What Are Skateboard Riser Pads? (Pros & Cons)

If you are a skater or have recently developed this interest then you must be aware of skateboard accessories. One such accessory is risers on a skateboard. If you haven’t heard about them or have no idea why and when skateboard riser pads are used then read this article to know everything about skateboard riser pads.

What Are Skateboard Riser Pads?

When I was searching for the skateboard riser pads I got mixed reviews from the skaters. Some find these risers a necessary thing while others say it does not make any big difference if you have these or not.

risers on a skateboard

Let’s dig in more to know whether the skateboard riser pad is good for your skateboard or not. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

Skateboard Riser Pads

Before I state the purpose, types, and benefits of using skateboard risers I think you need to know what skateboard risers are. They are simply hard plastic pads that raise the height of the skateboards by a few centimeters.

Just insert it between the truck and decks of skateboard and Ta Da you are done. You will feel a noticeable change in height after inserting these pads.

Purpose of Using Skateboard Riser Pads

You must be thinking about what purpose the skateboard risers serve, aren’t you? Well, the most obvious one is increasing the height of the skateboard. Did you know raising the height is not the sole purpose of skateboard risers? So if you want to know what risers do on a skateboard, then continue reading this article.

They are available in variable heights and you can choose the one that suits your skateboard and style. The main purpose of placing it in between the skateboard truck and deck is to make more space for the wheel especially while you are taking turns. Now you may ask what this extra room for the wheel will do.

Let me tell you the skateboard risers are not some fancy accessories, the purpose of making room for wheels is to protect the board from wheel bites. Some other benefits that you will get if you have skateboard riser pads installed in your skateboard include

what are skateboard risers
  • No wheel bites
  • Maintains balance
  • Ensure the safety of the skater
  • Protects the deck from Pressure cracks
  • Don’t let the wheels come off, particularly at higher speeds
  • The thickness of skateboard riser pads

It is available in variable thicknesses but usually, skaters choose 1/8″, 1/4″, and 1/2″ thickness for their skateboards. You can choose the thickness according to the space you want to create between the wheels and the skateboard deck.

You must be wondering, do skateboard risers should be installed on every skateboard? The answer is no you don’t need skateboard risers for every skateboard.

Mostly skaters use it to keep the skateboard safe from wheel bites and the wheel bites are usually caused by larger wheels. So if you think your skateboard wheels are about 55mm wide or even larger then you can install these pads to your skateboard safe.

How Do Skateboard Risers Help The Skaters?

No matter how good of a skater you are, accidents can happen anytime. They help you maintain your balance at higher speeds and even absorb shock from sudden falls and pressure that may break the skateboard if the shock absorbent is not there.

There are shock pads available in the market too but riser pads serve the purpose of absorbing shock as well as raising the deck so don’t you think a skateboard riser pad is a better choice than shock pads? The choice is yours.

Riser Pads Types

If you are considering buying skateboard riser pads then consider your options. Don’t worry you don’t need to jump from one site to the other for this purpose. You can take help from the below-mentioned details.

what do risers do on a skateboard

There are two types of riser pads. standard riser pads and angled riser pads. If you want to know more about these, read the details below.

Standard Riser Pads

Standard riser pads size ranges from 1/8″ to 1/4″. Although 1/4″ riser pads are not very common, still can be found. The standard riser pads are best for larger skateboards and cruisers. Keep in mind if you own a regular-size skateboard then avoid using standard riser pads.

Angled Riser Pads

The angled riser pads have no link with skateboarding but they can help you a lot while making turns. They are available in different sizes so you can choose according to your skateboard size. If you have a cruise or longer skateboard then you should consider buying it because it will help you in deeper carving and taking sharp turns.

Also, it allows the board to snap back quickly without losing balance.

When Do You Need Riser Pads?

If you have read the article till now you must have gotten the idea of why and when you should install riser pads on your skateboard. Don’t worry if you still need help with understanding when you need riser pads because I got you. So here are a few factors on which you should decide whether your skateboard needs truck risers or not. So here you go

skateboard truck spacers
  • Your weight
  • Size of the wheel
  • Tightness of your skateboard
  • The quality of your skateboard bushing

So before you think of buying riser pads analyze your skateboard and then decide if it needs skateboard truck spacers then go for it. Your main goal should be creating space between the wheel and the deck to keep yourself safe from injuries and your skateboard from wheel bites.

Benefits of Using Skateboard Risers

I am sure you have now become aware of skateboard truck spacers. The purpose, types, size, etc. in short everything is discussed in this article. Now let’s move on to its benefits to be sure whether the skateboard truck risers are a good choice for your skateboard or not. So here you go

  • Adds height to your skateboard
  • Higher ollies
  • Reduces wheel bites
  • Increases distance between skateboard deck and wheels

Drawbacks of Using Skateboard Risers

It is common sense that every advantage has its disadvantages. So skateboard truck spacers are no different from other inventions. No doubt it offers many praiseworthy benefits but this can not make us overlook its cons. Below I will mention a few drawbacks of skateboard truck spacers or skateboard riser pads.

skateboard truck risers
  • If you are not used to these pads doing tricks will be a lot harder for you
  • Destabilizes the skateboard because of change in gravity


No, not all skateboards need riser pads. Only skateboards that have wheels wider than 55mm require riser pads. If the wheels of your skateboard are smaller than this then you will be fine without riser pads too.

No, they are not exactly the same thing although riser pads do serve the purpose of shock pads too. The riser pads increase the height of your skateboard and add distance between the skateboard deck and the wheels. Whereas shock pads absorb shocks to ensure a smooth ride on rough tracks.

Yes, skateboard riser pads can make performing the tricks harder for the skateboarder because of the shift in the center of gravity. If you are not used to it you will consider it one of your worst decisions as with riser pads landing tricks is very hard.

The skateboard riser pads are designed for wheels 55mm in size or above. In other words, we can say it is best suited for longer skateboards or cruisers.

Installing riser pads is not difficult, you just need to put them between the skateboard and the truck. It will add space between them which reduces wheel bite.


Many people are into skateboarding. Some do it as a fun activity to pass their time while others are professional skateboarders. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional skateboarder, skateboard riser pads are of everyone’s interest. So here are a few conditions that you should check before installing skateboard riser pads

  • Wheel size should be 55mm or above
  • Skateboard length other than regular skateboard every other skateboard is fit for riser pads
  • Reduce wheel bites if you always complain about wheel bites then riser pads are the solution

All of the above-mentioned conditions confirm the installation of skateboard riser pads. But it is totally up to you whether you want to add the skateboard truck spacers to your skateboard or not. I hope you enjoyed reading our article and find the content of our article helpful. Thank you for your time.

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