What Size Skateboard Should I Get? (Chart & Guide)

What Size Skateboard Should I Get?

It is the most common question a professional hears on a daily basis. When I was new to skateboarding, I asked my seniors these same questions, and the number of times if you asked me, latterly, I don’t have the idea. And they always replied with the same answer, whichever suited me the most. So I decided to search the web, and there was nothing on it back in those days.

It’s nothing like nowadays when you can easily find anything on the internet. So I have decided to share my thoughts and ask friends who have mastered skateboarding skills over the years. According to them, when you go out to the Local Skate Shop to choose the best skateboard for yourself, the only thing that matters is the size.

skateboard size

Because it is the size of the skateboard that decides whether you are going to land on the ground or on your skateboard after performing a successful single flip, or double flip tricks on your new skateboard, in size comes to the length and width of your skateboard. Thus making it a comfortable ride for you at the end.

But there are some things that you should consider right from the beginning. These things are learned over years of experience and experimenting with many skateboards. So you need to have a skateboard that is not too narrow nor too wide that it creates obstacles in riding and flipping. 

Proven Skateboard Deck Size That Work

For Street Skating, most skateboard Decks should have a Deck Width that matches the length of your skateboard. Perfect Size Skateboards come in different dimensions. We have listed them for you that are commonly used in Street Skateboarding. These dimensions of the skateboards offer perfect maneuverability and endurance to Street Skaters on the ground for learning and applying kick flips, tri-flips, and other trendy flip tricks along with stable ride. 

7.75 inches

8.0 inches

8.25 inches

9.0 inches

7.75 inches

7.75 Size Skateboard Deck Width that starts at 7.75 inches is considered skinny among professionals. The majority of skateboard enthusiasts like to prefer 7.75 inches due to its skinny deck and the board performs effortlessly. Although landing on these skateboards can be a little tricky for newbies.  

what board size should i get

8.0 inches

Now coming onto the 8.0 inches, there is a slight difference between 7.75 and 8.0. the main difference among them is the landing space of the deck width that allows users to have a better landing position after kickflips and technical tricks. 

8.25 inches

The third on the list is 8.25 inches skateboards. These boards offer a little more extensive decks comprising the width and length of the boards. Further, they have extensive ability to handle the weight, but when performing sharp moves and tricks, they are a bit slower when you compare them with 7.75 and 8.0 inch skateboards. 

9.0 inches

They are the biggest skateboards on the list. Performing tricks and kickflips with these boards won’t have your feet hanging out of your skateboard. 

skatebord size

A Perfect Height For A Perfect Deck Size

So till now, we have talked about the size of the Skate Decks. Let us talk about the height of the individual skating on these boards. Those with five feet of height can go straight to these boards as they offer perfect endurance to handle the weight. 

In addition, if the height of the skateboarder is anything from 4 feet 6 inches or shorter, 7.25 inches to 7.75 inches board size is a perfect match.

Further, if they are between 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 6 inches, a Wider Deck board with 7.75 inches to 8 inches is a good match. On the contrary, if the height is above 5 feet 6 inches or even taller, they must go for a Wider Board, that is, anything between 8 inches to 8.50 inches. 

Skateboard Size Chart

Full Size Skateboard offers Board Width with Wider Decks and extended Skateboard Lengths. These complete Skateboard Sizes depend upon numerous factors mentioned in the table below. Smaller Board is directly proportional to the Board Size and the Size of Decks. Here is the skateboard size chart that offers complete guidelines.

Skateboard WidthSkateboard LengthSkateboard WheelbaseAgeShoe SizeHeight
7.25 inches29.5 inches12.5 inches8 and below    6 or smaller4’4″ below
7.5 inches31.12 inches14 inches9 to 12 years6 to 84’5″ to 5’2″
7.75 inches31.12 inches    14 inches13 to Up 9 and above5’3″ and up
8.0 inches31.38 inches14 inchesAdultsAdult Size5’3″ and up
8.25 inches32 inches14.28 inchesAdultsAdult Size5’3″ and up

Skateboarder’s Guide To Narrow Skateboards & Wide Skateboards

what size board should i get

Wide Skateboards

8-10 inches wide boards are considered wide skateboards. These boards provide perfect cruising attributes for skaters around town and downhill. These boards offer some of the best features for being the most stable skateboards at high speed. 

