About Us

I live for Skateboard, and I have a passion for it. It is for all people, and there is no limit for age. Skateboard first is a skateboarding blog, and it will help you to increase your knowledge about skateboarding. Skateboarding requires patience, attention and buying a skateboard also requires both. If you don’t want to replace your board and need to buy a decent board at a good price, My Experience will help you. We need to pay much attention to the shape and board of the Skateboard before buying. I will do a Full analysis and find the Best Skateboards that will match your needs. In my blogs, I will also share tips for skateboards that will increase your knowledge.

People get confused in buying skateboarding accessories, especially Newbie. Many people think that all skateboards are the same, so they end up replacing them. Different boards are designed for different purposes, and Skateboard first will help you in it, especially Newbie that wanted to learn it. Just feel relax and calm and transfer all of your problems related to skateboarding to me. That is the life experience that I will share with you. Also, you will get all kinds of updates related to Skateboarding on Skateboard first.