Can You Put Cruiser Wheels On A Regular Skateboard? (Guide)

Many skateboarders have asked the question, “Can you put cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard?”

It is possible to put cruiser wheels on a skateboard. Cruiser wheels are larger and softer than regular skateboard wheels, which makes them great for cruising and providing a smoother ride on rough terrain.

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Cruiser Wheels:

Cruiser wheels are typically bigger and softer than skateboard wheels. The size ranges from 56mm to 70mm, and the durometer (hardness rating) is 78A to 85A, which makes them more pliable and able to absorb bumps and cracks. 

image of cruiser wheels

They are designed for cruising and carving, providing a smooth and comfortable ride, especially on rough terrain.

Can regular skateboards be fitted with Cruiser wheels?

Absolutely! A regular skateboard can definitely be fitted with cruiser wheels. In comparison to regular skateboard wheels, cruiser wheels are larger and softer. Their smooth ride makes them ideal for riding on rough surfaces. 

In addition, cruiser wheels are more comfortable if you use your skateboard for transportation. In spite of this, they may not be suitable for performing tricks that require harder and smaller wheels designed to provide better grip and control.

What are the advantages of putting Cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard?

You might be wondering what the benefits are of using cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard.

Smoother ride:

image of a smooth rofer

The larger and softer cruiser wheels can absorb more vibrations and shocks from rough terrain than regular skateboard wheels. Smoother and more comfortable rides result from this.

Improved speed: 

With cruiser wheels, you will be able to achieve higher speeds with less effort due to their larger size.

Better stability:

Cruiser wheels have a soft surface that improves grip and stability, especially while turning or carving.

More versatile: 

When you use cruiser wheels on your skateboard, you can use them for transportation or simply to cruise around town.

Feel and look unique:

look unique of cruiser wheel

There are plenty of colours and designs to choose from when it comes to cruiser wheels.

Increased durability: 

The urethane formula on cruiser wheels is typically softer, making them more durable over time. You may find this especially useful if you ride on rough terrain or in areas where debris is abundant.

Quieter ride: 

Besides reducing noise, cruiser wheels have softer materials that help the board glide over rough terrain. You will be able to enjoy the ride more and be less distracted by it as a result.

More comfortable push: 

Having softer material and larger cruiser wheels can make pushing the board more comfortable, as it requires less effort and reduces fatigue.

Easier to ride over cracks and bumps:

With cruiser wheels, you can ride over cracks, bumps, and other obstacles with more ease, which can be useful if you use your skateboard for transportation.

On regular skateboards, cruiser wheels provide these benefits.

Disadvantages of Putting Cruiser wheels on a skateboard:

Limited use for tricks: 

The larger and softer cruiser wheels make them less suitable for tricks requiring harder and smaller wheels for better grip.

Slower acceleration: 

When you get going, cruiser wheels may provide better speed, but they may not accelerate as quickly as smaller, harder skateboard wheels.

How to put cruiser wheels on a regular deck of skateboard?

putting cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard deck

Materials you’ll need:

  • Cruiser wheels (make sure they’re compatible with your skateboard’s trucks)
  • A skate tool (or wrenches if you don’t have one)
  • Rag or towel

Step 1: Remove the old wheels

imafge of   removing old wheels

Use your skate tool or wrenches to loosen the bolts on the old wheels. Once they’re loose, remove the bolts and take off the old wheels.

Step 2: Clean the trucks

Use a rag or towel to clean any dirt or debris off the trucks where the wheels will be installed. This will help ensure a secure fit for the new wheels.

Step 3: Install the new cruiser wheels

Place the cruiser wheels onto the trucks and align them so that the bolts will fit through the holes in the wheels. Ensure the wheels are facing the right direction (usually, the logo or text should be facing outward). Incorporate the bolts into the wheels and trucks by pushing them through the holes.

Step 4: Tighten the bolts

Using your skate tool or wrenches, tighten the bolts on the new wheels. Don’t over-tighten them. You want to be able to spin the wheels freely without any wobbling.

Step 5: Test the wheels

Give your skateboard a test ride to make sure the wheels are spinning smoothly, and there’s no wobbling or rubbing. It’s time to hit the streets with your newly upgraded cruiser skateboard!

Final Words:

How to put cruiser wheels on skateboards? Now you know how to do that. Also, you know the advantages of doing that. For any questions, hit the comment section.

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