Pushing Mongo Explained With (Pros & Cons)

Are You Embarrassed By Pushing Mongo?

For those who are unaware of the fact that pushing mongo is a goofy thing to do among professionals. Pushing Mongo is a technique in which skateboarders push their skateboard with their front foot.

Do you want to avoid it?

Here’s a perfect guide that will let you know What To Do during Mongo Push Skateboarding. If you ask me as a pro, I would say that mongo push is considered a sin among professional skateboarders.

Whenever you see a skateboarder performing pushing mongo, instantly, it strikes you that they are a beginner or an inexperienced skateboarder still in their learning phase.

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Many professionals consider this type of skateboarding a disadvantageous trait compared to usual or regular skateboarding. Although the debate among Mongo Skateboarders is going on for the benefits of Mongo Skateboarding. So we have enlisted both advantages and disadvantages of Mongo Push in front of you.

Advantages of Mongo Push


Yet another benefit of performing mongo along with regular is that you have the ability to push your skateboard with both your legs. Resulting in you getting less fatigued. With this being said, when you can push your skateboard with both legs, you can cover a lot of ground with it within less time than others.

Avoiding Debris

When you roll your skateboard in the mongo push, you have less weight on the front of your skateboard. In this way, it becomes pretty easy for the newbies to avoid pebbles, debris, and cracks in the first place. They are new, so they are afraid of falling over against these.

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Many mongo skateboarders enjoy switching. According to them, pushing the switch becomes more manageable and less tiresome for them.

Disadvantages of Pushing Mongo


Performing tricks using a mongo push becomes much more complex than a regular push. Professionals refer that flip trick skating with mongo push requires more time and energy.


Controlling your skateboard becomes complex. It is due to the reason that your whole body weight is on the back truck of your skateboard, which increases the pressure on the skateboard while you are making moves. And this is due to the fact that you are unable to cope with the balance during Skateboarding Mongo.

How To Handle Pushing Mongo With Ease Using These Tips


Mongo push skateboarders must practice more and more. They need to spend more time regularly in order to achieve the goal of turning the right foot for their skateboards. Furthermore, this habit of pushing your skate cannot go quickly. But you need to stay focused and never lose hope in yourself.

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Start skating on a smooth surface

New skateboarders must start skating on smooth surfaces. These surfaces can be streets, pavements, roads, and sideways. Doing this makes it easier for them to adjust their foot and have better control and balance on their skate.

Unnatural in the beginning

All professional skateboarders admit that skipping mongo pushing requires time and patience. And those who are committed to achieving their goals reach there within no time. In the beginning, it looks unnatural and uneasy for the skateboarders to avoid using their front foot. But with the passage of time and expertise, they become proficient in what they are trying to achieve.

Maintain balance

You need to start with maintaining your balance on your skateboard. For this reason, you can use your hand. Further, you can use your left or right hand, depending upon the style and stance that you prefer to have. After you start using your hand, you need to lean towards your knee. And this can only be done once you are comfortable with what you are doing.

Avoid Mongo

You need to avoid mongo whenever you think that it comes to your mind to push your board with your right foot.

mongo pushing pros and cons

For this, you can get out of your board, stop for some time, and then start boarding with the right angle and style. It might get a bit frustrating for you in the beginning but I’m sure as hell that this will help you a lot.


What Is A Mongo Push?

It is a push on your skateboard when you use your front foot instead of your back foot for pushing purposes.

What Is Mongo In Skateboarding?

It is a technique used to push your skateboard with the wrong foot. It is widely used by newbies and unprofessional skateboarders. Although professional skateboarders consider this technique useless.

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Is it ok to skate Mongo?

No, it is not ok to mongo skate. You need to have your regular foot to push your skate so that you can enjoy skating.

Do any pro skaters skate Mongo?

There are a number of professional mongo skaters out there. Here are a few names that are considered professionals.
⦁ Bill Danforth
⦁ Tom Penny
⦁ Randy Colvin


Pushing mongo comes with challenges, and these challenges are considered a disadvantage. Professional skateboarders consider this a goofy move by newbies who wish to start as skateboarders. According to them, no matter what happens and how much time you need to become proficient with your skate, you must do it with your regular foot.

And for this, and many more reasons mentioned above, every skateboarding enthusiast who wishes to start skateboarding must try with their regular foot.

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