Different Types Of Skateboards – Find the Right Board for You

There are different types of skateboards that  suit different riding styles. For you to know about all of them, it is necessary to go for the skateboard that is designed specifically for your riding style.

So, how many types of skateboards are there, what are their names, and what riding styles would be useful for you?

You will learn everything you need to know in this article. For this reason, it is important to read the entire article to ensure that you don’t miss anything important.

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What are the Different Types of Skateboards?

Types of Skateboards

Skateboards have evolved significantly since their introduction into the world. There was a time when people had only regular types of skateboards, which were used for pretty much every type of riding style.

But, as the era evolved, everything evolved with it, including the skateboards. Nowadays, skateboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for a particular riding style. So, let’s dive into the types of skateboards so that you can decide which one is best for your riding style.

Cruiser skateboards

image of Cruiser skateboards

Cruiser skateboards are designed for travelling short distances. One of the best options for commuters to school and college is the cruiser, which is essentially a compact-sized skateboard. In terms of its appearance, the cruiser skateboard is taller and lighter than a regular skateboard.

Mini skateboards

Skateboards with mini wheels and small gears are called mini skateboards. The skateboard’s lightweight design and large wheels enable it to accelerate as quickly as possible. 

 image of mini scate board

Mini skateboards can be skated 3–5 times faster than large skateboards, depending on their size and design.

Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards, as you can guess by the name, are the latest types of skateboards that run on a battery with the help of a motor installed in them. 

To ride on them, you don’t have to put any pressure on them. All you have to do is stand on them, and the motor will make them ride at an average speed of 18 to 28  mph, which is great.

a person riding electric skateboard

The best thing about electric skateboards is that you can ride them even when their battery is dead. Yes, you heard that right. They can be ridden like a normal skateboard with the push of your feet when they do not have a charge, which is the thing I like the most about them.

Street skateboards

Skateboards designed for use on paved surfaces like streets and sidewalks are called street skateboards. 

a person riding street skateboard

Typically, they are constructed with lightweight wood or plastic decks, smooth wheels, and trucks. The best skateboard for navigating obstacles and performing tricks is the street skateboard.

Double Kick Skateboard

A double-kick skateboard is one with two raised platforms, one in front and one in back, on which the rider stands. The rider propels themselves forward by pushing off the ground with their feet. Tricks and stunts are frequently performed on double-kick skateboards.

Penny Skateboards

Beginner skateboards can also be called penny skateboards. Beginners will benefit from them since they are specifically designed for them.

a person riding penny skateboard

They’re very easy to ride. However, compared to other skateboards, you may have to push the skateboard harder to ride it. Moreover, penny boards can be purchased in a variety of sizes and shapes, so they can be used for a variety of skating styles.


Longboards are a type of skateboard which, compared to street skateboards, typically have longer decks and wheelbases, softer (lower-durometer) wheels, and a lower riding height, though their geometry and construction vary greatly. There are four types of longboards which are mentioned below.

a person riding longboard
  • Classic Longboard

The classic longboard design is the original longboard design. The skateboards have one kicktail at one end, two foot-contoured trucks, and large soft wheels for maximum traction.

  • Pintail Longboard

There are several advantages to longboards with pintails, including their ergonomics. In addition, they have a single kicktail rather than two, and their decks are wider, which makes them more comfortable to ride.

  • Downhill longboards

When travelling at high speeds, downhill longboards have a stiffer deck to keep your feet in place. Cutouts around the trucks also provide more foot space, making them ideal for riders who prefer to ride in shoes instead of sneakers.

  • Twin Tip Longboards

The twin-tip longboard is a great way to lean into carving or to pick up speed. There is a broad centre on twin-tip skateboards, while the tails and noses are almost identically narrow. You can carve deep without fear of wheel bite with a narrow tail and nose.

Old School Skateboards

As you can guess from the name of the board, “old school,” these are the types of skateboards that look like the skateboards that people from the 1970s used to use. Well, you can say that they’re the initial skateboards of the world.

an image of old school skateboard

They’re primarily used to simulate the 1970s in 2023. Typically, these decks include standard grip tape as well, but some newer models have begun to include alternatives such as paper or even cork!

Fishtail Skateboard

A fishtail is a cut in the back of a longboard that creates a split tail. These skateboards have become the standard longboard shape at Lost Coast Longboarding. The fishtail shape is similar to a pintail longboard’s teardrop shape, but the back is wider.

Off-road skateboard

A type of inline skate that is good for rough terrain or gravel surfaces is an off-road skate. Their large wheels (125–200 mm) and inflatable tires provide excellent traction in almost any weather condition.

Freestyle skateboard

A freestyle skateboarder performs technical tricks on flat ground. During the early days of skateboarding, freestyle was the most popular form of the sport. 

Skateboarding is becoming increasingly popular on streets and in parks. Freestyle skateboarding is done on a skateboard called a freestyle skateboard.

Park skateboard


Park skateboarding encompasses all of the sub-styles used by skateboarders when performing tricks. There are often quarter pipes and half pipes mixed with vert skateboarding features in skate parks.

Vert skateboard

The sport of vert skateboarding is known for performing tricks on skating ramps at higher levels of competition. Since vert boards have steeper inclines, they provide faster speeds. Skaters who use wider boards and larger wheels satisfy their passion for skating.

Pool skateboard

Trying pool skateboarding is another sport we recommend you try. Skateboarding in the pool is done with a pool skateboard.

Short Boards

For improving your game and taking your routine to the next level, shortboards are the most commonly used surfboards. There is nothing sharper than these shredding machines. Surfing with these boards is wild, aggressive, and superior.

Caster Boards

A caster board is a type of skateboard that allows tricks and stunts to be performed by the rider. In addition to being called wave boards, street surfing boards are also known as surfboards. 

A deck connects two wheels on the board. Feet propel the board forward as the rider stands on the deck.

One Wheel

There is also a new type of skateboard called a one-wheel skateboard which is quite popular nowadays. 

In 2013, this technology was introduced for the first time, bringing the future to the present. In this case, it is referred to as an electric skateboard or a personal carrier. Both sizes are available, and they cost the same as hoverboards.

Slalom Skateboard

As with downhill skateboarding, slalom skateboarding has obstacles that you must overcome and avoid in order to be successful. Skateboarding slalom is done using a slalom skateboard.

Steep kick skateboards

More experienced skateboarders who wish to perform tricks that require more lift will benefit from steep kick skateboards. They have steep ends, making them ideal for performing tricks that require more lift.

a person riding steep kick skateboard

So, these are different kinds of skateboards which are designed for different purposes. Now, Let me answer some of your frequently asked questions.


1) What are the 3 types of skateboards?

The standard cruiser is ideal for flat roads, as well as city skating and street skating. Park-and-ride situations and downhills are better suited to mini-cruisers. A mini-cruiser is a great choice for young skateboarders under the age of 8, while a cruiser is a great choice for skateboarders over the age of 9.

2)What is a normal skateboard called?

Street skateboards, also known as standard skateboards, are great for beginners or experienced skaters seeking a board with a variety of uses. Standard boards have similar nose and tail shapes, giving them the appearance of a popsicle.

Final Words

So, these are all the types of skateboards that you can consider buying according to your riding style. 

That’s all I had for you in this article. If you have any questions related to the topic, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.

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