Best Carbon Fiber Skateboard And Decks in 2023 for Pro Riders

Best Fiber Skateboards

Maplewood is the traditional material for building a skateboard deck. Some skateboarders are still struggling with the thought of a skateboard made from materials other than Maplewood. Maplewood is a great material for a skateboard. It has a lot of pop to it and is strong enough to tolerate adequate punishment. However, if you are … Read more

Best Skateboard Decks For Beginners in 2023

best skateboard decks for beginners

If you love to skate, then it is important to buy a good quality skateboard deck. However, if you are a beginner at the sport, you should make sure to choose a skateboard deck that is best suited for beginners. For starting (beginners), a deck width of 7.75″ or 8.0″ is the right size to … Read more

Best Skateboard Backpacks in 2023 (Durable & Comfortable)

best skateboard backpack

It’s a myth that backpacks are only for schools, colleges, and offices. Your gadgets need care to perform for longer periods of time. And for this reason backpacks came into existence.  Besides, there are many benefits that are attached to backpacks. The features that come with these best skateboard backpacks that makes them a durable … Read more