When Did Skateboarding Become an Olympic Sport? (Guide)

when did skateboarding become an olympic sport

The adventure of Skateboarding is known for its creativity, individualism, and DIY spirit. The riders often customize their skateboards and clothes to reflect their personal style. Skateboarding was added as an Olympic sport for the first time in the 2020 Summer Olympics, scheduled in Tokyo, Japan. Due to the COVID pandemic, the Games were postponed … Read more

What is a Skateboard Deck? (Complete Guide)

what is a skateboard deck

A skateboard typically comprises several components that create a complete skateboard. These components include deck, wheels, trucks, and bearings. Each of these components plays a most progressive role in the overall performance. The deck is a flat board. A Skateboard deck helps you to stand on a skateboard while riding. The Skateboard deck is made … Read more

Best Carbon Fiber Skateboard & Deck in 2023

Best Fiber Skateboards

Maplewood is the traditional material for building a skateboard deck. Some skateboarders are still struggling with the thought of a skateboard made from materials other than Maplewood. Maplewood is a great material for a skateboard. It has a lot of pop to it and is strong enough to tolerate adequate punishment. However, if you are … Read more