Hardest Skateboard Tricks Of All Time With (Pros & Cons)

If you are an experienced player, you surely know the subjective nature of skateboarding. While skating, you can perform multiple tricks to impress the audience and boost your confidence.

However, as these tricks are subjective, a tough trick for one player can be easy for others. But here I have a list of the hardest skateboard tricks for everyone because learning them requires different skills, practice, and good balance. If you want to get appreciation from your audience, learn these hardest true skate tricks. For this, keep reading this article. 

What Are the Hardest Skateboard Tricks?

Laser Flip Skateboard

To do this unique trick, you must use the front shuv pop and flip with a 360° turn of the skateboard in the air. This trick requires some extra force compared to other tricks. If you want to try this trick and don’t know how to do this, follow these guidelines to perform a laser flip like a pro.

hardest trick on a skateboard
  • Start riding the board, usually with both feet on the board. 
  • Once you achieve good and stable speed, go for 360° shuvit.
  • Along with the previous act, add a varial heelflip to ensure the required rotation. After this, you get a flip and 360° spin. 
  • After this, land on the board while maintaining the balance.

This is one of the hardest tricks in skateboarding, but it is possible to do it like a pro with regular practice. Be patient and keep trying till you learn it. 

Backside Tailslide

This trick involves the rails and ledges. These things make this trick look super cool, but also, these are what increase the difficulty level. Go to the park and look for a place, like a rail, concrete ledge, or flat bar, to try this trick. Once you find something suitable, follow these steps to perform this trick. 

hardest trick on skateboard
  • Ride it usually at first but keep the right foot at the front of the board.
  • Move toward your prop, but you must keep the skateboard slightly parallel. In this trick, you must go with the back facing against the ledge opposite the front side. This thing makes the trick hard.
  • Once you reach the rail, it’s time to pop the skateboard while keeping the body 90°. Put the deck tail on the fence to ride over it. 
  • Here the balance is a key because you cannot see the rail. 

Impossible Skateboard Trick

While looking for the hardest skateboard tricks, you cannot ignore the impossible skateboard trick. Although its name makes you think about 360° shuvit, this is the opposite. Here you have to do vertical rotations of 360°. On the other hand, a normal 360° shuvit requires a horizontal trajectory. To perform it smoothly, follow these steps:

  • Ride the skateboard but make sure to keep the ollie position. For this, put the front foot after the front truck bolts and the back one on the tail. 
  • Now put pressure on the tail with your back foot to make a 360° rotation. Make sure to rote it vertically. Also, lift the foot from the front as it is impossible to rotate it while keeping the other foot on the deck.
  • Once the board completes the rotation, land on the deck while maintaining the balance. 

This is a bit tough for many players because of the unusual rotation type. However, this impossible trick is possible to perform with the help of good practice. Try this hardest skating trick to level up your skateboarding. 

The 900

The reason behind the fame of Tony Hawk is this mind blowing trick. This is one of the hardest skateboard tricks because the player has to do 2.5 flips in one go by using a big halfpipe ramp ridden. If you want to try this, here are the steps:

hardest skating trick
  • Put the skateboard in front of the steel coping and go down to half by using a regular riding trick. 
  • Once you pass a halfpipe, go back by turning the skateboard.
  • Keep doing this because you have to achieve high momentum, which is essential for 900. 
  • Now do rotation, but here you have to do 2.5 cycles, which will require extra effort. Do this and come back to the deck.

Tre Flip

If you know how to do 360° front shuvit, you can do this easily; however, you have to make the opposite rotation here. This trick is a combination of a kickflip and 360° back shuvit. Try this technique by following these guidelines:

  • Place your foot on the deck but keep them a bit angled to do easy rotation and flip.
  • Ride the skateboard normally as you do for laser flip. 
  • Once you achieve the right speed, flip backward by putting pressure on the tail. 
  • Stay in the air until the board completes the rotation and the flip. 
  • Get back on the deck with both feet and maintain the balance immediately to avoid any mishap. 
a man taking a shot slide on scate board

Water Tower Ollie

The idea of these tricks comes into the mind of Jeremy Wray after he encountered 16 feet apart water towers. He tried to cover this dangerous distance while riding a skateboard. This is precisely what you are thinking about.

Water tower ollie is a simple ollie technique, but here, you have to do it at a height from one location to another. This is like jumping from one building to another while using the skateboard. Jeremy Wray did this and made history with this deadly stunt.


What is the hardest skateboard trick? Hardflip is a highly technical skateboard trick requiring extra concentration, making it the hardest option. To perform this trick efficiently, you have to combine frontside shuv and kickflip. Follow these steps to learn this trick:

hardest skate tricks
  • Start the ride but here, you have to keep the front foot in the middle. Also, keep it diagonal to get the best angle for a kickflip. While the back food should be in the middle of the tail to maintain balance and to get good rotation.
  • Now do a pop hard, this will make the board tilt enough to get the rotation to perform a kickflip with the front foot, and you will get the hardflip.  

Gazelle Flip

You can also call this trick bigspin 360 kickflip. This is the hardest trick because it requires the most standing back balance. This trick can take weeks, months, or years to master with consistent effort. To do this trick, you have to combine three techniques, i.e., backside 360, a big flip, and a 360 flip. If you want to learn this beast, follow these steps:

  • Start riding the skateboard to achieve good momentum. 
  • Once to touch the required speed, rotate the board. 
  • At the same time, do half times, a complete backside rotation, and a kickflip.
  • This trick takes time but keep practicing to excel in it.

Pros and Cons of Skateboarding Tricks

Learning the hardest trick on a skateboard is something exciting, but this process has pros and cons that you should know. If you want to excel in every trick, read these points first. 

hardest true skate tricks


  • Mixing different actions improves the healthy coordination between your mind and body. 
  • These tricks level up your skating game and enhance your self-confidence. 
  • Complex tricks work like an exercise and help you stay fit. 
  • This is the best way to get a way off if you have any mental illness, like stress or anxiety. 


  • You have to stay patient as these tricks take more time and effort. 
  • As complicated tricks involve flips and rotations, you may get injuries during practice. 
  • You cannot try these tricks everywhere, and they require a safe space to ensure no harm to the player or people around the player. 


Is 1080 possible on a skateboard?

This is the name of a trick, but to do this, you must have one of these two things, i.e., a vertical skateboard ramp, or you can do it on a mega ramp. Here the player has to for three complete flips to get 1080. This is one of the most complex tricks on a skateboard and requires a lot of practice. 

Who invented the Impossible Flip?

Rodney Mullen invented this trick, and he is a well known personality. You may call him the Godfather of freestyle Skateboarding because, along with this one of the hardest skateboard tricks, he introduced multiple tricks in the world of skating. His tricks include flat ground ollie, 360-flip kickflip, and heelflip.

Is a kickflip easier than an ollie?

Ollie is an introductory skating technique, an essential part of skating, which is compulsory for every player. However, the kickflip is the next level. Due to these reasons, you can consider ollie a bit easy, yet the key technique. 

The Bottom Line

New skateboard tricks keep the game exciting and level up your skills. However, as you get the experience, you go towards the hardest skateboard tricks. No doubt, these tricks take extra time to master but believe me, these things are worth your effort and time. Learn them with patience and a lot of practice. 

If you want to surprise your audience with your skateboarding skills, find a suitable trick from the above-shared list and start practicing it. Set the goal and put required effort. Stay patient, as you cannot master it overnight, but consistency is the key. Keep practicing, and you will surely get what you want. 

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