How Long Is A Skateboard Deck? (Complete Guide)

When you enter a sports equipment shop, you see various skateboard deck sizes available. The question arises of which size is perfect for you? Well, the following article has the answer to your question. If you are confused about which skateboard deck size suits you, don’t worry; the following guide can help you in many ways.

The following are all the relevant details regarding a skateboard deck’s size, significance, and dimensions and sizes. After reading the below guide, you can easily choose the most suitable size according to your age and skill level. Let’s dig into the following guide for further information about skateboard deck length, width, and size.

How Long Is A Skateboard Deck?

skateboard deck length

Importance Of A Skateboard Deck Size

Many new skateboarders don’t focus much on the deck size of their skateboard, which is incorrect. A skateboard deck size plays a significant role in affecting your performance in many ways.

If you use the wrong skateboard deck size according to your age and skill level, skating can be an unpleasant activity for you rather than a pleasant one. Therefore, you must consider the skateboard deck size before purchasing a skateboard.

Skateboard Deck Width

Various factors play a vital role in the construction and performance of the skateboard deck, and width is one of those prominent factors.

Most skateboard decks have a width of around 7.5 inches to approximately 8. 25 inches. This range allows you to choose the suitable deck width according to your skill level because some people prefer broad skateboard decks, while others prefer normal and narrow decks.

If you use a skateboard with more width than the size, you can’t perform well in skating because it makes it difficult to perform various techniques. In short, a wide deck is heavier and harder to flip but offers maximum stability.

On the other hand, a narrow or skinny deck is lightweight and easy to handle, but it offers less stability. Therefore, you must choose a skateboard deck with a medium width that offers stability and allows you to perform various tricks. Lastly, you can choose the deck width according to your shoe size.

Skateboard Deck Length

The average length of a skateboard deck is 28 inches to 32 inches, starting from the tip of the nose and ending on the tip of the tail. Your skateboard deck’s length mainly depends on your height.

Short decks are ideal for short skaters, while long decks are perfect for tall people. If you choose the correct skateboard deck length according to your height, you can perform various advanced tricks while maintaining stability.

Your performance depends on the width and length of the deck. Therefore, you must consider both factors before purchasing a skateboard. Longboards are ideal for people who prefer effortless landing.

On the other hand, shortboards are perfect for people who want the board to spin more effortlessly. Keep your height and skill level when choosing the skateboard deck in mind.

Skateboard Deck Wheelbase

Being a skateboarder, you might have heard the term wheelbase. A wheelbase is a difference between the inner mounting holes. The average wheelbase of the board’s deck ranges from around 13 to 15 inches.

You can choose the wheelbase according to your skill level. Although it is vital in affecting your performance, wheelbase size is unnecessary for trick boards. In contrast, it plays a prominent role in longboards and cruisers.

Skateboard Deck Sizes

As I mentioned, various skateboard decks are available in the market in different sizes. Though you must choose your skateboard deck size considering your height and skill level. The following are the most common sizes of skateboard decks available.

Skateboard Deck Sizes

Micro Deck

These types of decks are ideal for 5 years old. Their width is 6.5 to 6.75 inches, and their length ranges from around 27.2 to 27.6 inches. People with a height of under 3 ft 5 inches can use these skateboard decks.

Mini Deck

Then comes the mini-deck, which is ideal for people that are 6 to 8 years of age. Skaters between 3 ft 5 inches to 4 ft 4 inches can ride this deck for stable skating. It is 7 inches in width and 28 inches in length.

Mid-Size Deck

Mid-size deck skateboards are ideal for 9 to 12 years old skaters. Their 7.3 inches width and 29 inches length make them ideal for people between 4 ft 5 inches to 5 ft 2 inches.


The above guide contains detailed information about skateboard decks’ dimensions. The width of a deck plays a significant role in affecting your performance.

You can choose the width according to your skill level. Moreover, the length of the deck enhances your ride in various ways. You should choose the deck’s length according to your height.

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