My Best Skateboard Decks In 2024 – For Skill Level

In this digital era, our bodies require some physical fun. So, skating is best when you have time, and it is getting more popular daily.

It helps every muscle group in our body. Skating is also great for your joints. The legs must move together to glide, which is essential for joint flexibility. It mainly strengthens our leg and abdominal muscles.

The cardiovascular health benefits of skating are similar to the workout that we do in the gym. It increases heart rate and blood flow.

So, for this purpose, I have chosen the Best Skateboard Decks for you. I have checked different stores and used different skateboard decks to get the best deck for you.

My Best Skate Decks Of 2024

Honestly speaking, Choosing a deck depends on the skater’s personal choice. Here, I have reviewed some skateboard decks. You can choose according to your needs and demand.


Baker Deck

Baker Logo Deck

Powell strong deck

Powell Peralta Flight Deck

bamboo deck

Bamboo Graphic Decks

1. Bamboo Skateboard Decks – Best Deck Overall

Bamboo Deck
Materials: 6-Ply Bamboo and Maple
Shape: Popsicle
Concave: Deep
Style: City/Street
Dimensions: 7.75″ x 31.5″ (8.0″ x 31.75″ – 8.25″ x 32″ Also Available)

This skateboard deck is designed for all skill levels, whether you are a newbie or a pro. It is lightweight, so you don’t feel uncomfortable standing on it. Further, it is 3 pounds in weight.

This Pro Skate Deck has a reverse psychology design and is made with heavy-duty construction. It allows the rider to skate in style and get the most pop.

On the other hand, it has a deep concave deck that gives easy control to the rider whether you are doing some tricks, taking tough turns, or riding.

It is a good durable skateboard deck. It is made up of high-quality Maple and bamboo that is 6-ply, so we can say that this skateboard deck lasts longer. Besides, these materials ensure performance whenever you go for a ride.

Newbies and pro riders can use this bamboo skateboard deck. It has a deep concave that gives you an amazing experience while riding.

Furthermore, it is one of the best budget-friendly skateboards deck, which comes in different sizes for all types of skaters.

2. Powell Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck – Best for Coolest Experience

Powell Peralta Flight Deck
Materials: 7-ply maple
Shape: Cruiser
Concave: Mellow
Style: City/Street
Dimensions: 8.45″ x 31.8″ (9.13″ x 32.8″ Also available )

Do you want the Best Skating Deck of 2024 with minimum cons? So, experience this unique skateboard deck on my list that works on advanced technology.

On the other hand, it is one of the lightweight and sturdy skateboard decks that weighs around 0.01 pounds. The skaters can ride on this deck smoothly, take hard turns, and do tricks with less effort.

Moreover, it gives freestyle skateboarding, perfect for flat grounds and parks.

The other main thing that I like about this deck is its materials. It has a simple design as it is made up of 7-ply Maple.

Further, the deck is fiber-covered and attached with stronger epoxy glue. This construction makes it long-lasting and lightweight. It is strong enough to hold a weight of a running car.

Stop worrying about the quality and performance of this product, as the Powell Peralta skate team has already tested it. For this reason, they give a guarantee for quality and performance.

Lastly, the company offers a warranty on this deck to ensure rider satisfaction. One year of warranty is attached to all Powell Peralta skateboard decks.

Powell Peralta Skateboard Deck

Buy this lightweight and sturdily constructed skateboard deck with innovative technology. It doubles the fun while performing tricks on it.

Most decks don’t have a year warranty, but this one has a warranty to ensure quality and performance. The warranty makes the skater satisfied.

3. Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck – Best for Pro Grip

Pro grip deck
Materials: 7-ply Maple
Shape: Popsicle
Concave: Medium
Style: City/Street
Dimensions: 7.75″ to 8.5″

Have trouble finding a skateboard deck that can help you to perform multiple tricks? Here I have found the best grip skating Deck that enables you to perform hard tricks. It has a symmetrical popsicle shape and a medium concave. So, it works well for all skating styles, whether goofy or regular.

Every skater needs a different deck size, and for your ease, the company designed different sizes which enable you to choose the deck according to your body weight and height.

The available sizes are 7.75, 8.0, 8.25, and 8.5 inches, which means this deck is best for all ages. Moreover, it comes in five eye-catchy colors.

