportation. These boards are cheaper than the above and are made for running on broken roads.


Is A Cruiser Or Longboard Easier?

Longboards are wider and longer, providing more space for the skater to stand on the board. These boards are heavy, so they stay on the ground, with fewer chances of falling on the ground while using a longboard. Cruisers are also easy, but they are recommended for advanced skaters.

Can Longboard Do Tricks?

image of a man swinging long boards

It is difficult but not impossible. Basically, the longboard contains bigger wheels, a firm truck, and a deck. All of these parts increase the weight of the board. That is why longboards are not mainly used for complex tricks. But you can perform technical tricks after practicing.


All these three boards, cruiser, skateboard, and longboard are used for different purposes. You cannot determine which is best because each has a different body, deck weight, size, wheels, and trucks.

However, you can choose which one of them suits you. There are boards for transportation and boards for the competition. You can select a bomb hilling and carving hills board, or you can go for the long-distance board like cruisers. I hope you choose the right one with all the crucial features.

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