What To Wear When Skateboarding? (Important Accessories)

Skateboarding is one of the least restrictive sports in terms of clothing. However, many people ask what to wear when skateboarding. Helmets are an essential item of skateboarding outfits. Professional skateboarders do not follow any dress code, but beginners are very concerned about it.

Generally, skateboarders wear casual outfits like chinos with hoodies or shorts with top tanks.

What To Wear When Skateboarding?

If you are searching for skateboarding outfits, you are in the right place. Here I am going to guide you about comfortable, durable, reliable dresses for you.

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I have divided the skateboarding clothes into three sections; the top part, the bottom, and the shoes. Plus, I have mentioned the safety accessories for your protection.

What Tops To Wear

As I have mentioned before, this sport is the least strict regarding apparel. Generally, skateboarders wear T-shirts or hoodies. I prefer T-shirts in the summer and hoodies for the winter season. Well, you should wear comfortable shorts. But wearing undershirts can keep you safe in case of misadventure.

You should choose lightweight and loose shirts. Basically, loose shirts are suitable for complicated tricks like popping, flipping, and rolling over the skateboards. Girls should wear top tanks, but you can choose any garment; just make sure you can perform the fast activities in your outfit.

a man want to speed fast hiis scate board

The best skateboarding clothes are durable, breathable, and sweat resistant. Skateboarders spend most of their time running the board or jumping on the ramps. High activities result in sweat and bad odor; however, you can solve this problem by using breathable cotton shirts.

Polyester outfits are another great option; they provide a soothing experience and are good in terms of sweat resistance.

Bottom Outfit For Skateboarding

There is a list of bottom outfit varieties; you can choose full-length pants or go for shorts. First, you’ll want to buy a comfy pair of pants that allow you to move in all directions.

Second, you should select a pair of pants that do not interfere with your deck and wheels. I like shorts for the summer and chinos in the winter. There are a few features you should look at while you are purchasing the pants. Let’s discuss each one of them separately.

  • Stretchability: Do not compromise on stretchability. Such pants allow you to run the board effortlessly; plus, you will be able to move your legs freely.
  • Comfortability: Chinos are better than jeans and other pants. However, you can also wear loose trousers because they are made of wool. Make sure that pants are neither extra loose nor too tight.
  • Style: I love skateboarding because I can wear any kind of pants. I wear shorts, chinos, wool trousers, jeans, slimline joggers, and pajamas.
a man taking right turn for a scate board

Pick The Right Footwear

Choosing shoes is a little complicated. You can wear running shoes, basketball shoes, or ordinary footwear, but it is more complex than it seems. The proper footwear helps you to stand on the board correctly and improves your performance.

If you wear the right shoes, you can flip the skateboard quickly and perform other delicate tricks successfully. I use multiple shoes, wide-front shoes, Nike sports shoes, New Balance casual footwear, and Puma running shoes. I also recommend Air Jordan and Adidas because of their perfect performance.

Wearing the shoes can enhance your skateboard skills and provide you with more stability. Rollovers and cruising can result in serious injuries, but if you wear the right skateboarding shoes, you can prevent such misadventures. I gathered some top-quality shoes for skateboarding; take a look.

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Adidas Gazelle ADV

Adidas Gazelle ADV provides high stability and excellent balance. The shoes are recommended by a famous skateboarder Woody Woelfel. He claims that this footwear can change your skateboarding experience.

Further, he said, these sneakers protect your feet better than others and cushioning pads relax your heels. The Adidas Gazelle ADV has arch support and the calculated forefoot area for maximum pressure distribution and accurate grips.

Nike Dunk High

Eunice Chang says, “ I love skating high-top Dunks.” She is one of the most talented female skaters, and her first choice is Nike Dunk High, known for its ankle support. The high shafts protect your ankles and keep your feet on the board. In my opinion, this is the ideal footwear for skateboarding.

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You can wear it for training or while running the skateboard on the ramp. The flat outsole helps to maintain balance, and you can flip the board far better than before if you wear this footwear for the next competition.

What Should I Check Out Before Purchasing a Skateboarding Shoe?

You must check out the outsole and ankle supports. Shoes play a significant role in skateboarding for stability and performance. The proper footwear will give you a heavenly experience and protect your foot. There are a few features you must check out before you click on the payment button.

  1. A durable material like leather or synthetic fabrics provides long service life. If you want to purchase quality sneakers, go for synthetic shoes. Ensure the outsole is made of rubber or any other lightweight and long-lasting material.
  2. Do not compromise on the midsole; EVA foam midsoles are one of the softest pads. Midsoles and insoles give the cushioning experience and maintain balance. On the other hand, maintaining balance and stability is an essential factor in skateboarding. So, purchase high peace, flexible and relaxing sneakers.
  3. Make sure the footwear is lightweight. Although the weight of the shoe is not directly related to skateboarding, it can affect your performance on the board. Lightweight shoes allow more flipping and rollovers compared to the other local shoes.
  4. Lastly, refrain from copying your professional skater friend because he has used the shoes for several years. Select suitable footwear according to your feet. A comfortable pair of shoes not only helps to perform better but also maintains your body posture.

Important Accessories

It is time to address the safety items for the skaters. Most professional skaters do not use safety accessories because of experience, but it does not mean they are useless. They protect your head, elbow, knees, and hands. Some skaters also use masks for face safety; however, here are some primary safety accessories.


