How To Hang A Skateboard On A Wall Without Nails? (Guide)

In addition to being entertaining to ride, skateboards also make interesting wall decor. There are methods to hang up a former skateboard or a board that you frequently use in an appealing, creative, and practical manner.

The want to drill holes in the wall for bolts or nails varies among people. And if you fall into this group, don’t worry; I know a wonderful method to handle it. Let’s look at some non-nail skateboard wall mounting techniques.

Effective Methods To Hang Skateboard On A Wall Without Nails

The skateboard deck can be hung on the wall using a variety of methods. The greatest and simplest ones will therefore be explained to you here. Just a few basic accessories and a skateboard will do to hang it.

skateboard hanging on the wall

Things you will need:

  1. Plastic hooks
  2. Adhesive strips
  3. Mono Fishing Nylon
  4. T-tool and measuring tape

4 Methods to hang skateboard on a wall without nails

  • No hammering
  • Rope hanger
  • Finishing line
  • Surfboard rack
image of a hanging scate board beautifully

1. No Hammering Method:

First and foremost, the hammering method is pretty simple, and one can easily use this. For this method, we use plastic hooks. These are simple, foam-like small strips. You will need strong glue to play the deck on the wall without using nails.

Therefore, you must position the skateboard using the same careful techniques that you use to position any other items on the walls.

Secondly, after using plastic hooks, you will need a hanger too. Basically, a hanger that is pretty strong and hefty to afford 5-6 pounds of weight.

how to mount skateboard on wall

The hanger is the most straightforward technique to position the skateboard deck. The skateboard will be secured to the wall for all time, but you must ensure that the glue you choose is high quality and durable. The glue isn’t all that much more powerful than drilling, though.

2. Rope Hanger Method:

The rope hanger technique is quite helpful. Using a rope hanger, you may hang the skateboard with the wheels on the wall. At first, you will need some tools that include these:

A deck with a 0.63-cm thickness and a long enough rope, up to 25 inches, are required. One pencil, one ruler, and one drill. A lighter or a matchbox, two wall hanging anchors, two wall screws, and a screwdriver is also necessary.

Moving to the method, one rope must be used and tied twice, with tight knots coming from both ends. To accurately place the rope on the wall, you must draw lines on it with a ruler and one pencil. Additionally, you must align the rope with the vertical lines, which must intersect one another.

Drill two holes in the skateboard, position it as you like, and press it into the wall anchors. The rope’s end must be held in your hands and positioned above the openings. Following that, screw it through the center of the rope’s knot.

Hang the skateboard carefully after tying knots at both ends of the wall. To do it, hang the skateboard from the lower side and firmly fasten both ends. The deck’s wheels should be held in place with the proper grip so that you can hang them properly.

3. Fishing Line Method:

The third method we have is fishing line which isn’t common but is straightforward to do. Skateboard decks are commonly hung using the traditional fishing line technique. You’ll need a few inexpensive accessories for it. Use a scissor to cut a string into 10 inches, then hang it from the wall with a nail and wall hanger. Then, using the uppermost screw holes on the skateboard’s deck, simply insert the wall hanger.

hanging skateboard on wall

It is necessary to attach one piece of string to the deck while gripping it from the bottom. From the opposite end, you can extend the string’s other end. With the help of these, you can hang the board vertically.

4. Wall Mount Method:

Using a wall mount is another simple way to swing the skateboard from the wall. The skateboard needs to be mounted using a long-lasting solution. And for mounting the skateboard to a wall, you’ll need a plate, a wall anchor, screws with two bolts, nuts, and two T-nuts, as well as a drill.

5. Surfboard Rack:

These racks are a good way if you want to show off your skate without having to hammer a nail at the same time. Use the strongest-holding construction adhesive you can find if you want to accomplish this. A set of these surfboard racks will keep your board horizontally properly.

6. Skateboard Shelf:

With the right glue, you can put these board shelves on the wall. They are made to support your skateboard both horizontally and vertically. I find this the best one as you can easily change it as per your need or liking.

A Step-by-step Guide To Hang Skateboard Deck On Walls Without Nails

Step 1:

Firstly, you must measure the height of the plastic hook from the floor and the distance you are putting it up. Draw a line by measuring the other side of it. Measure the width of your skateboard before determining your desired height.

how to hang skateboard deck on wall without nails

Align the figures on the lines you drew, being sure to allow a 2′′ space between each to prevent the skateboards from looking overcrowded.

Step 2:

In the second step, we are required to do the cleaning. We will use vinegar as it dries quickly and leaves no grease. Now, use the alcohol-soaked rag to wipe the area where the plastic hook will be placed.

Step 3:

It’s time to attach the plastic hooks to the prepared and marked walls. Using the original sticky strip may not produce the best results, as mentioned in the criteria. The original strip should be carefully removed, and ensure there is no glue left on the hook’s back.

Step 4:

Next, apply the adhesive to the existing strips. Here one must be careful not to peel the side that will be mounted on the wall. Point the plastic hook at the wall where it will be attached. Once you’re sure, you can mount it, take off the non-stick backing and peel off the glue.

Step 5:

Since it will only face the opposite wall, you can choose to keep the bottom truck installed on the deck. From there, thread the fishing nylon through the two upper truck bolt holes and secure it with a tight knot. Either of these tasks must be finished before you can put your skate on the walls.


By hanging your boards on the wall, you can prevent the deck’s mold buildup from fast-tracking their decay (I mean dust, debris, rust accumulation). That being said, you’re one step closer to keeping your skateboards in good condition now that you know how to hang a skateboard on a wall without nails.

You can find the ideal location and technique for hanging the deck on the wall by exploring with a few accessories. If you follow the directions and get the necessary items on time, you won’t be messing up with the stuff.

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