Tech Deck: Are Finger Skateboards Collectibles Or Playthings?

Famous mini skateboards and associated accessories may be obtained in the Tech Deck collection. Miniaturized copies of genuine skateboards, in addition to ramps, rails, as well as other skateboarding equipment, all are a component of the Tech Deck collection.

Since its beginnings, Tech Deck has evolved to emerge as one of the best-known producers of tiny skateboards. Numerous authorized products, such as clothes, accessories, and video games, have been manufactured by the firm, which has sold a lot of decks of cards internationally.

Overview of the Teck deck

You can perform skateboard tricks and tricks everywhere you go owing to a compact, transportable fingerboard termed a Tech Deck. The deck is constructed of plastics and is approximately the length of a credit or debit card. 

image of tech deck

It features four wheels, which have been placed on metal axles and connected to the deck. The deck can be manipulated in a variety of directions by using your fingertips as a remote.

Skateboarding enthusiasts, including both adults and kids, adore Tech Decks. They provide an excellent chance to improve your abilities and pick up new tricks. Additionally, you can use them for amazing your colleagues with your skateboarding expertise.

There are several various places where you may find Tech Decks if you’re seeking to purchase one. They are available for purchase online or at your nearest skateboard shop. They are available in several department stores and toy stores as well.

What Is A Tech Deck Used For?

The dimensions of a credit card or slightly smaller, a tech deck is a tiny skateboard. Most Tech Decks are composed of plastic and also have 2 pairs of wheels, one in the front and one in the back.

Tech Decks were initially launched in the 1990s and immediately became prominent among skaters. Compared to conventional fingerboards, they deliver a more lifelike skating sensation and are less susceptible to breaking while executing tricks.

Which Tech Deck Is The Best?

The ideal Tech Deck for your needs will depend on your particular requirements and preferences. Therefore there is no generally applicable response to this question. However, we can narrow the choice by carefully examining some of the top well-known options available on the market.

Best tech decks

The Flip brand of Tech Decks is one of the most well-known. These decks are renowned for their exceptional quality and detailed graphic designs. Additionally, they are pretty pricey; therefore, if you are on a strict budget, you might want to seek them elsewhere. 

Black River Fingerboards is an additional well-liked choice. Additionally, the quality of these boards and their value for your money are outstanding.

A Tech decks time of Overall effectiveness

There is no clear answer to this frequently asked question, which is disappointing. How you utilize and upkeep your Tech Deck will decide everything. Your Tech Deck can endure for many years with the proper upkeep and use. However, your Tech Deck will only last for a short time if you overuse it or overlook it.

tech deck trick

Remembering never to store your Tech Deck in direct sunlight is probably one of the most critical things you can do to take care of it properly. The plastic materials in your deck may degrade from being exposed to the sun, becoming fragile and more prone to collapse. Always keep your Tech Deck out of bright sunlight in a setting that is dry and cold.

How much does a tech deck normally cost?

A Tech Deck typically costs 15 dollars on average. The price of Tech Decks might differ tremendously because there are various designs and brands available to choose from. The most costly Tech Decks may run over 100 dollars, while the absolute cheapest ones may just cost 5 dollars.

A buyer’s guide to Tech Deck skateboards

Most Tech Deck items are referred to as “fingerboards,” which is common use. Because children and adults “ride” these tiny skateboards with their fingers, the name was assigned to them.

Branding cooperation

Major skateboard and bike manufacturers are collaborators in many licensing agreements with Tech Deck. Trick riding is popular among children and adults, and they prefer fingerboards made by prominent trick-riding skateboard and motorbike companies.

 The patterns and graphics on Tech Deck products are exact copies of the patterns found on the full-size skateboards utilized by professionals to pull off tricks.

A skate park

The main draw of fingerboards is the equivalent of those of their full-size alternatives: executing acrobatics and maneuvers. There are numerous skate park setups accessible from Tech Deck that feature different layouts of ramps, pipes, rails, platforms, stairs, and bowls. 

image of skatepark for finger skateboard

Tech Deck designed the Build-a-Park World Tour skating rink using actual skate parks as inspiration.

Finding a high-quality Tech Deck fingerboards: What to look for


Tech Deck skateboards take great care of the uniqueness of their ride. With the use of gripping tape and wheel bearings, they give riders the impression of riding a real skateboard. 

Since many riders prefer to construct their custom fingerboards, Tech Deck provides boards, wheels, and trucks that you could combine to create a fingerboard that meets your specific requirements. 

Types of tech deck

Your board will appear identical to the ones used by experts because all DIY skateboards, as well as fingerboards, contain authentic licensed stickers.

Fingerboards that have been fully built

There are skateboards and fingerboards that have already been completely put together for individuals who don’t like to mess. These boards are suitable to use straight out of the packaging. Authentic licensed decal sets are provided with prebuilt fingerboards, the same as with DIY fingerboards.

TECH DECKS: Are they Collectibles?

No one can dispute the immense popularity of Tech Decks. In reality, they are so well-liked that several people view them as valuable goods. Tech Decks are unquestionably believed to be collectible despite the absence of any definitive statement on the matter.

Collectibles of tech decks

The idea that Tech Decks are so well-liked and extensively employed by professional skateboarders is almost certainly the reason for this notion. It can be rather expensive to purchase a skateboarder’s signature deck, which is prevalent among expert skateboarders. 

image of finger skateboard

A further factor that increases the value of some Tech Decks is their availability as special editions. Collectors, in general, have a strong interest in unique limited decks.

Therefore, even if there is no official declaration on the subject, it is reasonable to assume that most individuals believe that Tech Decks are collectible. Purchasing some Tech Deck fingerboards can be a smart option if you consider putting together an entire collection. You might be in control of a priceless collection; you never know.

Is finger skating considered a sport?

Most people would argue that finger skateboarding is not a sport. This is so that there are no physical requirements imposed on the body or competitiveness. However, given that it takes ability and practice, some individuals believe that finger skateboarding classifies as a sport. 

Finger skateboarding can indeed be practiced for fun or rivalry, the same as other professional sports. It is essentially up to the person whether finger skateboarding is regarded as a sport or not.

What Should Be Done When Tech Decks Show Signs Of Wear And Tear?

You can try using fine-grit sandpaper to level out your Tech Deck if it begins to demonstrate signs of deterioration and damage. You can also consider using a transparent sealer to prevent the deck from suffering significant harm.


Many people wish to skateboard, but for several reasons, they might be unable to. Others can be so enthusiastic about skateboarding that they would like to be allowed to do it in the solitude of their own houses. 

As well as fingerboard toys, Tech Deck is a firm that produces miniature skateboards. Tech Deck skateboards can only be controlled with your fingers instead of full-sized skateboards. 

Making premium items that are fully authorized and sponsored by all the well-known brands and expert riders puts Tech Deck distinct from the competitors.

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