Types of Longboards | Different Styles and Designs (Guide)

Given that there are fishes in the oceans, there are just as many various types of longboards depending on different longboard riding styles. And it is not all just fancy. There is a purpose behind the development of every kind, arrangement, and structure.

As a consequence, a skater who wants a longboard for a wide range of purposes will be required to acquire an impressive variety of longboards for each purpose, such as carving, commuting, and so on. The longboard deck should be your first consideration when purchasing one since it affects both the riding style and overall quality.

5 types of longboard decks

In terms of popularity and rate of growth amongst young people, longboarding has emerged as the clear front runner. A description of the numerous longboard types and designs and varieties is provided here, along with an introduction to every style.

Types of Longboards Described

Bombing | downhill Longboards

As you might have suspected from the name, this board has been designed specifically for downhill riding. High-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of bombing or downhill longboards since all these boards must endure risky situations. Any concerns that may emerge when heading downhill are completely eliminated on a downhill longboard.

The speed control mechanism and the simplicity of turning when required are advantages of the Downhill longboard. Downhill longboards for downhill longboarding, on the other side, are made with ideal front and back layouts that ensure the rider’s stability. Without it, this longboard’s wheels are robust and made specifically for traveling downhill in a simple and fluid way.

Cruising Longboards

The longboard, known as a “cruiser longboards”, is made to make sure you have the most pleasant, trouble-free ride imaginable in your neighborhood.

cruising longboard in town

The greatest option for you will be longboarding when cruising, especially if you reside in a crowded area. The cruiser decks and trucks are broader to ensure a safe and pleasant ride. With this longboard, use the large tires for a smooth suspension feel.

The Drop through Longboards

Drop Through comes in second on our list for people who wish to ride longboards in a relaxed manner. Suppose you’ve been searching for a longboard that you can cruise and relax on. If so, you could choose this. The drop through longboard has a perfect design and a trendy look. This makes it one of the longboards that people choose the most because of this.

The Atom Drop-Through Longboard

The well-known feature of drop through is that it provides a shallow platform that enhances stability when moving at incredible velocities. It is possible to regulate and modify the speeds. This means that low-speed carving is compatible with it.

However, the primary disadvantage of this longboard is its absence of strength while bearing a significant amount of weight, weak grasping capacity, poor ability to glide, tendency to drift, and incapacity to turn fast corners.

Carving Longboards

The longboard with which many newbies begin their carving and practice is the carving longboard. This longboard is made and employed as a fun feature in various places, such as the downhill and the drop through. This longboard’s distinctive selling point is that it can be ridden by anyone with impressive performance.

The Carving longboard is built with a variable speed feature even without it. Longboards’ capability to control their speed when bending is an easy process for newbies to comprehend. Anybody may then proceed to the other longboarding models after getting some expertise with this specific design.

Additionally, the Carving longboard and its tires have been carefully constructed for a higher degree of performance and convenience.

Bamboo Longboards

The flexibility and moderate weight of bamboo longboards have led to their popularity. Due to their lightweight design, bamboo longboards are popular amongst the next generations of longboarders.

bamboo longboard

For both effectiveness and environmental considerations, many people would prefer the Bamboo longboard without it. Longboards made of bamboo cost relatively less. Changing the wheels on the Bamboo longboard is a notable disadvantage.

Fishtail Longboards

Given that the name of the longboard is “fishtail,” it is simple to distinguish, thanks to the unique slit in the tail. The Pintail longboard and the Fishtail longboard share a lot of qualities. The fin of Fishtail longboards is the obvious characteristic that differentiates both longboards easily identifiable.

The tail not only has a great appearance, but it also enables you to ride in the conventional fashion. In addition, we can easily make a quick turn on the Fishtail longboard thanks to its splitting tail.

Blunt Longboards

The Blunt longboard is one that is considered as being ideal for newbies. The Blunt longboards have a broader round nose and tail, which enhances their steadiness. For mastering skills, this one could be the ideal alternative. However, the blunt longboard could not be the best choice for a pro due to its restricted turning capabilities.

