Freestyle Skateboard Decks – Ultimate Guide

freestyle skateboard decks

In this article, I’ll show teach you the fundamentals of freestyle skateboarding. Although the tricks are important here, it is only one part of the entire experience of freestyle skateboarding. The second function which you need to understand is how to set up your skateboard for freestyling. So before learning the tricks, you need to … Read more

How To Paint A Skateboard Deck? (Step by Step)

how to paint skateboard decks

Skateboarding is a fun activity and game that not only is adventurous but also gives you the chance to become an artist. Being a skateboarder and having a creative mind gives you so many reasons to enjoy skateboarding with the customized skateboard. You make this customized skateboard on your own with your thoughts and imagination … Read more

How Heavy is a Skateboard Deck? (Ultimate Guide)

how heavy is a skateboard deck

When choosing the skateboard deck for your personal experience, you should be clear about all the related factors for the precise adventure and a smooth thrilling experience. In this regard, the weight and proportional aspects of the deck matter a lot. The weight of a skateboard deck can vary depending on various factors. These factors … Read more