What Size Skateboard Should I Get? (Chart & Guide)

what size skateboard should i get

What Size Skateboard Should I Get? It is the most common question a professional hears on a daily basis. When I was new to skateboarding, I asked my seniors these same questions, and the number of times if you asked me, latterly, I don’t have the idea. And they always replied with the same answer, … Read more

How Heavy is a Skateboard Deck? (Ultimate Guide)

how heavy is a skateboard deck

When choosing the skateboard deck for your personal experience, you should be clear about all the related factors for the precise adventure and a smooth thrilling experience. In this regard, the weight and proportional aspects of the deck matter a lot. The weight of a skateboard deck can vary depending on various factors. These factors … Read more

15 Best Skateboard Documentaries | Evolution of Skateboarding

Best Skateboard Documentaries

Watching skateboarding videos plays an important role in the life of a skater. They improve their skills while watching other people skateboard. However, that’s not the only reason to watch skateboard videos. At times, due to having either health-related or city-related issues, I can’t go outside and go skating. So, the first thing that comes … Read more

How To Choose A Skateboard Deck? (Guide)

How To Choose A Skateboard Deck

Without a shadow of a doubt, the skateboard deck is the most vital part of a skateboard. The deck is the backbone of the skateboard around which you build the structure of your whole board. So, you will have to know all about it before building a skateboard of your own. Many newbie boarders make … Read more