The deck is made with premium-quality 7-ply of Chinese maple wood. Hardcore wear and tear are no problem for maple wood, so use it confidently.

Besides, this Cal skateboard deck comes in 5 beautiful colors. All the colors are bright, with maple grain. The blank deck is perfect for adding stickers to create your favorite design on the deck.

This Cal skateboard deck is perfect for skaters who want to do different tricks on the roads, streets, or parks. It enables you to be goofy or regular, whatever you want. Further, it is suitable for all ages as it comes in different sizes.

4. Moose Old School Skateboard Deck – Best Concave Design

Old skateboard deck
Materials: 7-ply maple
Shape: Cruiser
Concave: Modern
Style: Street/Park
Dimensions: 10″ x 33″

If you Want a deck for Cruising and performing tricks? Then, My Answer is Yes. This deck would be your best choice.

This skateboard has a classical shape and is considered an old-school deck. The skateboard has an enlarged kicktail, unique concave, and kicked nose, which I liked the most. It is lightweight as well.

This deck has a fish shape with the natural color of wood. The new-school concave offers unique control on the deck, which gives extra stability while riding.

It is highly stable, and I use it for skating and cruising. Plus, It is made up of pure 100% Canadian 7-ply maple wood.

On the other hand, it has only a unique shape. Its new-school bolt pattern is used to drill the holes. There are no restrictions on trucks, and you can mount any trucks on this deck.

Further, it enables you to add stickers to make your own design or keep it simple. You can hang this deck on the wall. If you don’t want to ride or are bored with skating, then paint it and hang it on the wall.

The Moose is an old-school skateboard deck with modern features. It is best for skating and cruising as it has an enlarged kicktail, unique concave, and kicked nose.

Additionally, it is highly stable and sturdy as it comprises 100% Canadian 7-ply maple wood.

5. Baker Brand Logo Deck – Best for Tall People

Baker Logo Deck
Materials: 7-ply maple
Shape: Popsicle
Concave: Mellow
Style: City/Street
Dimensions: 8.0″ Width

This Baker Skateboard Deck comes in good shape. It has a mellow concave and a Unique popsicle shape. So we can say that it is for all types of skateboarders and we can perform all kinds of tricks.

Baker is a well-known brand in skateboarding, and many professionals, including Andrew Reynolds, use their skateboards. If you are a beginner in skateboarding, then you will not face any difficulty while riding.

Baker logo deck on street

The deck comes in only one size and has 8 inches width, which means it is suitable for tall skaters. We often see tall riders facing difficulty choosing the right skateboard deck, so use it without hesitation if you are tall.

Besides, it weighs which is only 2 pounds. I found its weight quite feathery, and beginners can control the deck easily.

On the other hand, this deck is made up of maple wood, as the skateboard deck mentioned above. Maple wood is the most common material in the construction of decks as it gives durability.

This Baker’s skateboard deck is the best solution for newbies who want to learn skateboarding. The weight is only 2 pounds, and the width size is 8 inches which makes it suitable for tall skaters. Furthermore, it provides a lot of pops and has a mellow concave.

6. Rabd Blank Skateboard Deck Natural USA Wood – Best Shape

Rabd Blank Deck
Materials: 7-ply maple
Shape: Popsicle
Concave: Medium
Style: Street/Park
Dimensions: 8″ x 32″

So is it wonderful to get a nice Deck with minimum risks? Give this deck a try. It is suitable for all ages, and every type of skater can use it.

It comes in a variety of colors and designs which makes it unique among other decks. In addition, this popsicle shape deck can be used by both beginners and expert skaters.

This popsicle deck will work for you whether you’re skating in the streets or in the skatepark. It enables you to perform multiple tricks and hard turns as it has a strong structure.

Further, the deck is made up of 7-ply hardwood maple. So, It is stable, safe, and durable.

It is lightweight and easy to control. Plus, I feel it has a decent concave and provides plenty of pops, which I enjoyed a lot. Lastly, it is assembled in the USA.

This rabd skateboard is the right choice for any gender in any age group. It is a good option for newbies to pro skateboarders. Plus, it is assembled in the USA and has a heavy-duty structure.

It has a hard construction but is lightweight at the same time, with a decent concave which gives you a good amount of pop.

