How To Hold a Skateboard Like A Pro (Complete Method)

During the classical or the golden age of skateboarding, the only way you would carry your Skateboard would be under your arm from the middle. Holding your board by the trucks was considered offensive by the hardcore skateboarding community.

Those who did were considered posers or newbies who did not know about skateboarding. Although, this is not the case anymore since more than one way of holding a skateboard is becoming more common.

In addition to holding Skateboard by the trucks, dubbed as the mall holding, the board by the trucks, there is now more than one variation of Skateboard. Some holding skateboards have a purely visual application, while others think of comfort when they think about holding a skateboard.

how to properly hold a skateboard

One thing that is unusual in all of this inquiry about holding a skateboard is the option of carrying it in a skateboard backpack. This option eliminates all the above questions, but this technique of holding a skateboard has its own set of pros and cons.

So without any further delay, let us jump into the solution of holding a skateboard and other socially acceptable variations available to you that are more true to your style and personality when holding skateboards since your comfort is more important than conforming to some dogma.

Holding a Skateboard In Classic Style

According to the purists, the right way of holding a skateboard is under your arm, and the trucks should be facing out.

These hardcore skateboarders start their judgment from your knowledge about how to properly hold a skateboard. If you fail their standard of holding a skateboard, you’ll probably risk being labeled a newbie or, worse, a poser.

how to hold your skateboard

But some from the purist’s group are speaking out against this mentality of judging someone by how they hold skateboards.

According to them, skateboarding is, as always will be, about freedom from societal norms and rebellion against the structures. By becoming ilk to those institutions by enforcing dogmas, skateboarding will engulf the powerful institutions the skateboarders always detested.

Hence, they focused on sports and actual skateboarding knowledge to determine if someone is a poser or a newbie. 

Holding a Skateboard in Mall Grab Style

The mall grab is a way of holding a skateboard in which you grab a skateboard by the trucks, grip tape facing your body, and grid scars are facing outwards. Your fingers should be in a half-clenched position over the truck’s hanger covering around the kingpin from the middle, nearly completing a fist.

Although mall grab is a personal preference of individuals as everyone has a right to hold Skateboard as they please, the bad rep this style acquired is probably because of Justin Bieber, who used to hold Skateboard in a mall grab.

Carrying a board with Grip Tape In Style

It’s simple. Hold the board from its center. Skateboard’s grip tape should be in contact with your body and the graphics of the Skateboard facing out.

How to carry a skateboard in this style without hiding most of the graphic elements needs some considerations.

best way to hold a skating deck

Firstly, holding Skateboard near your hip is a must while your fingers must be curled around the coping on the sides. It’s an acquired technique since some practice on finding the equilibrium is involved.

How To Hold A Longboard In Grip tape Out?

If you don’t want to risk your clothes getting ripped by holding Skateboard in the Grip Tape In style, consider grip tape out when imparting the knowledge to someone on how to properly hold a skateboard in different styles.

In this variation of the above style, your grip tape faces out instead. There’s not too much difference between the two except for the clothing factor.

If you like your denim to feel naturally ripped and torn, if you dislike the factory stonewash, you might consider the holding Skateboard in Grip Tape Out style. Still, those who skate in suits would want to save their expensive clothing as their professions are in a more formal environment. 

How to Properly Hold Skateboard in Pinching The Board Manner?

You can hold your skateboard perfectly with the grip tape. The grip tape faces either way in this style since a pinch has a pivot due to the muscle and board weight variables.

It’s a twirl action since you pinch the board from the middle making it more sensitive to your body movements. In addition, your thumb is on the grip side and the rest under your board.

However, it is not sustainable to hold Skateboard due to the hand muscle and board weight imbalance. You might even drop your board a few times.

Skateboarding is a personal choice, and holding styles should be democratized.