How To Ship A Skateboard Deck (Step By Step Method)

If you are a skateboard lover then going anywhere without it would be impossible for you. Short-distance travel is not a big problem as you can put your board in the trunk of your car. But when it comes to traveling to other cities or countries, then it gets a little problematic as you will have to make sure that your skateboard does not get busted on the way.

Imagine going on a vacation to enjoy your holidays along with your board, but ending up having a damaged skateboard. This can be really devastating as boarders have put lots of emotions and effort into putting it together.

In order to avoid this critical and mood-changing situation, you must know how to ship a skateboard deck properly. There are a few things that the skaters overlook when it comes to shipping the decks.

Once you have taken care of these common damaging mistakes that people make while shipping, then it would be easy for you to ship your skateboard deck or to give one to someone far away. In order to get the details about the accurate method of shipping, stay tuned.

How To Ship A Skateboard Deck?

methods for Shipping A Skateboard Deck

Step-By-Step Method

1. First you will have to be sure of the measurement of the board that you are going to ship. You can do it manually with the help of a measuring tape, but many professional skaters know the dimensions of the board decks that they have bought. If you know whether you are having a midsize or full-sized deck, then you can determine the width and length these decks have, but if not then you will have to measure the length, height, width, and weight too. This will help you in selecting a proper box in which the deck can fit and can bear the weight of the deck too.

back look of scateboard

2. Now you will have to make the skateboard deck secured as even if you have put the deck in a box, it can get challenging to keep it safe. The deck can hit or get a damaging impact, so it’s better to cover the deck with paper or wrap the deck in bubble wrap. This will shield the deck from any kind of harm to which the deck is exposed while shipping.

3. Third step is to get a shipping box in which the deck can be carried. You will have to keep the measured dimension in mind and select a box that is slightly bigger than the actual size of the deck.

4. Put the skateboard inside the shipping box in such a way that the deck is protected from all four sides with the help of packing material. This will protect the board if it will be exposed to any form of damaging environmental factor.

5. Seal the box carefully with tape.

6. Then you will have to label the shipping box which carries your skateboard deck. Make sure that the box has the address of the receiver, name, and other details such as number or weight.

7. Lastly, you have to ship the box with the help of postal services and by going to the mail station.


It is not difficult to understand how to ship a skateboard deck. There is no technical skill required in order to ship a skateboard deck. But it is important to make sure that the deck is put into a proper shipping box, so there are no chances of damage.

All you have to do is to measure your deck’s dimensions, bubble wrap the deck, put the deck in a shipping box, fill the shipping box with packing material, seal the box, label it, and finally post it. So what are you waiting for? Go and start shipping.

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