How To Make A Skateboard Deck? (Materials & Method)

The Skateboard deck is the heart of the board and plays a very important role in the performance of the skateboard that you are putting together. When it comes to getting a skateboard, many newbies as well as freshers tend to go for purchasing complete boards. Only a few professionals and even lesser hobbyists opt for making a deck of their own.

You don’t have to be surprised if you get to know that one can even make a skateboard deck from scratch. It really helps enthusiasts who are dedicated and ambitious to improve their skateboarding skills as the deck can be altered in various ways to be compatible with the rider. Here is a step-by-step guide to how to make a skateboard deck.

How To Make A Skateboard Deck?

Skateboarders know that the deck is not just a single and thick piece of wood. There are many layers of wood that give the board more strength, stability, and rigidity. Making a skateboard deck is the initial step when it comes to making a skateboard. If you are successful in making a compatible and efficient deck, then you can freely choose the truck, wheels, or bearings.

how to make a skate board


  • Plywood or Veneers
  • PVA glue or any wood adhesive
  • Glue spreader roller
  • Hand saw
  • Pencil
  • Hydraulic press
  • Sandpaper
  • Driller
  • Sander


1. First step is to make a general sketch of the deck that you want to make. You will have to decide the purpose, shape, and many other features of the deck, so you are clear about what you want.

2. Secondly, you will have to choose the types of veneers that you are going to use. A deck consists of multiple layers of wood. These layers can be made up of birch, plywood, Acer, Saccharum, and many more. You will also have to select the number of these layers. You will have to keep in mind the flexibility and weight of your board.

how to make skateboard

3. Now, you will simply have to glue these layers together. While you are piling up these layers, you will understand the importance of these layers in the stability and durability of your board. Apply PVA glue or any other adhesive on the wood and then put the second layer over it. Repeat the process until you have piled up the seven or nine layers.

4. These glued layers are straight and the structure of a skateboard deck is curved. Professional deck makers or DIYers will need a styrofoam mold. These glued layers will have to be molded into a curvaceous shape with the help of either pressing the whole structure with suction of air from a plastic bag or by placing the weight over the mold. Leave it for 12 hours or more and you will have a curved structure.

5. Take a pencil and measuring tape. Now you will have to transfer the shape, measurement of a skateboard, and the placement of the truck of the board to the multilayered and molded structure of plywood.

6. Now you will have to cut the outline that you have made before on the plywood with the help of a saw.

7. With the help of the drill machine, you will need to make holes that will make it easy for you to attach a truck to the deck later

how to make a skateboard deck

8. As the edges of the deck will not be smooth, you will have to get sandpaper or a sander to smoothen out these edges to add a good finish to your deck.

9. Screen print the deck to give it the color, design, and look that you want.


This step-by-step guide consists of all the details of how to make a skateboard deck. Diyers or freshers who want to make their own skateboard deck which has the size, shape and material which they like can take help from this guide.

You will have to select the material, put the layers together, mold, cure, shape, sand, and paint the deck and you are good to go.

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