Types Of Skateboard Wheels | Which One is Better?

You cannot compromise on both durability and random selection when it refers to skateboard wheels because high-quality wheels will be long-lasting and efficient. And the appropriate types of skateboard wheels can let you quickly learn the necessary riding style. These two elements are strongly intertwined with skateboarding.

Different Types of Skateboarding Wheels

Generally speaking, three basic types of skateboard wheels are employed with different kinds of skateboards. You can skate in a wide range of ways based on your skill level. Street skateboard wheels are the first ones. These vehicles help the trick performer by displaying sophisticated stunts or tricks. Cruiser wheels are the second type. 

You are not allowed to misuse these vehicles or do acrobatics with them. But compared to using street wheels, you can drive over medium distances more quicker. The third form, the longboard, is employed for downhill riding, and it is the last but not least. Longboards allow you to travel as far as you like.

image of Skateboarding Wheels

The correct course of action for beginner skateboarders would be to examine the many types of skateboard wheels, considering that you can choose the best wheel type for your riding style. 

Never choose a board without evaluating your size and riding technique before selecting the rest of the board. Spending time and money on it would be useless. Therefore, determining the type of wheel that will get you there is crucial.

Street Skateboard Wheels

Make an effort to comprehend what street skateboards are first. Street skateboards are the ones that make it simple for skaters to carry off tricks. These skateboards are also light, extremely robust, and moveable so that they can withstand the stress of landings. The same is true for feats, where you usually need a smaller, lightweight wheel.

Street skateboard wheels are those that are smaller and harder. You can do more sophisticated tricks with more rigid wheels. That is one of its charms. On those wheels, every skateboarding feat, along with more difficult ones such as tricks on rails and bowls, can be performed with simplicity.

Even you are welcome to drive around the town in these vehicles. This is why people like these wheels and all the parts that are designed specifically for street skateboarding. The ideal skateboard street wheels should have a diameter of 52 to 54 mm. 

street skateboarder

Additionally, you can choose a durometer rating between 95 and 104. Furthermore, skateparks employ such wheels. Street skateboard vehicles are used by people who perform incredible stunts in skateparks. Some people advise purchasing softer and larger wheels for acrobatics. 

Tip: We won’t prefer it since it requires a lot of energy and strength-building capabilities. Despite the fact that it’s difficult for a beginner, you could consider it.

Cruiser Wheels

For cruising on uneven roads, the finest skateboard wheels should be used. Additionally, these can pass over the stones and crevices without any difficulties. However, take care to avoid driving these cruiser wheels on unpaved surfaces more often. Because wheels degrade with time, they will eventually stop being as good. The cruiser wheels are significant since they give you more steadiness as you ride.

One of the benefits for a newbie is having wheels that are grippy and secure. They might begin their riding career by enrolling in the finest cruiser boards for a smoother first ride. If we discuss the diameter and hardness of the cruiser wheels, you can choose any hardness between 78A and 98A. And it will be great when your wheel is between 54 and 59 mm in diameter.

There is a greater likelihood that you will encounter wheel bite when using bigger wheels. Also, it might occur if there isn’t enough space between the wheels and the decks. The likelihood of wheel biting increases as vehicle size increases.

Tip: Use your skateboard’s riser pad if there are bigger wheels around. The riser pad will set the most extraordinary skateboard deck apart from the moving objects.

skating wheel

Longboard Wheels

The heading itself gives away the intention quite clearly. Since the smaller wheel cannot be used with a longboard or larger board, you will want to choose longboards or skateboards with large wheels to maintain the balance of everything. Speedy wheels with the capacity to travel farther are necessary for longboarding.

Furthermore, longboard wheels are designed mainly to deliver a higher pace than that of any board. On the other hand, if you want to indulge your love of trickery, sadly, these cars can’t give you the go-ahead, particularly when you lack experience. 

The ideal choice for longboard wheels would be between 60 and 75 mm. Any of the aforementioned selection criteria can be used. These are also known as smooth skateboard wheels, and their hardness ranges from 75A to 85A. In comparison to cruiser skateboard wheels, longboards have better traction.

Tip: It is essential to go into detail when talking about some of the phrases that skateboard vehicles include—for instance, the skateboard wheels’ diameter, hardness, and softness. With these terminologies’ help, the skateboarding wheel’s function will become completely clear. Additionally, it will assist you in choosing a short amount of time.

Skateboard Wheels: Hard vs. Soft

Skateboard wheels starting at 75A and going up to 95A are the softest. The softest, though, is 75A, which is used for longboarding as well as cruising. For hilly and uneven routes, the smooth skateboard wheels are probably ideal. Furthermore, sticky wheels are an excellent way to make your ride secure.

Skateboarding wheels

The skateboard wheels that are more durable are 99A or higher. These wheels are perfect for pulling out stunts. The best places to display technical proficiency are on the streets and in skateparks.

In that case, you might be wondering which type of wheel, soft or hard, is better. It entirely depends on the kind of surfing you want. It is not recommended to utilize more rigid wheels if you intend to cruise; instead, use softer wheels. The wheels should be purchased based on your needs.

Narrower Wheels and Wider Wheels (Which Is Better)

When attempting technical feats, narrower wheels are ideal. Despite having little friction, there is less grip. The ability to perform tricks and do amazing tricks is a benefit to skilled skaters.

image of narrow wheel

Longboarders and cruisers ride with wider wheels, which are identical to skateboards with larger wheels. You acquire a fantastic grip but have no chance of pulling off the acrobatics. However, the real justification for newbies to start from here may be the type of balance that these wheels provide.

image of wider wheel


Which kind of wheel is ideal for a skateboard?

Wheels with a durometer grade of 99a and greater are suggested for most of the street skating. On smooth terrain, harder skate wheels seem to be more sensitive, slide with less exertion, and gain momentum better. As a result, popping and flipping feats benefit from their preference since they take less power than their softer counterpart.

wheel of scate board

Do larger wheels make you move more slowly?

Thus, increasing the size of your wheels will result in a decrease in the driving force that your wheels generate, which will eventually lead to a reduction in the acceleration of these wheels. In conclusion, it becomes more challenging to turn bigger wheels, resulting in a decrease in total acceleration.

image of large wheel


In sum, the Skateboard wheels connect the skateboard to the surface of the ground. Additionally, they are also the last recipients of the skater’s movements. To enable you to have beautiful rides, they should therefore be adjusted in the right ways based on your riding environment and riding style. 

You may now choose the primary setup for your skateboards with assurance because you are conscious of the various types of skateboard wheels. Additionally, to make the procedure more comprehensive and efficient, consider other essential things when making your choice in the matter.

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