Am I Too Old To Start Skateboarding? | Tips for 40s and 50s People

Skateboarding seems like the perfect hobby for someone in their thirties, forties, or even fifties. Then you start thinking about trying it. As a result of your age, you ask, “Am I too old to learn to skateboard?”

Quick Answer: Nope, as long as you’re fit, healthy, and in good shape without any serious diseases like cancer, then you can skateboard now. No matter what your age is, you can be a skateboarder. Skateboarding has no age restrictions.

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Are You Too Old To Learn To Skate?

Nope, you aren’t. Regardless of your age, you can start skateboarding today. Obviously, you’d not have as much energy as a 20-year-old young skateboarder, but still, you’d be able to get the most out of skateboarding.

Make sure that when you think of starting to skateboard when you’re older, you’re fit and healthy. Because skateboarding is an active sport that will constantly keep you moving,

How Old is Too Old to Skateboard? Is It Worth a Try?

Skateboarding has no age restrictions. It all depends on how fit and committed you are to skateboarding. 

Any unhealthy man, even if he’s 20, won’t be able to skateboard well. However, if a person is healthy, fit, in good shape, and doesn’t have any diseases, they can skateboard even in their fifties.

learning to skateboard at 30

Ultimately, it’s all about your health. It will be challenging at first, but the more you practise, the better you’ll become. 

Some skateboarders might even make fun of you, but don’t let that affect you. Skateboarding is something you like, so you have to learn how to do it, neglecting the people. Simply consider your passions and never stop pursuing them.

How Long Will It Take to Learn skateboarding?

The more sugar you put into tea, the sweeter it’ll be. So, if you practise more—3 to 4 times—or if you’re passionate enough the whole week, then it’s not going to take you so long to learn skateboarding. However, if you do it only twice a week or once a week, obviously, it’s going to take too much time.

As a result, I recommend that you practice every day, if not more often, but less frequently depending on your health. because skateboarding is an active sport that takes time to learn. You can’t learn it in a day. 

You may need months or even a year. But hang on there and keep practising. Your hard work will surely pay off in the form of an exciting skateboarding experience.

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You’re Starting Out Again After A Long break!

It might be that you’re not going to skateboard for the first time when you’re old. You may be a skateboarder already, but due to a tight schedule or a family problem, you just couldn’t keep up with it. So, how long will it take you to get back on track?

Depending on how long you were away. Let’s say you took a two-year break; it will take a long time to get back on track.

Also, you’ll find it difficult this time as you’re not as energetic anymore as you used to be. But if you keep on practising every day, you’d be able to skateboard again in a very good way. I repeat: Keep practising! Practise as much as possible.

Should You Start Skateboarding In Your Forties or Fifties?

Yes, you should be taking precautions. Wear enough gear and maintain a speed that you can easily handle. Because at this age, even a minor injury may do a lot of damage. The wounds take a lot of time to heal.

skateboarding in your 20s

If you’re in your forties and want to start skateboarding, I’d suggest switching to longboarding. At that age, you want to minimise danger because there is less risk involved. A skateboard powered by electricity is another option, though it’s not quite the same and is much easier to learn. Please prepare your body for the sake of your health.

So, yes, you should definitely start skateboarding in your forties or fifties while taking complete precautions.

Tips For Old Skateboards To Learn To Skate

I’m going to share some of the best tips with you now that will help you learn skateboarding when you’re older. Make sure you follow the tips carefully and keep them in mind while skateboarding! So, let’s dive into the tips now!

1) Go For A Wider Skateboard Deck

Going for a narrow skateboard deck would be difficult for an old skateboard to balance. It is therefore advisable to select a board with a width of 8.25 to 8.5 inches. 147 Independent trucks provide the most stability. 

A small board will require more time to find your balance. A skateboard deck with a wider width, softer wheels, and a wider truck will significantly improve performance.

A decent setup can really help you get started skating. At first, skateboarding will seem incredibly foreign. The wheels should be softer and somewhat larger. A skateboard with a smoother ride and easier balance has a smoother ride.

learning to skateboard at 40

What about the wheels? Harder wheels are suitable for doing tricks, so choose shorter wheels. Skateboarding basics can be mastered before upgrading the wheels

To make your skateboarding even easier, you can go for an electric skateboard. Such skateboards are quite easy to use and require less energy and effort to ride.

2) Wear Enough Gears To Be Safe!

Wearing a helmet and wrist guards or elbow protectors can protect you from bruises, cuts, and sprains that could occur from taking blows on roads with limited paddings, such as those found at skateparks.

In addition to your heels, don’t forget to take care of your Achilles’ tendons, as repetitive skating can damage them, resulting in persistent pain that will only get worse over time.

3) Begin on a patch of grass

It is smart to begin by balancing the board before learning how to leap. You may practise this in your home if there is enough space. 

Make sure you keep everything away from doors so you can practise different manoeuvres outdoors or in an emergency when you have to manoeuvre around things like furniture outside.

4) Say, You Can Do It!

Your mind will be filled with tons of different thoughts when you first step on your skateboard. Can I even do this, should I even try this, am I capable enough to do this, etc.? Don’t let these things overwhelm you.

learn to skateboard at 40

Don’t worry about anything but your skateboard. Be confident. Put yourself in the game and be confident. Trust me, after some practice, you’ll become the best skateboarder around.

5) Get your muscles ready by warming them up

Skating warms up your muscles and gets the blood flowing before you begin your workout. There are, however, a few downsides to it. Skating too much might cause some fairly severe muscle aches if we do not allow ourselves enough time before starting our program on two wheels or on foot.

When skating at all, make sure that both the upper body (shoulders) and the lower back are loose, even if they are just warming up by cruising around town, so they can handle what may follow when hitting ramps hard.

6) Record your own practice sessions

The bolts are most likely to blame if your trucks start coming off after a crash. When they’re too loose or too tight, it will be difficult to balance yourself; in addition, attempting some more difficult tricks without traction will put you at risk of overdoing it.

An ideal strategy would be to practise at home while recording with old phones (or even simpler ones). Let’s leave expensive equipment like laptops behind during our practice session to avoid misplacing them.

image with scating board

7) Watch skateboarders while they skate

A skatepark is a great place to engage in outdoor activities. Having other skaters around can make obeying the rules challenging, but once this happens, everything will return to normal.

“The freedom skate parks offer comes from the fact that no one can predict my motions.”

8) Check out transition skateboarding

It is a lot of fun to skate and can become addictive. Transition skateboarding can become one of your favourite activities if you want to take it to the next level.

skateboarding at 40

Switching from quarter pipes and ramps to smaller ones is much better since they carry less risk (but still plenty of fun).

Therefore, in your thirties, forties, and fifties, you can become a better skateboarder. Now it’s time for me to answer some of your frequently asked questions.


1) Skateboarding at an older age is too late?

Don’t worry about your age. As long as you’re healthy, you can start skateboarding now. With enough practice and motivation, you can become the best skateboarder even in your fifties.

2) Is it possible to skateboard at 50 years old?

Yes, you can skateboard when you’re 50. Just make sure you’re fit, healthy, and in shape. Also, you don’t have any diseases.


So, are you too old to learn skateboarding? Nope, you’re not. You can start skateboarding now. That’s it for today. If you have any questions related to this topic, you can leave a comment below. I’d love to help you out.

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