How Long Do Skateboard Wheels Last? (Detailed Answered)

In order to save money, it is undoubtedly important to know how long skateboard wheels last. For this reason, the skateboard wheels will last better if they are repaired and maintained in good condition. 

A month may pass until they lose their freshness if you don’t start taking care of them. Alternatively, it could last for numerous months, based on your activities and how you employ the wheels.

Skateboard wheels composed of ordinary and medium-quality materials can survive for three months on average. When evaluating the lifetime of skateboard wheels, your skating style is quite significant. 

Because performing tricks dramatically reduces the durability of wheels. Furthermore, tearing out the wheels quickly develops from continuous usage.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Skateboard Wheels?

You might have observed your environment and your acquaintances. They keep their skateboard wheels off for about a year or two. However, some of them are really not capable of surviving for a few months. 

Have you ever figured out why? No, let us tell you why then. First and foremost, evaluating the longevity of skateboard wheels starts with the material’s durability. 

Due to the fact that wheels made of poor quality materials also wear out rapidly. On the other hand, it also is unable to provide you with enhanced performance and riding convenience. You would need pliers or skate tools to dismantle the bearings and wheels. 

when to replace scateboard wheels

Establish a routine for cleaning the wheels and all other components to keep the board well-maintained and in good condition. 

Wheels are designed to last for an extended period of time if the appropriate composition and size are used. Before surfing the board, it is essential to comprehend the variables that influence the expected lifespan.

Factors That Shorten The Lifespan Of Skateboard Wheels

It’s not just the wheels that can become worn out with time, but also all the other components. Skateboarding’s life is dependent on how well you start taking care of your beloved belongings. 

Because regular maintenance is necessary if you wish your board to last a long time, all the elements that influence the lifespan of skateboard wheels are mentioned here.


We definitely don’t agree with this argument, despite the fact that some more experienced skateboarders may have. It is based on the fact that it serves a substantial part in degrading skateboard wheels. This is because the unique vehicles are intended for specific terrain.

Additionally, when you skate on an unsuitable surface, the quality will be compromised even if the wheels are composed of high-grade components. 

This is because that terrain is not intended for those wheels mainly. As a result, at first, you are tugging the devices in the wrong way, which will cause significant damage immediately. Likewise, stay away from terrains with rocks and pebbles when you’re using the board.

Your Body Mass

If the board you are skating on cannot sustain your weight, then in addition to losing the wheels, you are also risking other skateboard components. The deck may split into two sections if you use additional weight. 

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In particular, when you knock off an ollie or even other skill and crash on the board. Some skateboards are intended for heavyweight riders, while others are intended for average riders. In light of this, you must correctly choose the wheels and the complete board.

Riding Technique And Ability

Perhaps you enjoy simply driving around town or on the streets with your buddies. Consequently, your board vehicles will last for numerous years. To choose whether you merely cruise, though, is insufficient. You will need to evaluate how much time you give skateboarding every day or per week.

The health and longevity also take into account how frequently the board, as well as its wheels, are maintained. In terms of tricks, wheels decay more quickly than when cruising because they can sustain your weight when you land on them.

Wheel Maintenance

This is an additional key component that has the potential to extend or reduce the lifetime of skateboard wheels. Do you enjoy skating in the rain, or are you making any plans to do so? You won’t get our recommendations for riding in wet or muddy circumstances because it could lead to injuries as well as destroy the rest of the board. 

It will get damaged if you don’t maintain the board as soon as you have finished surfing. Make cleaning a routine or a part of your timetable, but be cautious to avoid ruining any parts by doing it incorrectly.

Speedy Riding

Friction is produced when you skate the board swiftly. Additionally, the friction causes your skateboard wheels to break out quickly and easily. Thus, move along the board at a reasonable rate.

When To Replace Skateboard Wheels

Here are some suggestions and ideas that may benefit you in determining when it’s time to upgrade your worn-out skateboard wheels. Moreover, you will have a better understanding about the right time for replacement of skateboard wheels.

how long do scate wheels last
  • Make sure you don’t overlook the uneven form of the wheels or the development of flat sections when you have already observed them. These are just a few of the clear indications that you need to replace your skateboard wheel. Your skateboard wheels are wearing out if your ride seems bumpy even while you are skating on clean, flat surfaces. 
  • Do not ignore it if you observe that the coloration of your wheels has changed. It is indeed time to look at your wheels if the skateboard’s natural color appears to have degraded to a nearly imperceptible level because this is a strong indicator that there is a fault.
  • The size of the wheel changes as your skateboard wheels start to contract. It is one of the warning measures that you need to pay close attention to because it may result in an accident that could badly injure you and create a wheel imbalance.

Skateboard Wheels: How to Make Them Last Longer

You would assume that without wheels, a skateboard board would not roll. The board wouldn’t move, no matter how hard you shoved it, because wheels are necessary to keep it going. Therefore, maintaining the wheels on your skateboard always constitutes the proper course of action.

 Here are some suggestions on how to increase the life of skateboard wheels, even though it’s normal for them to wear out ultimately. In order to achieve a longer and more effective skateboard wheel expected lifespan, take notice of these ideas and give these a try as promptly as possible.

two differeent wheels of a scate board
  • The first item on the checklist is to drive your wheels at an inclination of less than 90 degrees and to preserve that angle. By doing this, you can prevent flat areas on your wheels. Avoiding flat spots will help to keep your wheels from deteriorating and breaking out too rapidly.
  • The second is to develop the habit of rotating the wheels. By doing this, you may minimize uneven friction from harming your wheels and balance out the abnormal wear on the wheel. Changing the location of the large wheel to the smaller wheels is everything that is needed. The size of your wheels will eventually even out if you start rolling and surfing the board.
  • Talking about how long skate wheels long, your skateboard wheels’ lifespan can be prolonged by taking the necessary care of them, which is undoubtedly a crucial factor. A significant responsibility of a competent skateboarder is to keep and maintain their board clean.
  • Your skateboard’s bearings should be adequately lubricated for optimized performance, so add some lubricant.
  • You should be capable of paying attention to other components of your skateboard in addition to the wheels to successfully implement the above recommendations and suggestions to prolong the lifespan of your skateboard wheels.
image of a shot wheel of a scate board


What is the expected lifespan of skateboard bearings?

Skateboard bearings typically last one to two years, depending on how well they are kept and cared for. Bearings also wear, so remember that possessing too much of anything is not a good idea.

How Long Do Skateboard Decks Last? 

Skateboard decks could last between two weeks and six months, based on how frequently you ride and your skating technique. A deck could last years if you only ride little slopes, yet, a deck can be obliterated in just a few weeks by skilled street skaters.


There is no way to tell someone how long skateboard wheels last. The lifespan of skateboard wheels is dependent on a variety of elements. However, you can offer advice on how to prolong the lifespan of skateboard wheels.

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A wheel’s lifespan will be influenced by your riding style and skill level, material quality, the location you ride on, the number of times you clean your wheels, and how rapidly you ride.

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