What Is Wheelbite? (Myths And Preventions Tips)

Myths About Wheelbite

It is a secret only the smart know, and here we will share it with you. Thus making you realize the situations that a skateboarder faces during skateboarding sessions. Wheelbite is a condition in which the wheel of your skateboard comes in contact with the deck of your skateboard.

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On the other hand, it has been noticed that, at times, wheel bite can even bring your skateboard to a halt. Especially when you are on a sharp turn, however, this is not a severe concern for skateboards, but it might damage your deck. Or even let you lose control of your skateboard and crash. And in the process, you might get hurt.

Although, the composition of the wheels consists of challenging materials to withstand rugged and rigid environments. Instead of having the hard wheels in the first place. Skateboard enthusiasts must go for softer wheels. It reduces the chances of having the wheelbite in the first place. And offers a seamless frictionless environment for skateboarding.

In the coming sections of the article, we have managed to prepare a list that will give you a clear perspective of why and how whee lbite happens and how you can prevent them wheel bite happening.

Reasons That Causes Wheelbite

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As a professional skateboarding enthusiast, I have found a few reasons that cause wheelbite.

  • It would be best if you considered your trucks.
  • They must be tight enough that your board’s wheels will not touch the deck.
  • Before purchasing, you should consider the size of your skateboard wheels.
  • Because the size of the wheel is large then, wheel clearance will definitely be less.
  • It would be best if you had wheel wells.
  • They increase the distance between the deck of your skateboard deck and the wheels.

Preventing Wheel bite During Skateboarding Sessions

Here is a list of powerful no-cost or low-cost techniques to practically put your skateboard safe and away from wheelbite. There is no need for super expensive or fancy tools to start repairing your own Wheel bite Skateboard.

  1. Waxing the wheels
  2. By Bushings
  3. Tightening the trucks
  4. Adding Riser Pads
  5. Making changes to the deck by flaring
  6. Making Changes With Wheel Wells
  7. Shifting to smaller skateboard wheels
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Waxing the wheels

This option is for those who don’t like to change the components frequently. For that, you can add wax under the deck of your skateboard. But remember, this option is suitable for skateboards facing minor wheelbite. If the situation is complex and the deck has considerable effects, this option might not suit your skateboard.

By Bushings

This option is another alternative to mitigate the effects of wheel bite. In it, skateboarders must increase the hardness of the bushing. There is a con attached to this feature; with it, you will feel a definite decrease in truck leaning. But it will surely provide a seamless option to avoid wheel bites.

Another aspect while busing is that the wheel’s height remains the same. This feature is suitable for some, and some wishes to have an additional height for the wheel.

wheel bite occurs

For Soft Bushings, which are from (80a – 90a) it is considered best for Lightweight skaters with Up To 140lbs weight limit. Now coming on to the Medium Bushings (90a – 96a), it is considered a perfect match for General skateboarding, street, and bowl skateboarding. And the weight limit for these is 140lbs – 190lbs. now, coming onto the Hard Bushings (96a+), which is suitable for Heavier skaters jumping big objects, and the weight limit for these is around 190lbs+.

Tightening the trucks

Tightening trucks is another option, but there are some concerns with it. It would be best if you tightened it gently; otherwise, you might want to overtight the wheel, which might become a possible reason for wearing your wheel.

wheel size

Here is a pro advice for all the skateboarders out there. Do not tighten the trucks to the level that brushing begins to get deformed or damaged. We have observed that skateboarders often overtight their skateboard trucks. Before doing so, you need to check for additional room for tightening instead of going for the brushing.

Adding Riser Pads

For those who have no issues with the height of their skateboards. Adding additional riser pads is another alternative solution for avoiding wheelbite. They are a reasonable and affordable solution compared to the other options mentioned here.

They have the option of increasing or adding additional space into wheel clearance. The most astonishing feature of these riser pads is they add 75mm to your wheel. And they are available in different options ranging from ⅛ inches, ¼ inches, to ½ inches. In the end, some things worth mentioning are that adding riser pads will unstable your skateboard at high speeds.

prevent wheel bite

Making Changes To The Deck By Flaring

Here is another option for avoiding the wheelbite. In it, the area is raised. It can be done with the help of pressing your skateboard. And it must be in the form of creating a bump. By doing so, you will be able to clear the wheel from the deck of your board in a pleasant manner.

Making Changes With Wheel Wells

In this option, you can make changes to the deck of your skateboard. It can be done by rubbing the sandpaper or using a CNC router to the place where the wheel came in contact with the deck. By doing so, you will be able to create additional space between the wheels and the deck of your skate.

Shifting to smaller skateboard wheels

Wheel Bite Skateboarding can also be avoided by changing the very wheels of your board. There are many options available in the market. And you can choose from a variety of wheels that suits the size of your board. Changing to small wheels ends up avoiding the wheelbite in the first place. But you have to keep some things in mind that it should be suitable for you to skate with them.

longboard wheel cutouts


Why Do I Get Wheelbite?

It is because of the simple reason that your skateboard wheel touches the deck of your board. And this whole process is called wheel bite. Further, many reasons can trigger this issue in your skateboard.

Is Wheel Bite Common?

Yes, this is a common issue faced by skateboarders when landing on the stairs or even taking sharp turns on curves. Further, professional skateboarders call this issue by another name, Longboard Wheel Cutouts.

Why Do People Spike Their Wheels?

This is because spikes add ruggedness to the wheels, making them able to withstand the wear-and-tear of wheels. Further, this feature enables the wheels of the skateboard to withstand water and harsh weather conditions.


Skateboarding is a common sport among US citizens, and they love this sport. Keeping your skateboard clean, tidy, and free from wear and tear is a major concern among professionals. Some of the issues that can dent the performance of your skateboard are scratches, dents, and water damage. Among these issues, the primary concern that haunts professionals is the wheelbite.

We have explained what is wheel bite in the previous sections of the article. To have the proper knowledge of the issue and how to cure it is the main reason we have come up with an article.

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