7. [CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks – Best For Teen Skaters

[CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard Deck
Materials: 7-ply maple
Shape: Popsicle
Concave: Medium
Style: Street/Park
Dimensions: 8″ x 32″

The next deck on my list is a pocket-friendly skateboard deck that comes in different colors. All the colors are vibrant. Most kids and adults love these colors.

There is a coating of stain on the deck. You will feel it when you grip it. The board’s style is not affected by the coating.

Newbies, intermediate, and pro skaters can use it confidently as it has a classic shape. The classic shape is simple for riding, making hard turns, doing difficult tricks, and cruising.

This CSS deck is made of premium-quality maple wood, which makes it flexible and stiff. You don’t need to worry about the quality and can do tricky turns, rides, and tricks.

This CSS skateboard deck is flexible and suitable for both beginners and Expert skaters of all ages. It comes in a reasonable price tag and is available in many attractive colors.

In addition, As it is made from maple wood of good quality, this skateboard deck gives flex with stiffness to provide a great experience.

8. Bamboo Skateboards Pin Tail Blank Skateboard Deck – Best for Cruising

Pin Tail Blank Skateboard Deck
Materials: 7-ply maple
Shape: Pin tale
Concave: Slightly
Style: Street
Dimensions: 44″ Long

Try this Bamboo deck that won the year of the skateboard deck in 2012. But still, it is one of the unique skating decks, so that’s why I added it to our list.

Furthermore, you can perform a variety of tricks and ride it easily, as this skateboard is slightly concave. This deck has an almost flat-concave, but you will get a decent amount of pop.

Usually, people believe this flat deck is unsuitable for tricky turns and tricks. But honestly speaking, I find it good. It is easy to use, and you don’t need extra effort to perform tricks and turns.

Bamboo pin tale deck won award in 2012

This skateboard deck is made with bamboo, providing durability, stability, and sturdiness. Its design, structure, performance, and strength make it perfect for all skaters.

Use this pin tale shape skateboard deck with a flat concave, giving you plenty of pop. It is suitable for simple riding, hard tricks, and turns. Plus, it is made from bamboo, which makes it durable. The average price tag is associated with this skateboard.

9. Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue Skateboard Deck – Best for Durability

psycho Stick Reissue Skateboard Deck
Materials: High-quality Mapple
Shape: Old Shaped
Concave: Low
Style: Street/Park
Dimensions: 10.0″ x 30.0″

When skateboarding became popular in the ’80s, Vision Original Psycho was everywhere. Manufacturers are bringing them back for the sake of skateboard lovers.

This board is not from the 1980s. Take your childhood vision board with you.

It is more improved and affordable. Moreover, this replica skateboard comes with a new truck hole pattern.

Further, it has a low concave, but some of these replica boards also have modern concave for the ease of skaters.

The modern truck holes and the curve nose allow you to perform your favorite trick. This skateboard deck is designed in the USA with a wheelbase of 15 inches. At last, you need to buy grip tape separately from the deck.

Vision Original Skateboard Deck

Take your childhood vision board with you today with this Vision Original Psycho. The board is not from the 1980s, but this one is even improved, completely reasonable, and it is a good replica. It is made in the USA.

10. Blind Skateboard Deck – Best For Stunts

Best deck For Stunts
Materials: Hard rock maple
Shape: Popsicle
Concave: Mellow
Style: Street/Park
Dimensions: 8.25″ x 31.9″

Now on our list, we have this heavy-duty blind skateboard deck made using Resin-7 technology to avoid delamination.

It is one of the most heavy-duty skateboard decks, which can hold up to 210 pounds.

Moreover, the shape of the deck remains consistent because of a single deck press technique used in the construction of the deck. This single-press technique makes it unique among the other skateboard decks mentioned above.

The board comes in a wide variety of colors and graphics. All the colors are highly vibrant and eye-catching, with high-quality graphics. It has a mellow concave that provides a decent amount of pop.

Try this mellow, concave, popsicle-shaped skateboard deck that supports up to 210 pounds of weight. This heavy-duty blind skateboard deck is created using Resin-7 technology to maintain freshness for a long time.

In addition, it comes with a single press technique, making it a stable and consistent deck.