Above all, they are a lot more convenient to control and maintain balance when you compare them with other boards. Further, they are considered the heaviest boards available. 

Narrower Boards

7-8 inches boards are narrower board. A perfect combination for both street skating and performing technical tricks. They are much more maneuverable and offer greater control features than wider boards. 

Above all, they are light and easy to move around. They are referred to School Boards. A perfect match for newbies as their First Skateboard. Furthermore, balancing them can be tricky, and the stability of these boards at high speed is a bit issue for both professionals and newbies. 

Skating Style

Many Old School skateboarders agree on the size and tricks one can perform on these boards. And it all depends upon the riding style of skateboarders. The 7.5 inches to 8 inches show that skateboards are a perfect match for enjoying Street Skating and Technical Tricks simultaneously. 

Then comes the 8 inches to 8.25 inches skateboards. They perform profoundly while Skating in pools, ramps, rails, and parks

best size skateboard

In the end, comes the 8.5 to 9.0-inch skateboards. Due to their width and length, they are the broader skateboards and perform amazingly in Skating vert, on mega ramps, pools, and cruising downhill. 


What size skateboard do I need for my height?

There are no preferred height recommendations for skateboarding. It all depends upon the height and weight of the user. Apart from that, according to professionals, if the users are between 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 6 inches, a Wider Deck board with 7.75 inches to 8 inches is a good match. On the contrary, if the height is above 5 feet 6 inches or even taller, they must go for a Wider Board, that is, anything between 8 inches to 8.50 inches.

What size skateboard do I need for my height?

Normally, 7.75 inch skateboards are preferred among professionals for their sleekness and easy-to-handle features. But on the other hand, landing on these boards can be tricky and challenging for skateboarders. So, for this reason, 8 inch skateboards are the most widely-ridden sizes.

a man taking slide in scate board

Is a 7.75 skateboard a good size for beginners?

The recommended Size of Skateboards according to the shoe size of the user varies. Choosing A Skateboard for performing More Technical Tricks requires the Best Skateboards to enjoy both Freestyle Skating and Vert Skateboarding. For this reason, shoe sizes from 6.5 to 9 should go for the 7.75 and 8.0 inches deck width. If the shoe size is anything between 9.5 or even larger, it is recommended 8.0 to 8.5 inches deck width.

What size skateboard is most common?

The most common skateboard for Skateboarding Styles and Perform Tricks are 7.75 inches and 8 inches. These skateboards perfectly match Park Skating, Street Skaters, Vert Skating, and Skating Ramps. On the other hand, they have also considered the best option for Downhill Longboards, Board Rides, as they offer Wider Boards that provide Transition Skating and more technical tricks.

Is it easier to ride a longer or shorter skateboard?

To answer this question, we must admit that it is a Personal Preference, but for newbies, longboards must be preferred due to their feature that supports learning the basics of skating. It is because they come with a Full Size Board that combines with powerful Front And Back Wheels. Moreover, shorter skateboards offer convenience in learning tricks as they have shorter Skateboard Wheel sizes.

Is an 8.0 skateboard a good size?

They are the most ridden size. The reason is that they offer some of the perfect deck sizes and board lengths to the users. It allows them to control themselves better, manage numerous tricks, and excel in skateboarding.

Is an 8.25 skateboard too big?

No, they are not. The big skateboard is the 9 inches board. And due to their size, they offer slow movement, thus making it comparatively harder for the user to take sharp turns and tricks.


What Size Skateboard Should I Get?

We hope that we have answered all the questions that might come to your mind regarding your very own skateboard. Here we would love to reiterate the same factors mentioned above. Skateboarding is about personal preferences and riding style, whether you prefer street skateboarding, vert skating, or cruising in the parks.


The factors that you need to keep in mind are the shoe size, type of your shoes, deck length, skateboard deck size, deck width, wheelbase, and in the end, truck size. If you have these things in mind before purchasing a skateboard, your choice will never disappoint you. So, everything remains the same whether you are fond of flip tricks or freestyle skating.

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