How To Stand On A Skateboard? (Simple Ways)

If you want to learn how to skate, the first thing you need to learn is how to stand on it. It is the basics and without knowing how to stand with maximum comfort and stability you cannot learn how to skate. If you are a complete novice to skateboarding, give a read to this post.

I’ve discussed the easiest way to stand on a skateboard. Also, I’ve explained foot placement and the best position to stand on a skateboard.

How To Stand On A Skateboard?

As I already mentioned it is the first thing that you need to learn if you want to skate. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you learn how to stand on a skateboard:

foot placement on skateboard

Decide The Stance

There are three common stances in skateboarding :

  • Regular Stance
  • Goofy Stance
  • Fakie Stance

Regular Stance

In a regular stance, the rider puts their left foot up the front to balance the board while the right foot is down to push the board. This stance suits best to right-handed skaters as they get to push with their stronger feet.

Goofy Stance

In a goofy stance, you put your right foot up front to balance the board while your left foot is down to push. This stance suits best lefties as they find it easy to push with their left foot.

Fakie Stance

Fakie stance is closer to the regular stance. In this stance, you ride with the tail facing forward. You use your right foot to push while your left foot is positioned up front to balance on the board.

beginner skateboard foot position

Before you start skating, try all these stances to figure out which feels more natural and comfortable. Observe your natural preference for balance and weight. If you are comfortable with your right foot pushing while your left foot is for balance, the regular stance is perfect for you.

Foot Placement On Skateboard

Once you know which is your natural stance it’s time to learn foot placement.

Front Foot

Assume your natural stance and then place your front foot right above the trucks. The front foot will help you achieve balance on the skateboard

Back Foot

You will be using your back foot for pushing the deck and this should be positioned on the back trucks.

Early Positioning

  • Place your skateboard on flat ground to get maximum stability.
  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Your weight should be equally distributed in both halves of your body. It will help you get maximum control and perfect balance.
  • Bend your feet at 45 degrees without bending your knees and this will be the very first standing position on the skateboard.

Lowering The Center Of Gravity

Slightly bend your knees and sink your weight. It will help you lower the center of gravity and reduce the chance of falling or tipping over. Try to shift some of your weight to your hips from your upper body. Do not crotch or skink too much weight to the lower body.

proper foot placement on skateboard

The Direction Of The Head

Move your head slightly forward. Turn your face in the direction in which you want to move. If you are in a regular stance you will be looking at your left shoulder while in a goofy stance you will look at your right shoulder.

Pro Tip

Many skaters tend to look down at the balancing stage; it’s natural. But it is strictly advised to keep your eyes a few feet ahead of the board. Don’t lose your focus and try to stay lined up no matter what’s happening in your lower body stance.

Air Balance

Balancing your upper body on the skateboard is also known as Air balance. In this, you use your hands to achieve balance. Extend your hands like airplane wings and try to achieve maximum balance.

Step On The Board

  • Carefully step on the deck. You should not be in a hurry as it can cause the board to shift forward or backward.
  • Position your feet above the trucks. In an ideal situation, both your feet should be fully centered on the trucks.
  • In most skateboards, the spacing between the trucks is the same as the spacing between the feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Your feet should be right above the bolts that hold the trucks. If your feet are too close or too far from each other you will not get the right balance.
skateboarding foot position

Shift The Weight To The Balls Of the Feet

  • Skating is all about shifting and repositioning. You slide, twist, and pivot. You cannot respond to these moves if you’re standing flat-footed.
  • For this, you need to shift your feet on the balls of the feet. It will help you respond to the movements of the boards.
  • However, do not raise your heel off the board. Make sure your entire foot is touching the top of the deck.

Staying In Balance

  • Remember standing on a skateboard is like studying on a swaying and pitching boat deck. Keeping your body in one fixed position would not help.
  • To stay in balance pumps, tilt and move your leg to align your upper body with your lower body.


Is there a proper way to stand on skateboards?

There is no single way to stand on the skateboard as it depends upon your natural stance. Standing in a goofy stance is different from standing in a regular stance.

Is Tony Hawk goofy?

Yes, Tony Hawk is goofy. He uses his left foot to push while keeping his right foot on up front for balance.

How do you stand on a skateboard without falling?

Assume your natural stance and position your feet on the trucks. The feet should be centered above the truck bolts and the knees should be slightly bent. Push your weight on the balls of your feet and you’re all set.

Wrapping Up

This beginner guide will help you learn how to stand and stabilize your feet on the skateboard. Standing on the skateboard is not a straightforward process.

You need to practice hard to learn how to get the most comfortable position on the skateboard. It is recommended to start with a beginner-friendly board and skate on flat surfaces.

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