How To Choose A Skateboard Deck? (Guide)

How To Choose A Skateboard Deck

Without a shadow of a doubt, the skateboard deck is the most vital part of a skateboard. The deck is the backbone of the skateboard around which you build the structure of your whole board. So, you will have to know all about it before building a skateboard of your own. Many newbie boarders make … Read more

Can You Put Cruiser Wheels On A Regular Skateboard? (Guide)

cruiser wheels on regular skateboard

Many skateboarders have asked the question, “Can you put cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard?” It is possible to put cruiser wheels on a skateboard. Cruiser wheels are larger and softer than regular skateboard wheels, which makes them great for cruising and providing a smoother ride on rough terrain. To learn in-depth about this topic, … Read more

Skateboarding is Not a Crime (Basic Perspectives)

skateboarding is not a crime

Skateboarding slogans are significant because they represent the values and beliefs of the skateboarding community. Many of these slogans have been created by skateboarders to express their passion for the sport and the culture surrounding it. One of the most famous skateboarding slogans, “Skateboarding is not a crime,” was created in response to the many … Read more

What is the Best Wood for a Skateboard Deck? (Guide)

skateboard woods

Skateboarding can be a high-impact and high-stress activity, and the wood used for the deck must withstand this stress and pressure. The choice of wood for a skateboard deck plays a significant role in the skateboard’s performance, longevity, and overall quality. The most worthy wood option for a skateboard deck is hard rock maple. This … Read more

How Heavy is a Skateboard Deck? (Ultimate Guide)

how heavy is a skateboard deck

When choosing the skateboard deck for your personal experience, you should be clear about all the related factors for the precise adventure and a smooth thrilling experience. In this regard, the weight and proportional aspects of the deck matter a lot. The weight of a skateboard deck can vary depending on various factors. These factors … Read more