How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks? (Easy Steps)

Keeping an eye on skateboard trucks that are used for tightening and holding the tires together is an important thing that you should focus on if you are a skateboarder. This is because the trucks not only join the wheel with the deck of the skateboard together but also are responsible for providing you safety, security and stability while riding. And of course, none of us wants to compromise our safety while riding.

I, because of being a skateboarder, know exactly the easiest method to tighten up the skateboard trucks. The following detail tells you about 3 easy and quick steps that you can follow to achieve the perfect and adequate tightening in order to have the safest possible riding experience.

how to tighten skate trucks

Read the details mentioned below with all of your attention so you are aware of what steps you have to take for the correct procedure.

How To Tighten Skateboard Trucks?

The 3 easy and effortless steps to tighten the skateboard trucks are mentioned below with all of their details. We will start with flipping over the truck, using a skate tool to tighten the truck, and then testing before using it.

Moreover, further details in the article tell you about the importance of bringing the tool along and why you should focus on personal preference when it comes to truck tightening. All of these steps are described below with all of their necessary and relevant information.

Flipping And Testing The Trucks

Flip over your skateboard and check how tight the trucks present there are. You can check it by measuring the tilting of the wheels in the backward and forward directions.

how to tighten the trucks on a skateboard

You can try testing the tightness by checking how much they wobble both left and right. Then, compare this amount with the movement of the wobbling your skateboard is doing. In this way, you can test the trucks of the board you have, before tightening them.

Skate Tool And Tightening

The first thing before performing the tightening of the truck practically is to look for the big nut that is present right at the center of the truck. This is a single bolt that controls the tightening and loosening of the truck.

You will find it in between the wheels pointing towards the ground while skating. Moreover make sure you are having a skate tool and your toolbox with you, so that you can use the tool if there is a need.

Now take the tool in your hand, find the big nut, and turn it clockwise, in case you want to tighten up the truck. Otherwise, if you really want to lose the trucks, turn the nut anti-clockwise. It will give you a soft riding experience.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is to rotate the nut by making small increments because a small change in the distance of the nut creates a noticeable difference in the tightening of the wheel.

Testing of the trucks

After properly tightening and loosening the trucks, now is the time to test the ride. Make sure you are not going to the skate park directly after tightening the nuts without testing them.

how to tighten trucks

Testing gives you the trial of skateboarding by providing you with how much safer your ride would be. After properly tightening or loosening, try riding on the skateboard to make some movements, not really the harsh ones, but there should be some.

Take some turns and perform basic skating. One thing that you have to keep in mind while checking the tightness of the skateboard is that there is no specific tightness, instead, you have to find out the perfect stability for you, according to your choice.

Now that you have tightened the tool according to your preference, now is the time to hit the skate park or go skateboarding just the way you want. One thing that you should focus on is bringing the tool with you for the initial few rides.

Bring The Skate Tool With You

The skate tool is not really bulkier and heavier, instead is small and lightweight in construction. Make sure to bring that tool with you, after setting up the skateboard. You have to carry the tool for the first few rides and not always. This is because in case the truck loses and falls apart, you can join it back, right at that moment.

how to loosen trucks on a skateboard

Moreover, there are chances that you may need to re-adjust the truck during skateboarding and this can only be done with the help of the skate tool.

The Perfect Tightening Is What You Prefer!

As you know that there is no specific rule or law related to the tightening of the skateboard truck, which means you have to do the action on the basis of your preference and choice. Keeping in mind that if the trucks are extremely tightened, they are extremely difficult to take turns.

Alternatively, if they are very loose, you will definitely not be at peace while riding because you will feel high instability and insecurity.

Moreover, you will also feel the loss of control if the trucks of the skateboard are much loose. You have to select the middle spot and have to find out the perfect tightness but for this, you have to focus on your own style, choice, and preference.


How to tighten skate trucks?

Tightening the skate trucks involves the use of a skate tool or some other relevant tool. You simply have to look for the big nut which is located in the center of the truck.

Keep in mind that when you have to tighten the truck, you have to turn the nut in a clockwise direction. This clockwise turning will give you tighten skate trucks.

Why should you keep the skate tool with you?

You must keep the skate tool with you for the first few rides after setting up the tightening because in case that skateboard loses up or the nut opens up and the skateboard falls apart, you have to rejoin it back on your own, right at that moment. Moreover, since the skate tool is not heavy, nor is very large, you can easily carry it in your bag while skating.

Final Thoughts

The article mentioned above tells you about three ways to tighten up the skateboard truck. All three of these steps are mentioned with the heading of each, so you can follow them and can have the best and proper tightening of the skateboard truck. There are three important things that you have to keep in mind when tightening the trucks.

The first important thing is to make sure you are testing the newly settled skateboard before skateboarding.

The second important thing is to take the skate tool along with you so that you can make alterations and changes while skating. And the last important thing is to keep in mind that there is no hard and fast rule for tightening the truck. You can adjust the tightening according to the style of skating you do and the stability you want.

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