The first and most crucial safety item is a helmet. The helmet is recommended for all skaters, either advanced or beginners. Tony Hawk, the professional skater, has mentioned several times that he could have severe head injuries, but the helmet saved him.

Fundamentally, severe head injuries are impossible to treat, like fractures or damage to brain tissue. But you can prevent such complicated situations by using helmets. Use quality head covers; you can use different types of helmets. Just take a glance!

Classic Skateboard Helmets: These helmets cover your head from the neckline to the forehead. These helmets have a chin cover and a band to tighten the helmet.

Full Cut Helmet: These helmets protect your head from the neckline to the forehead. They cover your ears plus your face sides. Full-cut helmets provide more safety as compared to the previous one.

Full-Face Helmets: I prefer these helmets because they cover your entire head and face. Full-face helmets are also used for cycles and motorbikes. But you can wear a lightweight full-face helmet for skateboarding. These helmets cover your head, face, sides, and neck.

a man taking shot slide on scate board

The helmets are available in different materials. Professional skaters recommend using sturdy shell helmets with cushions and foam. If you use the full-face helmet, you can protect your head from the neckline to the chin and sides of your face. These helmets are also used for scooters, but you can wear a full-face helmet for skateboarding.

Elbow Pads

The elbow pads are suitable for your safety, but they also restrict your movements. The elbow pads contain foam dressings to protect your elbows. It would help if you used lightweight, comfy, and simple-to-manage elbow foam dressings. Plus, you do not use bulky pads because they bound your hand to move. Here are some great elbow pads.

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187 Killer Elbow Pads: Lightweight, washable, and abrasion-resistant. You can use these pads for not only skateboarding but also for bicycles and scooters.

Demon United Hyper X D30: This item is highly comfortable, with extra padding, and manages the temperature. These pads are weather-resistant and made of top-quality foams.

Alpinestars Paragon Elbow Guard: These pads cover your entire hand; the item provides the same performance in all harsh and normal conditions. The pads are breathable, allow air ventilation, and protect your hands from tanning.

Knee Pads

The last essential item is the knee pad. Knees have more chances of damage after the head injury possibilities. Most skaters suffer from knee problems, but if you use knee pads, you can prevent your legs.

The knees are one of the sensitive parts of our lower body. They indeed resist your movements, but the noticeable feature is safety. Knee pads possess foam dressing and leather or synthetic cover. The pads are made of abrasion-resistant fabric and can absorb heavy bumps. You can choose one of these best knee pads.

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JBM International Skateboard Knee Pads: These pads possess foam dressing; you can use them for multiple purposes like skateboarding, basketball, or riding bicycles. The pads have EVA foams and provide perfect gripping. This flexible item allows you to move freely on the ramp.

Triple Eight KP 22 Longboarding Knee Pads: These are one of the most durable foam dressings for the knees. They are breathable and have perfect air ventilation for keeping your knees fresh and enabling you to perform more than best. The pads are available in all sizes for 12 years old kids to large and extra large.

Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads: If you are looking for abrasion-resistant and lightweight knee foams, you must use these pads. The product belongs to the golden class of knee pads. Moreover, these knee foam dressings are CE-certified.

What Do Skateboarders Wear In Summer?

Professional skateboarders do not follow any dress code, but most of them wear shorts in the summer. First, shorts allow air ventilation, sweating is the major problem, but shorts keep your skin fresh. Second, you can move freely in shorts. Moreover, you can use a top tanker or breathable fabric shirts. But make sure you wear cotton or polyester shorts.

What Do Skateboarders Wear In Winter?

You should wear full-length jeans, chinos, drawstring trousers, and slimline joggers. It does not matter what you wear, but the outfit must provide you with cool and calm feelings. Chinos with a hoodie are the ideal combination. Use quality shoes with ankle support; no one can defeat you on the ramp.


Are knee pads necessary for skateboarding?

Yes, knee pads are necessary for skateboarding. These pads provide cushioning to your knees, and the plush padding protects you in case of an accident. The knee pads are breathable and provide air ventilation but can resist your performance. Still, you must use knee pads for skateboarding.

Are elbow pads proper?

Elbow pads are very beneficial. There are some full-hand elbow pads for covering your entire hands. These elbow pads protect your elbows and provide a foam dressing to stand against abrasions.

Do helmets help skateboarding?

Performing or learning a complicated trick is not easy, which is why the head injury is common among skateboarders. But helmets are beneficial for head safety. The skull resists abrasions, and cushion covers in the helmet provide soft padding for distributing the pressure. These pads also cover your chin and forehead.


Skateboarding is full of fun, but you should not make it a challenge for your physical health. Wear the proper body coverings like chinos, T-shirts, or top tanks for your upper and bottom dressing. Maintaining balance on the board is hard, but you can learn it within minutes if you wear the right shoes. Use flat rubber outsole footwear with soft midsoles and removable insoles.

Covering your head with a helmet can save you from hundreds of serious injuries. You can use the full-face helmet but if you are uncomfortable with them, use the full-cut helmets. By all means, the helmet is a mandatory item for skaters. Additionally, use knee pads and elbow pads for joint safety. Remember, a slight feature can cause long-term pain and disability. I hope you find this article a helpful guide.

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