11. Enjoi Skateboard Deck – Best For Street

Enjoi Skateboard Deck
Materials: 7-ply maple
Shape: Popsicle
Concave: Mellow
Style: Street/Park
Dimensions: 7.75″ x 31.5″

Buy this deck for your kids to make their time fun. According to my research, it is the best skating deck for kids in many sizes.

On our list, it is the only skateboard deck that offers 12 different sizes, making it a perfect choice for all types of skaters.

This deck has a classic popsicle shape, giving the best results for riding in the streets and doing hard tricks. In addition, it is a reasonable choice for doing flip tricks and hard turns. The Enjoi deck is made with 7-ply Maple wood, which is strong and makes your deck long-lasting.

This deck comes in multiple delightful colors with an Enjoi logo graphic. Plus, you can design your skateboard according to your need, or if you don’t like the simple logo print add your stickers to it. Lastly, the package contains a deck only. You need to buy the grip tape separately.

This Enjoi skateboard is the right choice for kids and adults. It comes in different sizes. But I find it best for the kids. Additionally, it comes at a reasonable price, and you can choose your favorite color, as it offers many color options.

12. Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck – Best for All Skaters

Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck
Materials: 7-ply maple
Shape: Double-kick popsicle
Concave: Medium
Style: Street/Park
Dimensions: 7.75″ x 32″ (7.875″, 8.0″, 8.25″, 8.5″ Also Available )

The last deck on our list is one of the most versatile skateboard decks. This deck has a double-kick popsicle shape, perfect for doing hard tricks and cruising. Plus, The thing I loved about this skateboard deck is its construction materials.

It has a heavy-duty structure which is made from 7-ply Canadian maple. So, it doesn’t need extra care, and you can use it roughly.

All Stoked’s street skateboard deck is ideal for riding in the street and the park. 5.25 inches premium-quality Litezpeed trucks are used for mounting the wheels, and 1-inch stainless steel holds the wheels together.

The mounting hardware is made from durable stainless steel, which will not cause rust like cheap mounting hardware. It has 5-Star Fireball Dragon bearings to ensure a smooth, stable ride. You won’t find cheap parts, and it comes with top-quality materials.

It’s a great board for beginners and professionals. It is available in 5 sizes, and You must choose according to your weight and height.

A variety of colors option is available for it. All the vibrant colors are highly visible on the roads and streets.

Experience this professional-grade skateboard deck for a new adventure in the streets, roads, and parks. It is perfect for riding, doing tricks, and cruising. This skateboard deck is made for all skaters, whether you are a newbie or an advanced.

Moreover, it has a heavy-duty construction, and 7-ply Canadian maple is used. Different sizes and colors are available for your ease.


What is the best deck for a skateboard among the above?

As mentioned earlier, all the skateboard decks are reliable for any skater. After detailed research, the top 3 are:

  1. Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks
  2.  Powell Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck
  3.  Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck

What deck has the most pop?

As I observed, bamboo is an excellent deck material for skateboards with the most pop. This bamboo board offers incredible flexibility with six layers of bamboo and maple. Aside from being lightweight, it is also quite durable and gives you plenty of pop.

Is 8.25 too big for tricks?

Honestly speaking, it depends on personal choice. But 7.5 to 8.0 inches decks are suitable for teens who just started skating as it is best for simple riding and for doing some technical tricks.

You need to use an 8.0 to 8.5 inches deck to use in pools and parks. 8.5 and up is best for cruising and doing hard tricks and turns.

What deck is best for street skating?

For street skating, I recommend you choose the deck that has a symmetrical popsicle stick-shaped. Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck got our list’s best symmetrical popsicle stick-shaped.

How long does a skateboard deck last?

Usually, the average lifespan of a skateboard deck is up to 2 years, which also depends on the construction and materials. But I believe multiple factors influence the lifespan, such as how the skater uses and stores it after usage.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide for Choosing pro skate deck

Here are some elements and aspects you need to consider before choosing the best deck if you are on a shopping spree.


The deck of your skateboard is made from tightly pressed wooden ply. This ply is a thin layer of wood attached in the form of a cross-grain pattern that makes your skateboard’s upper portion.

This ply determines the overall strength of your skateboard. Most skateboards come with a seven-ply, but now modern skateboards come with a nine-ply. It adds endurance and rigidness to your skateboard.


