Ghost Longboard Review in 2023 (Benefits & Features)

The idea of Ghost Longboards was to produce a clear acrylic Longboard while keeping the cost low. Clear longboards are unique as most longboards are manufactured with wood. That’s why the plexiglass longboard went viral quickly and gained the attention of customized longboard lovers.

However, most people still don’t know what ghost longboards are, what their features are, and why they are different from regular longboards. This ghost longboard review will help to unveil each and every aspect of these unique longboards.

Best Ghost Longboards

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Ghost longboards are known for producing premium quality U.S made clear, see through acrylic longboard decks that offer ultra smooth riding for riders of all ages and skill levels.

Besides unique, clear deck material, these longboards are popular for their customization that, allowing the rider to choose custom board shapes, lights, designs, and wheels

Image Product Details  
Ghost-Originals-Collection Ghost Originals Longboard Manufacturing material: Acrylic
Load capacity:
200 lbs
Board weight:
6 lbs
Ghost-Long-Board-40-inchGhost Ghost Sunflower Longboard Manufacturing material: Acrylic
Board Weight: 12 lbs
Load capacity: 230 lbs

Ghost Originals Clear Longboard – Best For Cruising and Carving

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Quick Features

  • Manufacturing material Acrylic
  • Deck length and Width 30 “& 8”
  • Board weight 6 lbs
  • Load capacity 200 lbs

Deck Material

Available in five different sizes and designs, the Ghost originals collection is the best ghost longboard for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. Made from durable acrylic material, the 30 inches longboard offers stability, speed, and comfort.

Wheels and Lights

The 70mm 78A polyurethane wheels feature bright LED lights that are powered by friction and magnetic formula. A night riding experience can be fun with a slight spin that glows the board.


Combined with abec-7 bearings, the clear longboard can handle different terrain types conveniently.

Deck style

Thanks to the durable and stylish clear acrylic deck, you can enjoy the unique appearance of the Ghost longboard. The stickier surface provides a slip-free environment while preventing the addition of grip tape.

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Board weight and Weight capacity

Weight only 6 lbs of weight; the clear ghost longboard is suitable for up to 200 lbs rider weight. There is no question about the durability, but the weight limit means it is not a good option for big boys. You can use a microfiber towel and soapy water to keep the board clean. 


Ghost longboard manufacturer emphasizes rider safety and ensures to keep the deck is free from slipping problems. The host Originals Collection Clear Longboard is available in two different options, including black trucks with blue wheels and black trucks with pink wheels.

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However, you have to be careful with rough terrains as the front edge of the longboard is prone to wear and tear. You can add rubber bumpers to protect the front edge.

Ghost Sunflower Clear Longboard with Light up Wheels – Best For Cruising

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Quick Features

  • Manufacturing material: Acrylic
  • Deck length and Width: 40 “& 8 “
  • Board Weight: 12 lbs
  • Load capacity: 230 lbs

Deck material

One of the best ghost longboards for beginners, the Sunflower Clear longboard comes with a super stable 40 inches acrylic deck. This surf inspired longboard is a special gift for cruising and craving.

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Wheels Style And Deck Surface

Featuring cutouts above the wheels, the board allows sharper turning angles to help you carve in corners. The clear acrylic plexiglass allows customizing the longboard according to your riding style. Don’t worry about the slippery surface, as the deck offers decent stickiness to prevent you from slipping.

Additionally, you don’t need any grip tape for slipping issues.

Wheels, & bearings

When it comes to the riding experience, the 70mm 78A polyurethane wheels, along with ABEC-7 bearings, offer an ideal cursing and carving style for riders. These soft wheels provide a super smooth ride on different terrains. Besides the wheels reliability, we don’t recommend the Ghost Sunflower Clear Longboard for off road surfaces.


Also, the wheels have LED lights inside that are powered by friction and magnets. 

