What Is Skateboard Deck Concave? | Types & Why It Matters

Don’t you know about skateboard decks’ concaves? It means you’re a beginner. Skateboard deck concave is considered to be the soul of skateboards. Just because of them, you’re able to do your favorite trick while skateboarding.

Yes, you heard that right. The decks that might seem the same to you are actually different. Some decks have deck concave, while others don’t have any concave at all.

Be sure to stay around until the end to learn everything about your skateboard’s deck concave.

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What’s a Skateboard Deck Concave?

When viewed from the side, a skateboard deck’s sides curve upward while its nose and tail rise higher.

A concave shape gives a board more feel, enables some tricks to be performed more easily and alters how a deck pops. Different brands manufacture concaves differently.

To come up with new styles, some brands change their molds frequently, while others don’t. They just use the same type of mold every time, which doesn’t change. Deck concave is crucial for your skateboard, as it makes it easier for you to balance on the board.

Also, it makes it easier for you to perform all types of tricks on your skateboard. Are there any types of concave? Yes, there are four types of concave. Let’s talk about them now!

Types of Skateboard Deck Concave

There are five different types of skateboard decks concave. And their names are;

  • Mellow Concave
  • Medium Concave
  • Steep Concave
  • High Concave
  • Low Concave

Each of these three types is designed differently. We’ll discuss each of them separately so you can gain a better understanding of them.

skateboard concave

1) Mellow Concave

There is a balance between steep decks and mellow decks that can be achieved with medium concave. 

In these decks, the horizontal concave is more subdued, and the cocktails aren’t too steep. You can still feel the precise tactile flick of the concave underneath your feet, unlike a mellow concave. Skateboarders all over the world are most enamored with this concave. 

2) Medium Concave

The mellow concave has a horizontal concave that is less perceptible underfoot and a steeper nose and tail.

These decks are great for flat surfaces because they are fairly easy to flick even if you miss the ideal flick point. In the bowl, for powerslides, or for climbing major features, these decks don’t seem as engaging. However, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of how it feels on your skateboard if you try it yourself.

3) Steep Concave

The result of deeper curves is a high or “deep” concave. A steep concave enhances the board feels for transition skaters who prefer complete control during sharp turns.

On a steep concave, you’ll need to put extra energy into your feet, which may make you tired faster than on other concaves. Additionally, there is less room for your feet on skateboards with steep concave.

It is for this reason that steep concave is only recommended for advanced skateboarders. Beginners will not find it easy to use.

4) High Concave:

A high concave deck has a noticeable curve that enhances the board’s agility and flipping ability. Decks with high concavity are less forgiving of mistakes than those with medium or low concavity.

5) Low Concave:

The curve of a skateboard deck with a low concave is very modest. While this improves ride stability, it reduces agility. Furthermore, low concave decks are more difficult to flip.

Skateboard concave can be classified into the following types.

concave skateboard

Steep VS Mellow Concave

Since steep and mellow skateboard decks are quite famous, people want to know all the differences between them. As a result, I’m going to go over all of the differences between skateboard decks now. 

Mellow concave is considered to be the best concave for beginners, kids, and all those people who don’t know so much about skateboarding. It’s usually used with longboard cruiser skateboards.  

This is why most people use mellow concave skateboards for going to college or just getting around. The best thing about a mellow concave is that it’s very easy to balance.

On the other hand, the steep concave isn’t so easy to use. Thus, it’s not recommended for kids or beginners. Only expert skateboarders use this concave. Skateboards with this concave travel slightly slower than those with a mellow concave.

And this concave is the best for those skateboarders who have to perform some technical tricks.

These are the differences between both concaves.

How does concave affect a skateboard?

The concave of the board affects its performance. A majority of skateboard makers test concave forms that can enable new skateboarding styles. 

Concave boards provide an additional foothold when compared to skateboards. A vehicle could slide, turn, and drift faster as a result.

mellow concave skateboard

Should Beginners worry about Skateboard Deck Concave?

You shouldn’t worry about concave when you’re just learning. When performing flip tricks, I believe that usually applies. Whatever the case may be, I believe it comes down to personal preference. 

What matters is whether the gentle concave feels comfortable to you and whether you appreciate it! Concave won’t matter much until you’re good enough! Now that the rest of the setup is in place, it is time to build and shred!

How to choose the right skateboard deck concave for yourself?

When it comes to choosing the right skateboard deck to concave yourself, you’ll have to test different shapes on your feet. No, online shopping isn’t going to help you buy the right concave for yourself. Because it totally depends on your foot type, size, and convenience.

The concave that suits me might not suit you. Try out a different shape, please. To truly experience the concave, go to your neighborhood skate shop, lay the deck on the floor, and stand on it. There is no online store that can assist you in this situation.

So, that’s how you can choose a skateboard deck concave for yourself. So, I suppose you now know pretty much everything there is to know about the concave skateboard deck. Now, it’s time for me to answer some of your frequently asked questions. So, let’s just do that quickly.

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Does concave work well on skateboards?

Yes, it is good. It helps with flip stunts and pops. It is significantly more difficult to feel your board and execute tricks when the concave is flat. It also stiffens and strengthens the deck, which is an additional advantage.

How concave are skateboard decks?

In comparison to Girl boards, most chocolate decks have a smaller nose and a flatter concave. If you like skating in both stances without having to worry about your nose and tail, these are perfect for you. It is important to note, however, that Chocolate decks are not twin types unless otherwise stated.

Is it important to have a concave deck?

A flatter board is typically more stable and easier to control, making it a better option for cruising or transition skating, though much depends on personal preference. In flip tricks and advanced skating, a deeper concave provides better grip and mobility.


A lot of people ask, “What is the best skateboard deck concave for me?” So, guys, it all depends on your comfort and foot size, as stated earlier as well. Nobody but you can tell you which concave is best for you. You’ll have to go to the shop, pick up the concave, and then wear it on your feet. That’s the only way to find out the best concave for your feet.

So, I guess, I’ve told you everything about the Skateboard deck. Still, if you need my help with anything, you can always leave a comment down below. I’d love to help you out.

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