How To Choose A Skateboard Deck? (Guide)

Without a shadow of a doubt, the skateboard deck is the most vital part of a skateboard. The deck is the backbone of the skateboard around which you build the structure of your whole board. So, you will have to know all about it before building a skateboard of your own.

Many newbie boarders make a mistake while building their very first skateboard when it comes to choosing the deck. The type of deck that you have opted for will not only just affect your skateboarding skills but will also determine the other elements that you will have to get to put together your complete skateboard.

Choosing a skateboard deck is important but not difficult once you know what to look for. There are various different types of decks out there, but each cannot be suitable for you. You will have to keep in mind a few important characteristics of skateboard decks and those that suit you best.

Wondering how to choose a skateboard deck? You will have to determine the size, shape, construction, and skating skills that you want to practice with the board that you are building. Stay tuned for more details.

Choosing A Skateboard Deck

Deck’s Width

The skateboard deck varies in width. The width of a deck might get overlooked by many users but you will surely see a difference after selecting the right one. The width of skateboards ranges between a minimum limit of 7.5 inches and to a maximum limit of 10 inches.

Choosing A Skateboard Deck

Before selecting the width you must see what is your age, shoe size, height, and preferable skating skills. You can choose between four usual width sizes which are mini, micro, mid, or full size.

  • Boarders who are younger than 5 years, have a height of less than 3.4 inches, and have shoe size one, then they should go for micro-sized boards.
  • Boarders who are between 6 to 8 years of age, have a height between 3.5 to 4.4 inches, and have shoe sizes within the range of 2 to 5, should go for mini-sized boards.
  • Boarders who are between 9 to 12 years of age, have a height between 4.5 to 5.2 inches, and have shoe sizes within the range of 6 to 8, should opt for mid-sized skateboards.
  • Riders who are older than 13 years have a height of more than 5.3 inches and have shoe sizes greater than 9, should select full-size skateboards

Deck’s Length

Similar to the deck’s width, the length of these decks can vary too. You will have to select the length of the deck wisely if you want to have a good riding experience as the length of your skateboard will determine your control, stability, flexibility, and ease in performing different skateboarding tricks.

The longer a deck is, the more stable your skateboard will be as the weight of the riders will get distracted evenly, they will have more space to stand, and performing different maneuvers will be difficult.

skate board measurement

So if you are new to skateboarding then you should go for longer ones as you will have no fear of falling down more often. But if you are into doing tricks like flip tricks and grinding then you should go for shorter decks.

Riders who use their skateboards for cruising in crowded and narrow pathways should go to shorter decks. The shorter length of the boards makes them light and easy to control so you will be able to do freestyle tricks conveniently.

Deck’s Style

  • The cruiser-style decks can be used by many different types of riders. These types of decks provide mid-size length and width. The wheels are usually soft and can be customized. You will have a stable, smooth, and fast ride with a cruiser which makes it ideal for cruising through your neighborhood.
  • The Standard deck comes with hard wheels which allow riders to smoothly slide on smooth areas. These types of decks are versatile and can go with any skating style.
  • The Longboards are ideal for long-distance cruising as it can be difficult for riders to flip these types of boards. The stability of these decks helps freshers in learning and improving skills.
  • The Old school decks are 80’s inspired decks that don’t have the typical rounded nose and tail. The flat-shaped edges and the wider shape of these decks make them stable. These are not too long and provide better control to riders.


I hope that now you know how to choose a skateboard deck easily. If you know which size, weight, length, shape, and style of deck you require, then all you are left to do is to go and get one for yourself.

The riders will first have to choose the width on the basis of their height, shoe size, and age then will have to select the length and style of the deck on the basis of the usage and skating skill that they want to learn or perform.

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