What To Do With Old Skateboards – Cool Ideas

At a point in life, any skater can come up with boring days where he no longer feels like skateboarding. A large pile of skateboards may have a bad impact on your mental health, feeling helpless and powerless.

What if we tell you to use this old skateboard to turn it into something useful and also keep you mentally busy and healthy? 

As a skater, having a bunch of old skateboards and worrying about this massive collection is only normal. I want to utilize them before they get cracked or rusty. If you are facing something like that, don’t worry. We are here to provide cool ideas for old skateboards.

what to do with old skateboard decks

Just read on! This ultimate guide will discuss what to do with old skateboards, which take up space and collect dust. You can utilize each part of the Skateboard, whether it may be decks or wheels, effectively. Let’s begin!

What to do With Old Skateboard Decks

Creative people have no need to DIY Skateboard ideas, but a little hint matters a lot for many people. So, there are plenty of Skateboard deck ideas to utilize your collection of Skateboards in an effective way.

what to do with old skateboard wheels

In this article, we will share our tested ideas that can help you recycle a skateboard. Give a read to the very end of the article to get a hands-on guide to recycled skateboard products. 

  • Create a swing with a skateboard for your children.
  • You can recycle skateboard decks for your home. It will be cheap and attractive if you paint it the way you like. You can get any idea from the internet, Pinterest, youtube, or any other platform to make a skateboard craft.
  • Besides being a skater, you have to be an avid painter who loves to experiment with paints. If you are, then you can create a perfect hand-painted frame with the help of a Skateboard.
  • Wow! You can build a shelf for putting your small things in Kitchen, bedroom, or in TV lounge. It would look very creative and fascinating if you colored it according to your home’s wall paint.
  • How amazing if you bring repurposed old skateboards designed for Adirondack chairs.
  • Also, you can generate a bike storage rack.
  • Build a skateboard deck chair using old skateboard decks.
  • Design a clock with these skateboards.
  • Did you want to make something more artistic than functional to catch the attention of people? Sketch a picture in mind of what you want to make, then cut skateboard decks into different shapes and sizes according to your sketch. After that, you will be able to recreate something with an amazing decoration piece or scenery like fish with the fantastic collage-style skate deck. 
  • In winter, usually, we don’t use ceiling fans, and they take up dust, so you can use these skateboard decks to create ceiling fan blade covers.
  • Utilize your skateboard collection, creating coat racks.
  • For your kids to build mini chairs, use skateboard decks.
  • Also, these skateboards can be utilized in designing a picnic table for your children, which will be easy to carry in travel.
  • Most of the time, children feel uncomfortable sitting on high benches, so you can make a small bench for them using these boards.
  • Did you ever think of making a spiral lamp with it? No! Try it.
image for re cyckling scate board

What to do With Old Skateboard Wheels

Recycling Skateboard wheels ideas are going to be more interesting for crafty and creative-minded ones. One can utilize old skateboard wheels for many purposes in different ways, but here we will discuss a few of them.

cool ideas for old skateboards

Use old wheels as Rollers of Trolleys. We all know that a trolley is the best equipment to transport food items or any other thing from one corner to another at home.

Unfortunately, buying new ones is not affordable for me, so what to do? Keep patience; it is more interesting and cheap to utilize your old materials. Yes, we are talking about your old skateboard wheels. Utilize wheels as rollers or trolleys.

diy skateboard ideas

Did you want a skateboard-themed room? Yes! You can utilize these wheels as cabinet handles. The skateboard and its wheels were also used to build a shelf as well.

Hanging coats and towels is a big issue and looks odd on a bed or sofa. Just make a rack with an old skateboard deck and wheels to hang your coats or towels.

a man is  to get ready scate board


Does making a skateboard rack requires some special expertise?

No need for it to any special degree but a little bit of creative mind and experience. Maybe your first rack will not look good, but if you do it again and again, you will be an expert and create amazing wall racks.

Are old skateboards worth anything?

Keeping them as a collectible is not worth it. However, making DIY crafts or useful products can help you get rid of a huge collection of old skateboards. 

What is an average lifespan of a skateboard?

On average, a skateboard lasts for almost 1 to 2 years.


In a nutshell, skateboarding life never ends if you have a creative mind like an artist. It doesn’t matter how much a skateboard is damaged or rusty. A creative mind can effectively utilize it for any purpose to make recycled skateboard products.

Each part can be used for different things, whether it may be wheels, trucks, or decks. You just have to think creatively and utilize it for a valuable purpose.

You can utilize it for room decoration, furniture parts, or any DIY mechanical equipments. Hopefully, you got DIY skateboard ideas and what to do with skateboards decks and wheels. Furthermore, via this article, you learned a lot because we cover every minute detail of how to utilize old skateboards. We are confident that now you are able to manage your old skateboard collection.

If you face any problems regarding recycling your old skateboard, feel free to ask in the comments section.  We are here to facilitate you.

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