Pushing Mongo Explained With (Pros & Cons)

pushing mongo

Are You Embarrassed By Pushing Mongo? For those who are unaware of the fact that pushing mongo is a goofy thing to do among professionals. Pushing Mongo is a technique in which skateboarders push their skateboard with their front foot. Do you want to avoid it? Here’s a perfect guide that will let you know … Read more

What Are Skateboard Riser Pads? (Pros & Cons)

skateboard riser pads

If you are a skater or have recently developed this interest then you must be aware of skateboard accessories. One such accessory is risers on a skateboard. If you haven’t heard about them or have no idea why and when skateboard riser pads are used then read this article to know everything about skateboard riser … Read more

Hardest Skateboard Tricks Of All Time With (Pros & Cons)

hardest skateboard tricks

If you are an experienced player, you surely know the subjective nature of skateboarding. While skating, you can perform multiple tricks to impress the audience and boost your confidence. However, as these tricks are subjective, a tough trick for one player can be easy for others. But here I have a list of the hardest … Read more

How To Paint A Skateboard Deck? (Step by Step)

how to paint skateboard decks

Skateboarding is a fun activity and game that not only is adventurous but also gives you the chance to become an artist. Being a skateboarder and having a creative mind gives you so many reasons to enjoy skateboarding with the customized skateboard. You make this customized skateboard on your own with your thoughts and imagination … Read more