Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard? (Guide)

Are you looking for a cruiser skateboard? Do you want to transform your board into a cruiser? Well, you might have heard from riders that changing wheels can do the job. Certainly yes, but there are some things you need to consider before you venture into this DIY project.

As a rider, I have used a number of my skateboards for cruising over flat surfaces to facilitate day-to-day commutes and transportation.

skateboard with longboard wheels

Wondering how you can put longboard wheels on a skateboard? Are there any downsides to these projects? Well, to help you with this task, I am here with this detailed guide on everything you need to know regarding the longboard wheels and how you can put them on your regular boards. So, don’t waste more time, and let’s get in.

Can You Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard?

Yes, you certainly can put longboard wheels on the board. However, the condition is that they must have a 70mm diameter and 1 ½ inches riser pads.

Hence, anything larger than that will make it just like the skateboard and harder to take tight turns, killing the entire purpose. You can also opt for a wheel between 60 and 65mm to make it comfortable.

Although you can have different sizes of longboard wheels (up to 85mm), they are not suitable to be used for regular skateboard designs. The simplest explanation for this is that skateboards are constructed in this way. What you need for this purpose is a maximum thickness of 70mm or a minimum of 65mm.

The reason for this is the fact that this diameter leaves no space between the deck and the wheel which allows riders to feel stable and comfortable.

If they are not still up to the mark, you can always add the riser pads. These pads come in different sizes like ⅛ inches, ¼, and ½ inches, depending on the size of the skateboard. These are designed to lift the deck, so the wheels are properly installed with desired clearance space.

Here, the simple rule of thumb is that the riser pads will work for decently sized wheels (up to 70mm) and will not work for large wheels at all.

How to Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard: A Step-by-Step Guide

70mm wheels on skateboard

Things You Need

Now that you have decided to put your longboard wheels on the skateboard, here are some things you need to have present in the working space;

  • Make sure the wheels you are using are between 60 and 70 mm in diameter.
  • You will further need a skate deck (old or new).
  • Bearings and skateboard trucks will be used for the installation.
  • You will also need ½ inches riser pads and 1 ½ inches hardware kit for skateboarding.
  • Apart from this, the process requires some tools, including a screwdriver, and a 9/16 inches and ½ inches socket.

Start by Removing the Trucks

Once you are done with the equipment, it is time to remove the trucks from your skateboard. This is because you are going to replace the riser pads and hardware on the board. For this purpose, you will need a ⅜ inches socket and place it just over the deck nut.

Now, take a screwdriver and place it between the board and the bolt. Once done, rotate it in a counterclockwise direction and loosen the nut. Now, do this with each side and keep them safe as you will need them in the later stages of the process.

Replace the Hardware

Now that the trucks are removed from the skateboard, it is time to change the existing hardware. This is because the majority of skateboards have ½ inches of hardware that is extremely short to accommodate riser pads.

longboard wheels on a regular skateboard

Hence, you need to invest in at least 1 ½ inches of hardware and install them in the board where all the bolts were previously installed.

Add the Riser Pads

After this, it is time to add riser pads to the hardware. Now, you need to carefully look for each bolt and place these pads over them one by one. Just make sure that the pads are smooth against the surface of the deck, or else the wheels will not stick to the deck well.

It is Time to Install the Trucks

Once you are done replacing both the hardware and the riser pads, it is time to get the trucks that you have previously kept safe. For this purpose, you need to add the baseplates and tighten the nuts on the bolts. Just like previously, you need to use the same ⅜ inches socket and make sure they are tightened enough.

Install the Bearings

Now, most of it is time and you just need to install the longboard wheels and bearings. For this step, I usually prefer using the bearing press as it is time-efficient and doesn’t require much force. You can use the technique you have been using in the past.

can you put longboard wheels on a skateboar

If not, do give it a try. Whatever it is, you just need to make sure that the bearings are perfectly stuck to the wheels.

Mount Your Wheels

Finally, it is time to mount the wheels to your board. Hence, after making sure that the bearings are installed into the wheels, you need to carefully position the wheels and tighten them on the trucks using an axle nut. I would further advise you to put a speed washer on each side of the wheels so that they are not easily damaged by tough techniques.

The good thing is that you don’t have to invest in them separately as they are already present on the trucks. It is equally important that you leave some room (at least two millimeters) while tightening the wheels. This is because it allows the player to ride and spin freely without stability issues. If you are not able to do this for whatever reason, you can always use bearing spacers.

Test Whether the New Wheels are Working Fine

In the end, now that you are all done, it is time to check whether the wheels are working fine. For this purpose, stand on the board and move it around in different directions.

skateboard with large wheels

You need to check whether the center of gravity is higher enough to keep you comfortable. Also, make sure that the trucks are not really loose as it will result in you losing control and ending up with injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put longboard wheels on a regular skateboard?

Yes, you certainly can put longboard wheels on regular skateboards as long as they are between 60mm and 70mm in diameter. This is because they are neither too big nor too small for skateboards. Most riders like to add these wheels on their boards to enjoy the cruising experience on the streets.

These are also known as cruiser skateboards and work best for transportation and commuting on flat surfaces.

What wheels can I put on my skateboard to make it a cruiser?

Skateboards commonly come with wheels that range between 48 and 60mm, which can be used on a number of terrains. Now, if you want to change these boards for cruising, you need to change the wheels.

image a shot wheel of scate board

For this purpose, you will be needing longboard wheels between 65 and 70mm as they are stable and wider enough to cruise over flat surfaces.

Why do different wheel types matter?

Well, the wheels hold absolutely an important space whether it is about a skateboard or a longboard. This is because each wheel has a different size and thickness and is used for different purposes.

So, while you are looking into the wheel design there are two primary things: durometer and diameter. The former is the thickness of the wheel while the latter is the size of the wheel. Hence, you need to make sure that the purpose of the board is compatible with the wheel size and thickness.

Are skateboard and longboard wheels the same?

Well, not entirely. On the whole, the wheels on longboards are broader and softer than the regular skateboard wheels. This is because longboards are commonly used for cruising on different flat surfaces which requires a softer and wider center of the board. They are also great at absorbing impact and vibrations. On the contrary, skateboards have small and hard wheels to roll over different surfaces.

Final Thoughts

In the end, if you are someone who finds cruiser skateboards expensive and wants to change your regular skateboard into a cruiser, all you need to do is change the wheels.

Although there is no doubt that longboard wheels are absolutely the best you can find to transform regular boards, there still lies some important things you need to consider. Hence, for this purpose, I hope this guide on how you can put longboard wheels on a skateboard can help you well in this DIY project.

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