How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Skateboarding? (Guide)

While watching all those pro and expert kids doing their tricks, do you often think about how long does it take to get good at skateboarding?

Several variables come into play when learning how to skateboard. Your ability, natural talents, learning methods, if you are following proper technique etc.

Let me share with you two types of advice. The first one is going to be quick, you can go out right now and do that, and the next part of the advice is about long-term planning. So let us jump into it.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Skateboard?

how long does it take to be good at skateboarding


It depends on your observation skills. Go to the skatepark and just sit in a corner and observe what is happening. The equipment being used and how the skaters are handling it.

Embrace Injuries

Do not be afraid of injuries and falling. Without going through this process, you will not learn most of the tricks, if not all of them. So mentally prepare yourself to have that courage because there is no avoidance.

Identify Your Pushing Leg

Identify your pushing leg. Do this by climbing stairs. Notice which foot you set first on the step. That leg is going to be your pushing leg when skating.

Start On An Empty Street

When you are skating, choose an empty street for better concentration and avoidance from any distraction. Once you are comfortable riding the skateboard, only then go to the skatepark.

You’ll have some cuts and bruises by that time, and people there will take you more seriously when you ask them for advice.

Play Video games

Good at skateboarding also depends upon your mental mapping of the sports. If you are mentally familiar with the environment and the movements, it’ll come much naturally to you since your mind already knows the details of the moves and the tricks. So it’s mind sport as much as a physical sport.

how to get comfortable on a skateboard

Okay, now that we have covered the easier part of the advice, let’s talk about the difficult and more serious stuff.

Skateboarding Is Hard

How long does it take to get good at skateboarding depends on your acceptance of the difficulty. Skateboard is hard. It is very hard. Not only that, but it is also a frustrating process when your board is getting smashed every two seconds.

You will think about giving up several instances because you are not getting those tricks done correctly despite spending several hours on them. If that is the case, then skateboarding is not for you.

Your skateboarding skills also depend on your dedication to master the initial basics without getting disheartened by the challenges and the difficulties.

Keep A Steady Mindset

Your skateboarding skills also depend on your mindset. If you get quickly bored by repetitive routines and actions, skateboarding will be challenging for you. It requires insane levels of dedication and time.

Skateboarding is cool, but it is like any other thing in your life. Skills require commitment and a steady mindset. You spend hundreds of hours at anything to be great at school, art, music, or speech.

how long does it take to learn how to skateboard

Skateboarding is no different than those things. So stay patient and learn to walk the path correctly. Then, one day you’ll surely treat yourself to impressing others with your tricks on a skateboard.

Don’t Count

Initially, do not come up with any counting or measuring system for your progress. It’ll only frustrate you. You should realize that you are already in an overwhelming state where you have so much to achieve.

Do what climbers do when climbing mountains. They do not climb mountains at once. Instead, they climb one step. If they think about reaching the summit, they’ll struggle with the overwhelming feeling.

Take one step at a time. One trick at a time and don’t make goals initially. You’ll know when you have achieved something without thinking about it. It’ll be a feeling, and you’ll love it.

Be Consistent

a man is driving scate board fast

Consistency is a tool you should use all the time. It is the only trick you’ll need to master all the other tricks you think you want in your skateboarding skillset.

Consistency also helps you to develop your unique signature as a skater. Finally, it will help you understand your preferences which will positively affect your style of riding.


Do not limit yourself mentally. Try everything presented to you. Many factors might force you to develop this sort of thinking, like smashing your head on the ground or negative comments by others.

Just ignore the pain and move on. Getting up quickly after a fall is going to help you later in life in general as well.
Remember the Ten Thousand Hour Rule.

You’ll surely get somewhere if you at least spend this much time on any task. In your case, it’s skateboarding. But it functions a bit differently in the context of skateboarding as you are always picking up new tricks and improving your style.

Injuries might force you to take some break, but surprisingly, your gaps are getting bigger. It is all part of the experience.

This is the most important tip I can give you. If you are not having fun, you will find it 3x harder to get comfortable on a skateboard than the other kids at your level.

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