How To Clean A Skateboard Deck? (Step by Step Guide)

Are you recently facing hurdles when doing tricks on your skateboard? Well, the layers of dirt can be a significant factor resulting in these hurdles. Dirt or mud on the skateboard’s deck plays the most prominent role in decreasing the resistance and makes it hard to perform various tricks. In short, a dirty skateboard deck can adversely affect your performance. Therefore, you must clean your skateboard deck often to maintain it in good condition.

If you don’t know how to clean a skateboard deck, don’t worry; the following article can help you in many ways. The following guide shows you a few effective methods to clean your skateboard more effortlessly in a short time. Try these methods to make your skateboard long-lasting and maintain its condition to perform various tricks.

How To Clean A Skateboard Deck?

how to clean skateboard

Cleaning With The Wire Brush

Using a wire brush is the easiest way to clean your quickly. Besides consuming less time, this method costs little. Follow the following steps to clean your deck with a wire brush.

Required Items

This easiest method requires a wire brush and a grip gum. The best part about this method is that both the required items are easily accessible at an affordable price. Both items collaborate to remove dirt and tough stains from the skateboard deck.

1. Choose A Soft Wire Brush

First, you need to buy a wire brush for this process. I recommend choosing a soft wire brush because brushes with hard bristles can damage the grip tape of your skateboard.

how to clean your skateboard

Besides the soft bristles, the brush must have short bristles for precise cleaning. In short, choose a soft wire brush with short bristles to clean the board’s deck.

2. Brush The Grip Tape

Once you choose the right brush for your board, start brushing it on the grip tape of your skateboard. Make sure to start brushing at the end of the deck towards the other side.

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Try to cover all the parts in sections because it results in a more precise cleaning. Keep your hand gentle on the deck because going too harsh on the grip tape will damage it differently.

4. Use Grip Gum For Excess Cleaning

After brushing the entire board deck, use a grip gum to remove excess dirt from your board. All you need to do is rub it on the grip tape of the deck and brush it gently. Avoid applying more pressure on the deck to prevent any damage. Once you finish brushing the grip gum on the deck, your skateboard is ready to perform tricks.

Cleaning With Common Materials At Home

Some people don’t prefer spending even a little money on a cleaning tool. They try to clean the skateboard with the common materials available at their homes. If you are one of those people, don’t worry, I have a solution for you. Try the following steps to clean the skateboard deck with common materials available at your home.

how to clean skateboards

Required Items

The first thing you need to clean the deck is a firm toothbrush. With the help of a toothbrush with medium-range bristles, you can easily clean the grip tape and remove tough stains. This procedure requires water, soap, and dry cloth.

1. Fill The Bowl With Water And Soap

Add a few drops of dish soap to a water-filled bowl. You can add lemon juice to this mixture if your skateboard has an odor. Keep the board deck exposed to a little water because a large amount can damage your equipment, resulting in corrosion and rust.

2. Dip The Toothbrush And Start Rubbing

Now, dip the toothbrush in the soap mixture and start rubbing it on the grip tape like the previous method. Don’t apply more pressure on the grip tape because it can damage your skateboard. After rubbing the brush on the grip tape, rinse it to clean the deck from the soap solution.1

3. Dry The Skateboard Deck

Once you complete the cleaning process, immediately dry the board with a dry cloth because exposing it to water for a long time can result in rust and corrosion formation. After removing the moisture from the board, keep your skateboard in the sun, letting it dry completely.

image of two dry scate board


The above guide answers your question regarding how to clean a skateboard deck. Two methods are the most prominent and effective ways to clean the deck quickly. You can use a wire brush with grip gum for precise cleaning.

Furthermore, you can use a regular toothbrush, water, and dish soap to clean the board’s deck if you don’t want to buy a wire brush and a grip gum.

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