Cut Out Longboards

With its big wheels and capability to do acrobatic, downhill and freeride movements without skidding, the Cut-Out longboard is a wise decision for individuals who are eager to participate in these activities.

longboarding on streets

This longboard’s wheel has two directions, enabling the user to change between them instantly. With a drop-through truck that lowers the board and enhances stability at high rates, the Cut Out longboards were used to be accessed frequently.

Speed Board Longboards

From the board’s name, you may infer what it is about. The Speed board is well known for its lightning-fast performance. The fascinating aspect of this board is that in addition to offering remarkable speed, it also delivers more steadiness when being used. With a blunt nose and a sharp tail, this board has a pointy tail.

Top mount Longboards

In general, freeride and downhill riding techniques are conducted on Topmount longboards. The trucks are directly connected to the bottom of the decks of a top mount longboard. There is no drop through for the trucks. The trucks are top mounted, providing you with additional power and enabling you to position your feet right over the tires and trucks.

Pintail Longboards

The Pintail longboard is the one that enables deep carving while presenting a lower threat of wheel bite. This one has a teardrop look to it. On level terrain and crests of hills, a pintail longboard is ideal for carving and cruising.

The balance of the rider’s body weight and safety is a key factor in the construction of pintail longboards. This longboard provides one of the greatest choices for riding directionally since it assists with balance. Because the taper is sharper and the turning radius is greater, executing sharp turns is easier. This kind is the greatest longboard for drifting and surfing in a specific direction.

Twin Longboards

The Twin Longboard is a longboard with a classic design that is ideal for street skating in multiple ways. A curled nose and tail shape is the concept of this longboard. The stability of twin longboards is improved. Without it, this could be one of the finest alternatives for downhill riding since it allows fast turns and cuts.

Drop Down Longboards

Well, judging by the name, one may infer that the board is one that descended. This longboard is well-liked by both new and experienced riders because it is simple to handle.

Since the foot base of the Drop-down longboard is reduced, it provides a stable ride that permits riding closest to the ground. The trucks are mounted on top of a Drop-down longboard, ensuring no flexibility.

Dancer Longboards

Longer than downhill, the Dance longboards always provide enough room for the rider to move around and dance while surfing. This longboard has a minimal amount of flexibility and was intended for freestyle.

dancing longboard image

A twin kicktail is included on longboards to make popping the board simple. In order to make innovative maneuvers while remaining well-balanced on the longboard, skaters will have to use their feet and bodies.

Freeride Longboards

The Freeride longboards are designed specifically to handle sloping paths and roads while gliding from slide to slide, similar to a snowboard. Longboards designed for freeride surfing are not intended to be able to respond effectively.

Every form and shape conceivable for freeride boards, such as smaller wheel sizes, are available. In order to slide, you will need smaller wheels, which might lead to insufficient traction.

image with freedi long boards

Push and commuter longboards

Longboards that are stable and provide pleasant riding comprise Commuter and Push models. The push or commuter longboards are a fantastic option for riders of all experience levels since they offer both convenience and comfort. A drop-down, drop-through, or double drop longboard design is frequently found on the board. With light vehicles, the longboard wheel size is mid-sized. 

Electric Longboards

To maneuver and control them electronically, electric boards only have a battery inside of them. Due to the lack of pushing required, surfing an electric longboard is almost effortless. The Bluetooth remote control-equipped electric longboards are composed of bamboo.

Some important factors, including the engine, battery, decent trucks, and sturdy decks, must be considered when buying an electric longboard.

Depending on the battery it takes 2 to 5 hours to charge based on the battery and various variables, like average speed, riders’ body weight, wind, engine power, uphill and downhill grades, and wheel size. It can ride for 12 to 20 miles.

different electric longboard styles

Mini Cruiser Short Longboards

These longboards are short skateboards, which may appear to be an oxymoron. However, this may not be as clear if you are aware of their differences. A short longboard measures 33″ or less in length. Without a doubt, the little cruiser board is the tiniest longboard.

Compact cruiser boards are another name for them. Only experienced longboarders with advanced skills should ride these boards because of their low stability level. They are portable and have the bonus of being light.


There are several designs, shapes, and mount technologies available for different types of premium-quality longboards. What kind of longboard would be most suitable for your case depends largely on your riding style and degree of expertise.

If you enjoy various riding techniques, you may be required to buy more than one kind of longboard in some instances.

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