Pressure Cracks On Skateboard and How to Avoid?

Who doesn’t love skating? Once in life, we all must want to experience the joy of skating. But accidents, mishaps like tails, and pressure cracks are also part of this joy. I must put it here that you don’t need to worry about the pressure cracks.

All because you can prevent these pressure cracks and fix them quite easily. And I, with the team of experts, am here to help you.

Pressure Cracks On A Skateboard

When you do tricks and apply additional pressure in the event of a landing, skateboard pressure cracks can occur because when riders perform ollies or other tricks, they always fall directly on the bolts that hold the trucks in place.

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Furthermore, your weight may contribute to pressure cracks in the skateboard. Skateboards differ greatly from one another. Before buying the skateboard, you must first take your weight into account.

Moreover, preventing pressure cracks avoids over tightening the bolts and nuts holding the vehicle to the deck. Give the hardware ample breathing room to absorb the impact while performing hard tricks. To learn more about it in detail, continue reading the following section.

Are Pressure Cracks Bad On A Skateboard?

No, pressure cracks aren’t bad at all, but they make you skate uncomfortably. You don’t feel confident and comfortable skating with cracks. There are greater chances of falling and damaging your board. So, better to avoid and fix them in the first place.

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Why do You Get Pressure Cracks on Your Skateboard?

There are a few reasons that you get pressure cracks on a skateboard. Here are some of them:

  1. By tightening the bolts, you run the risk of pressure cracks.
  2. Striking the board hard is what causes cracks. It will be better to land in the center of the board to prevent pressure cracks.
  3. Cracks may develop due to dampness or a greater temperature.
  4. Additionally, the fabrication of skateboard decks suffers from worse material quality due to the increased temperature.

How to Prevent Pressure Cracks On a Skateboard?

You can take a few steps to minimize the chance of skateboard pressure fractures. In another way, you must let your hardware have breathing room. They can withstand some of the force of trick landings.

skateboard pressure cracks

Utilizing riser pads, especially rubber ones, for enhanced feel is another way to assist you in preventing pressure cracks.

This wasn’t all about prevention. Down below are all the preventive measures mentioned in detail

1. In-Home Care

Water and excessive heat are two of a skateboard’s worst enemies. Keep your skateboard inside your home, preferably in a cool, dry location. Most skateboarders keep their equipment in their bedrooms, which have optimum temps and no intense sunlight.

Maintaining a clean skateboard will also be highly beneficial for extending the lifespan of your skateboard equipment. If your grip tape starts to break, clip it immediately to prevent a disastrous situation for you. Any components that appear worn or may not function optimally should be replaced.

2. Weight-Bearing Capability:

The weight of your body and the tendency of the skateboard matters a lot when you go for a purchase. You can’t be overweight and hope from a small, tiny skateboard to perform perfectly fine. These two things don’t go with each other.

When it comes to feeling comfortable riding, your weight is quite important. Additionally, you need a board that can easily support your weight.

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3. Use Bolts and Riser Pads:

As I previously mentioned, the bolts need to be fixed when they are loosened, or if you think they aren’t, you must ensure that. Because if you neglect the bolts, the board will face cracks when landing. To make sure the skate can endure the severe effects, use the riser pads. I always say to look before into the matter than to replace it.

A Guide To Fixing The Skateboard Pressure Cracks

Now, we have read about preventing pressure cracks on a skateboard, whether they are really bad or even what they are in the first place. As I said before, this article will talk about the topic in great detail, so I had to and here is the step-by-step guide to help you in such situations.

are pressure cracks bad on a skateboard

Tools you will need:

  1. Wood glue
  2. Sandpaper

A Step-by-step Guide To Fix The Skateboard Pressure Cracks

Step 01:

At first, we will use the skate tool, and with that help, we will release the trucks. Now, take the wood glue and apply it to the fissures. Make sure you add the glue into the cracks, so it penetrates greatly.

Step 02:

Make sure wood glue is kept away from the holes. Give the board some time to dry entirely, whether it takes 24 hours or longer.

Step 03:

Now is the time to use sandpaper. Sandpaper should be used to smooth the glued area once everything has dried. Your skateboard deck has now received enough repair work.

Step 04:

It’s time to attach the skateboard deck to the parts. Make sure the bolts are loosely screwed and adjust the kingpin to fit your vehicle. In this manner, your board will be finished.


Skateboard pressure cracks are always discomforting, but you can prevent them easily with the help of only two tools. There is no hard and fast rule to do so. Above, I have thoroughly discussed pressure cracks on a skateboard, their reasons, etc. That said, I would like to sign off and see you with another one.

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