The wooden curve between the deck nose and tail is called the concave. It allows the users to gain more control of the skateboard during a ride.


The wheelbase is a term that determines the overall distance between your skateboard’s inner holes. This distance determines the placement of the wheels of the skateboard.

Most skateboards in the market come with an adjustable wheelbase. The user can adjust them according to their needs and requirements.

The average size for the wheelbase is around 13″ inches to 15″ inches. Adjusting the skateboard wheelbase can drastically change your skateboard’s experience and performance.

It is highly recommended to always look for a skateboard that offers an adjustable wheelbase for users.

Mounting Holes

This feature of the skateboard is directly in contact with the wheelbase. These holes are pre-drilled, and this is the exact place where the wheels of your skateboard are attached. Traditionally four wheels come with every skateboard. Each contains a single pair of wheels.


The nose is the front part of your skateboard deck. The front of your skateboard is determined by the graphics that allow the users to have a clear idea about the nose of a deck.


The tail is the back part of your skateboard deck. There are graphics such as mellower kick that helps the users to determine the back of their skateboard.

Effective Foot Platform

EFP (Effective Foot Platform) is a place where skateboarders place their feet while riding their skateboards. For better understanding, it is the space between the nose and tail of your skateboard.

All skateboarding experts must consider this factor while making a decision.


It is the edges that run across the length of your skateboard deck. These rails help in performing different tricks and flip. Three major types of rails are commonly used for skateboards. The first is rounded, the second is sharp, and the last one is GPS (Gas Pedal Rails).

deck rails image

These rails offer seamless control and add comfort during skateboarding.

Rocker Skateboard Decks

The rocker skateboard deck is a term that describes the aspects of your skateboard deck. In rocker, the deck is lowered in the middle. The angle for a rocker is mellow, and you will feel the difference in the shape of your deck.

Moreover, rocker decks have a low center of gravity, increasing comfort level during skateboarding. Those who wish for a high-speed skateboard should go for the rocker skateboard decks.

Camber Skateboard Decks

The decks that are raised in the middle are camber skateboards. There is a large number of skateboards that comes with decks with a neutral deck camber.

For your information, cruisers and longboards come with camber-style decks. Positive camber skateboards offer more flex as they have a higher center of gravity.

Add Enjoyment With These Widely Used Types Of Skateboards

All skateboarding fans need to know about different styles of skateboards that are famous among beginners and professionals. There are almost four major types and shapes of skateboards.

Further, they are differentiated based on their shapes, designs, and features.

These shapes are not just random shapes. Now it depends entirely upon the user how and which type of skateboard they like to have.

· Longboards

· Cruisers

· Shortboards

· Old School or Traditional Skateboards


The first type of skateboard we have on our list is the longboard. These skateboards are designed to let the user perform numerous tricks and Cruising.

In addition, these longboards are considered more efficient in providing more speed to the users.

These boards are convenient for balancing and help users learn skateboarding quickly. In this way, a person can maneuver their skateboards quickly.

Ultimately, It is a good option for cruising, downhill skating and covering longer distances at high speeds. Above all, professional skateboarders prefer their skateboard decks featured as Element skateboard decks or Zero skateboard decks.


Cruisers are recommended boards for transportation like longboards. The length of these skateboards is similar to traditional skateboards. But they differ in a lot of other aspects. They are highly versatile and maneuverable, letting the users have more fun during skating on the streets.

cruiser image

Above all, they have soft wheels, which allow users to enjoy skateboarding faster and have more fun on rough surfaces. They are more lightweight and agile than longboards and perfect for street boarding.


Shortboards have different styles, designs, and features for performing tricks. They are lightweight, with a perfect wheelbase that ensures stability and maneuverability at high speeds.

Old School Or Traditional Skateboards

Old School or traditional skateboards comes with a flat nose. They have kick tails compared to longboards, cruisers, and shortboards. It is perfect for newbies or beginners who want to learn skateboarding.

Further, they are symmetrical, with broad noses and rugged wheels. They make an ideal choice for users if they want to use skateboards in pools, ramps, and carving streets.