Weight capacity

The combination of magnets and friction combines to light up and glow the longboard for fun during evening rides. Offering the capacity of 230 lbs rider weight, this clear longboard is a suitable option for heavy riders.


Cleaning is effortless with a clean microfiber cloth. Don’t use commercial cleaners containing Windex and similar chemicals. Last but not least, the manufacturer is offering six months warranty for any defect.

Ghost longboards Pros & Cons

However, it doesn’t mean Ghost longboards are perfect for everyone. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of ghost longboards that can help to choose the right one for your riding style.


  • Durable deck (optional added thickness for heavy adults)
  • Appealing original appearance with clear decks, light up wheels, and custom designs
  • Decent range of deck shapes for different riding levels and styles
  • Premium quality trucks and decks
  • Ultra smooth and responsive riding experience
  • Customizable deck
  • Excellent customer support
  • Affordable price


  • Heavyweight than regular wooden longboards
  • Lacks concave o clear decks for lock-in
  • Deck flex is not suitable for heavy street tricks
ghost longboard reviews

Who can use Ghost longboards?

Ghost longboards are family focused boards, and they offer smooth and stable riding experiences in a distinctive style. Combined with clear decks and light-up wheels, these longboards can be fun to ride around the town. However, they are not good for advanced riders and can’t be used for hardcore tricks and shredding. 

Ghost longboards are ideal for cruising with smooth and convenient to ride. You can’t use ghost longboards for jumping as their heavy weight makes them difficult for such a riding style.

To be honest, you can’t categorize these longboards as beginner’s boards, as their high quality deck material and other components make them a decent choice for advanced tricks. Ghost longboards are good options for carving, cruising, dancing, distance pushing, and freestyle tricks

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Benefits of Ghost longboard decks

Also known as plexiglass, ghost’s clear decks are manufactured from acrylic. The ghost longboard deck is available in two different options, including standard thickness and big boy 1.

The standard ghost longboard comes with .75 inches thickness and can easily facilitate up to 220 lbs of weight.

For heavy riders, the Big Boy deck features 1 inch thickness and can easily hold up to 340 lbs of rider weight.

One of the best features of acrylic material is its supreme durability. According to official Ghost reports, only 0.1% of breakage issues are reported in 45,000 longboards. The best part is, if you face a breakage problem, the manufacturer is offering a 100% replacement warranty for your convenience.

However, this type of deck can get scratched easily. They are not ideal for rough terrains, and the nose may get chipped if you throw them into the wall. Ghost has added the nose guard to additional nose protection.

ghost longboards review

Most people are concerned about the slippery nature of acrylic. However, ghost decks are grippy, and there is no clear grip tape used on the longboards. These boards are pretty sticky to shoes and barefoot because Acrylic creates friction.

The grip comes from your shoe sole and the engraved design of the longboard.  It is essential to clean the deck before and after every ride, as too much dirt or dust can make your ghost longboard slippery. If you are looking for additional stickiness, you can add regular spray grip tape or clear grip tape on the deck.

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  • Are ghost longboards slippery?

No, ghost longboards are not slippery, and the acrylic material offers a stable riding experience without using grip tape. 

  • What is a ghost longboard made of?

Ghost longboards are manufactured with customized plexiglass material. The acrylic material is durable, long-lasting, and offers a unique transparent appearance.

  • Do ghost longboard break easily?

Ghost longboards are made of acrylic material, which is durable. About 0.1% breakage was reported in 45000 longboards which is a remarkable achievement. 


Ghost longboards aren’t different from regular longboards, but the appearance and manufacturing material are two unique aspects that give them a distinctive identity.

They may not be the ideal choice for expert riders, but for beginners and intermediate riders, ghost longboards are the perfect option to learn new tricks and polish their riding skills.

The transparent acrylic material, light up wheels and customizable options allow you to enjoy your riding experience. However, they are not scratch resistant and need proper maintenance for the best performance. 

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