When Should I Replace My Skateboard Deck (Complete Guide)

Your skateboard can break within a few sessions and can last for many years. There are different factors that play a vital role in the lifespan of your skateboard, including how often you use your skateboard, how aggressive your riding style is, which tricks you prefer, and above all, how well you maintain your skateboard. The skateboard deck’s durability is the prime thing for comfortable and safe riding.

However, there comes a time when you need to replace the skateboard deck. But when should I replace my skateboard deck is the main question. Let’s find out and explore facts about the right time to replace the skateboard deck.

when to replace skateboard deck

How Long Does A Skateboard Deck Last?

Most beginners are curious about the lifespan of their skateboard deck. To be honest, it may break in a few rides, or it can last for years. It depends on your level of skateboarding, how often you skate, and how you land on the deck.

The average life of a skateboard deck is from three to six months. However, if you maintain the deck properly and don’t abuse it too much, a skateboard deck can last for years.

The deck material should be considered before buying a skateboard. Make sure to choose the one with the longest guarantee. Most skateboard decks are available with 30 days warranty, and you can avail of it if the deck breaks within the first month.

how long does a skateboard deck last

When Should I Replace my Skateboard Deck?

When the nose or tail begins to chip, it’s the right time to replace your skateboard deck. Deck wears out with time and may lose its pop without any damage. If your deck features a razor tail or it is getting critical stress fractures at the truck mounts, you should immediately replace your skateboard deck.

Do Skateboards Break Easily?

Skateboard breaks, and it’s expected that you may need to change your skateboard due to wear and tear. As long as you and your best friends are trying to land Ollies or flip tricks, a skateboard will break. However, if you are using a skateboard for transport or just cruising around the town, it can last for years when maintained properly.

Don’t let your skateboard in wet conditions or leave it in humid environments. When not in use, it is recommended to store the skateboard in a safe, cool, and dry place. In case you are planning to take a long break from skating, it is wise to disassemble a skateboard and store all parts in cool and dry storage.

how long do skateboards last

Skateboard Deck Materials

Skateboard decks are manufactured from different materials. However, each one has unique characteristics and drawbacks.

Hard maple is one of the best skateboard deck materials used worldwide. All skateboard decks are manufactured from 7 plies of hard rock maple. Such construction gives your board enough sturdiness without being too heavy.

Nowadays, skateboard manufacturers are trying to reinvent the decks using different materials like carbon fiber, bamboo, and aluminum. However, no one can beat the responsive pop of hard maple.

A skateboard deck isn’t meant to last forever. It depends on the style of your skateboarding and the care you put into maintaining the deck away from water. 

how long does a skateboard last

How To Maintain Your Skateboard Deck?

No matter how durable the deck material is, if you don’t take care of your skateboard properly, it will break down quickly. Here are some quick but essential tips for maintaining your skateboard deck.

  • The first thing is to keep in mind decks are made of wood, and they can withstand certain conditions.
  • Always keep your skateboard away from water.
  • Don’t skate on a rainy day and over a puddle.
  • Make sure to avoid skating on wet grass.
  • Keep your skateboard at room temperature.
  • Don’t leave the skateboard in the trunk or back seat of the car for a long period, as the heat makes the wooden board soggy.
  • Don’t leave the skateboard on the balcony, as it will absorb sunlight.
  • Make sure to check the deck weight limit, as exceeding the weight limit results in the deck weakening.
  • Always clean the skateboard deck after riding, especially on wet terrains.
how long does a skate deck last


How do I know if my skateboard deck is good?

A good quality skateboard deck remains lightweight and durable and provides pop. The best combination of rigidity and flexibility allows the board to respond during tricks where the skateboard deck needs to be popped off the ground.

Does the cold ruin your skateboard?

When you store the skateboard, ensure that it remains dry and warm. Extreme cold and hot temperatures and wet or humid storage areas can damage a skateboard more than your imagination.

How long does grip tape last on the skateboard deck?

Your skateboard grip tape lasts from six months to two years, depending on your usage. Replacing a grip tape depends on your personal preferences. For instance, if you feel that a grip tape is slipping, it’s the right time to replace the grip tape with a new one.


The deck is the most important part of your skateboard, and you have to take care of it. There are different things you can do, such as avoiding wet terrains, dry and cool storage places, and proper cleaning and maintenance after riding.

However, you should be aware of the right time to replace your skateboard deck to protect yourself from injuries. Make sure to check the deck after a week for the right replacement time.

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