What Shoe Size Fits Your Skateboard Deck

Deck WidthShoe Size In The USShoe Size In The UKShoe Size In The EU
7.5″ – 7.875″US 4UK 3.5EU 36
7.5″ – 7.875″US 4.5UK 4EU 36.5
7.625″ – 8″US 5UK 4.5EU 37.5
7.625″ – 8″US 5.5UK 5EU 38
7.75″ – 8″US 6UK 5.5EU 38.5
7.75″ – 8.125″US 6.5UK 6EU 39
7.875″ – 8.125″US 7UK 6EU 40
7.875″ – 8.25″US 7.5UK 6.5EU 40.5
8.00″ – 8.25″US 8UK 7EU 41
8.00″ – 8.25″US 8.5UK 7.5EU 42
8.00″ – 8.375″US 9UK 8EU 42.5
8.00″ – 8.375″US 9.5UK 8.5EU 43
8.125″ – 8.5″US 10UK 9EU 44
8.125″ – 8.5″US 10.5UK 9.5EU 44.5
8.25″ – 8.5″US 11UK 10EU 45
8.25″ – 8.625″US 11.5UK 10.5EU 45.5
8.375″ – 8.625″US 12UK 11EU 46
8.5″ – 8.625″US 13UK 12EU 47.5
8.5″US 14UK 13EU 48.5

Myths About Deck Length

Have you ever wondered why every skateboard doesn’t mention its deck length?

The answer is that almost every skateboard comes with a deck length from 28″ inches to 32″ inches. The variation in the length is due to your skateboard’s shape and style. No one talks about the length. The only thing that matters is the width of your skateboard.

There are no differences between a skateboard for males and females. They all are the same except for the color combinations and styling.

For Females

Nowadays, more and more girls have started skateboarding. Girls compete with boys in this adventure game. For girls and females, the length of the skateboard remains the same.

The only thing they should consider while purchasing a skateboard is their shoe size to check whether it fits according to their height.

The skateboard length doesn’t matter a lot, and the only thing that makes female skateboarders different from males is the use of color combinations.

For Heavy-weights Persons

Even for heavy-weight persons, the deck size has nothing to do with anything except the size of their shoe. There is nothing to worry about for selecting the skateboard that suits your weight. You can use standard skateboards that are made with 8-ply, bamboo, or from carbon plies.

On the other hand, more and more companies are moving towards manufacturing decks for heavy-weight persons. These decks will be designed to hold the weight of a heavy-weights person. Unlike standard decks, they might break during skateboarding.

Boost Your Skateboarding Profile With 03 Types Of Concave

The wooden curve between the deck nose and deck tail is called the concave. It allows the users to experience more control and durability during the riding sessions.

There are three types of concave, but i have divided them into four for your ease. For beginners, it depends on their minds to choose the concave deck. So it would be best to stay put with standard and never prefer extreme.

How to Check the Concave of a Skateboard Deck?

Those who don’t know about checking the concave of a skateboard deck. An easy solution will allow you to check that within minutes. Just pick any skateboard from the middle and set your eyes from the tail section towards the nose section.

concave of skateboard deck

The curve in the middle of the skateboard is concave. If you want to feel the concave, you need to stand on the skateboard.

Flat Concave

Old School or Traditional Skateboards offers flat-concave for skateboarders. They come in popsicle shapes and have some curvature.

Low Concave

These concave decks give abundant stability, features, comfort, and endurance. One thing that skateboarders must remember is that a hard surface will be needed for performing flip tricks. It is due to the low concave of the deck.

Medium Concave

Medium concave skateboard decks make up the polyvalent setup. They allow skateboarders to have the best street and cruising experience. You might feel uncomfortable while riding on it.

Steep Concave

They are the perfect type of skateboard deck that professional skateboarders prefer. With these skateboard decks, you can enjoy flip tricks and do hard tricks without even considering that you will end up without the fun.

Furthermore, these steep concave skateboard decks are unsafe for skateboarders as they have a high chance of slipping on them.

Final Verdict:

The products mentioned above are the 12 best skateboard decks that are reliable to use in every way. Regarding cons, these products have very few that you will find.

Further, while choosing the products, make sure they suit you. Some decks are for newbies, and some are for professionals. At the same time, few of them are for all types of skaters.

Most skateboard decks are available in multiple sizes and colors. So, choose accordingly.
So, When In Doubt, Skate It Out!

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