Can You Skateboard In The Rain? (Good Or Bad)

The question is: Can you skateboard in the rain? And my answer is: Why not? In fact, it is the most exhilarating experience in my opinion. Rain and muddy wet terrain add to the challenge of balancing the skateboard and your body on it.

However, it is not always a good idea to skateboard on a rainy day because rainwater can cause severe damage to your skateboard if it is not waterproof. Now, it is up to you whether all this fun and excitement is worth risking the worth of your skateboard. For me, it is no big deal because I live for exhilarating experiences!

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But the question is would you want to do it? Obviously, you wouldn’t know much about it which is why you are here for guidance. I have dedicated this entire article to help you out in the best way I can. So, rest assured that by the end of this article you will know exactly what risks are involved in this and how you can avoid any serious damages.

So, if you are interested to find out more related to this topic, keep on reading till the end! With that being said, let’s get down to real business!

Can You Skateboard In The Rain?

You must know all the ways in which your skateboard can take the hit from all the water that will definitely come in contact with it on a rainy day. It will help you avoid all these problems or better yet, fix them on a timely basis so that you can have an adventurous ride on a rainy day and not damage your skateboard simultaneously.

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Hence, I have prepared a list of some of the problems that you will definitely face. I suggest you read them out very carefully and then keep them all in mind for the right time.

Rusty Bearings

The bearings are the most important thing that will keep your skateboard up and running. The whole skateboard will fall apart if there is something wrong with the bearings. So, to keep them at their prime, you need to have them lubricated at all times.

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If even for one second, the lubrication is off, oxidation will start inside the bearings and they will start to rust. The rainwater acts as the catalyst in the oxidation process as it washes away the lubricant and leaves the bearings vulnerable to rust. To solve this problem you may clean your bearings immediately after use.

Waterlogged Deck

It is not just the bearings that are susceptible to water damage, it is the deck as well. You may already have noticed that skateboard decks are often made of maple wood or bamboo. The separate layers of wood are stuck together using a resin that starts to lose cohesion as soon as it comes in contact with water.

Moreover, wood fibers are excellent absorbers of water and as a result, they start to expand. It will result in a misaligned warped skateboard that will be good for nothing. To solve this problem you may coat your skateboard with a waterproof resin.

Wheels Lose Their Grip

Another problem that you will definitely face with your skateboard on a rainy day is the slipping wheels. The wheels of a skateboard are small, hard, and have a lot less grip. This problem worsens on a rainy day and you run the risk of losing your balance at every turn.

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There is no evident solution to this problem rather a suggestion that you try to focus on maintaining your balance at every turn.

Grip Tape Becomes Slippery

A slippery grip tape will add to your chances of losing your balance on a rainy day. And trust me, you won’t fancy the fall in the mud. It is embarrassing at best and disgraceful at worst. But the good news is that the grip tape is not very expensive and can be easily replaced at home.


Is it bad to skate in the rain?

The most straightforward answer to this question would be yes, it is bad to skateboard in the rain but only if you don’t take precautionary measures beforehand. For instance, you must lubricate your bearings immediately before you take the skateboard on a ride.

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You must also apply liberal amounts of waterproof resin on the deck and let it dry out completely. Plus, renewing the grip tape every few days is also a very good idea given the role it plays in helping you maintain your balance. So, if you take care of all these things then it would not damage your skateboard on a rainy day.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all from my side. I hope you found all this information very useful because I not only provide you with a list of some of the most recurring problems but also the solutions for avoiding them all.

Just remember that it is better to avoid possible damage than to try to rectify the damage later on. So, I would recommend you take precautionary measures before you let your skateboard go to tatters.

The best way to do it is by lubricating the bearings, coating a waterproof resin on the deck, and keeping a grip tape on hand in case you might need to replace it in an emergency.

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